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Is Your Website Dead, or NOT Getting Traffic?

Affiliate Marketers, listen up. If you have built a website and it is sitting there not getting traffic, here are my 3 Top Tips to fix this today!Before I begin, I have to say please turn your mobiles to silent, do not be distracted by any outside entities. Affiliate Marketers, in

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How to Win at Featured Snippets.

​ Now we know what featured snippets are, the next thing is that even though featured snippets have been around since 2013 many SEOs let alone Affiliate Marketers have ignored the process of trying to capture them as a strategy.You see, more recently if you look at wikihow for example, they report,


Just What Are Snippets and Why is Google So Interested?

​ First of all I am writing this article because I am as interested in finding out more about this topic.I figure if I am interested then I know there are many other Affiliate Marketers out there interested as well.What are SNIPPETS?Snippets are bits of text that live below the

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