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Persuasive Writing For Your Website

​​Persuasive WritingHaving a clear, concise message for your viewers, and showing that in your writing style, is tricky for some affiliate marketers.So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves, to educate you a little more on how best to write for your website/s.As a website author, you need to choose your words

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How To Promote Your Website

​How To Promote Your Website Don't you want to grow your business? Well who doesn’t? The problem is it's hard to grow your business and market, ​unless you have a big marketing budget, right? That’s a bunch of bull​dust. You don't need money to market your business. Today I'm going to teach

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You have 7 seconds to GRAB a Person’s attention!

If you have 7 seconds to grab a person’s attention when they land on your site, then, I can’t find any factual evidence to support the allegation – but what I do know as fact is that if you DON’T capture your audience’s attention with the very first thing that

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