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Just What Are Snippets and Why is Google So Interested?

​ First of all I am writing this article because I am as interested in finding out more about this topic.I figure if I am interested then I know there are many other Affiliate Marketers out there interested as well.What are SNIPPETS?Snippets are bits of text that live below the

think plan and act

Success Comes To Those Who Think, Plan and Act

​2 things that made me more successful: I have said it before and I will say it again. There are only 3 things you need to make money on the internet:​1/ A product or service that is in demand and little or no supply.​2/ An online tool to carry your

my seo blunders

My SEO Blunders

​ I have had many SEO blunders over the years that have left me wondering where in the world I went wrong. ​Through years of trial and error, research and persistence, I’ve been able to come out into the light, and utilize an array of knowledge for myself.Why is it so

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