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Christmas shopping

Christmas Cheer from our Affiliate team!

It seems  that the years are flying by, the older I get. I must say, my posts are getting fewer, and this is not for any reason other than I am always learning from information on the internet. Meaning, I am posting when I have something of value to post.


The end to Google+

I suppose you have all heard about Google+ closing. I do not think it is quite the end though. This is an extract from the company, You can but at the present moment all links are working still. Google+ states also, “However, Google+ will continue as a product for Enterprise

blocked writer

Persuasive Writing For Your Website

​​Persuasive WritingHaving a clear, concise message for your viewers, and showing that in your writing style, is tricky for some affiliate marketers.So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves, to educate you a little more on how best to write for your website/s.As a website author, you need to choose your words

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