10 Social Media Marketing Things to Avoid

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10 Social Media Marketing Things to Avoid

Understanding the concepts and different strategies of social media marketing isn’t a complex task.

Affiliate Mastery Institute is going to seek to break it down a bit for you here, and give you our top 10 social media marketing things to avoid, and to do.

We are also going to point out 5 reason why you should master social media marketing today.

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Let us kick off by focusing on that new world philosophy called, the “Law of Attraction”. 

Within this philosophy the process is, that if you think positively and convey positive messages, then positivity will follow through to you.

Also, with the reverse being true.

In order for your brand awareness to increase, you need to continue to update your social networks with fresh content and ideas, that is both thought provoking and relevant within your niche market.

The content on your site is powerful.

Before writing your content on social networks, think about the following:

Who is your ideal customer?
Why do they need you?

Your messages conveyed through content marketing will shine through, if you are thinking about the reader, and their needs.

Without a constant social presence, building up brand awareness online will fail.

What we mean by this is that you need to be consistent.

You need to login daily to every social media and post and engage with the public.

Do you have ‘star’ appeal online?

If you don’t think you do, then you are very clearly not doing all that is necessary for your brand.

Building trust with your brand, requires you to engage, research, comment, like, share, follow, post, write articles, write reviews, give away items, do surveys, do quizzes and much more!

blog tree

Engagement builds up your traffic and a potential client list for your niche markets.

We’ve often been asked by our subscribers if you have to have a list for each website. We always inform our members, that this is wise.

Each affiliate marketing website is like a little ‘cash register’, therefore, with each little ‘shop’ you will need to have a separate email marketing campaign (list) of subscribers.

You cannot and should not ever put subscribers from one ‘shop’ to another ‘shop’, just because they subscribed and you have a name and email on your list. This is WRONG, and ILLEGAL in the eyes of people’s personal identities and information laws.

Invite people to join your newsletter or weekly bulletin messages on each of your affiliate websites, with a separate campaign, and create an email marketing list for each one, to keep yourself and your subscribers personal identifiable information safe and your lists safe from spam laws.

Your business's reputation is paramount, so be honest and responsive with your readers and prospects.

Let them know what they are getting up front before they subscribe, so there are no surprises when you email them with weekly content updates and newsletters etc.

For the purpose of conveying ‘manners’ online, we urge you never to post negative content about the competition, competitors or the like with your niche markets.

The true key to marketing and promoting your niche markets is knowing who your audience is and what they want at any given time.

We’ve written previously that your content could be ‘controversial’ but not really gone into depth as to what that means.

Let us explain what we meant by controversial content in our own words:

Think about ‘starting a conversation’, what is it about your niche market that will do this?

Think about ‘new items’, what stirs emotions in people relating to your niche market?

Belief systems shouldn’t be targeted for the purpose of stirring up controversy, but if you’re affiliate website is targeting a specific belief i.e. gay marriage and selling items for this market, then create that content.

You can use controversy in your titles to entice new visitors eg. If you are in the online/digital marketing space, you’d know the competition is fierce, and growth hacks are awesome enticers’. E.G. 8 Post Ideas that Work or 20 Headlines that Grab Your Attention

10 smm avoid

Here’s 10 social media marketing things to avoid:

  1. Don’t post something when you are angry.
  2. Don’t do the hard sell in every post.
  3. Don’t over automate your social media marketing.
  4. Don’t be a spammer.
  5. Don’t send the same post over and over again multiple times a day on any social network.
  6. Don’t reticule another website's’ content or a competitor.
  7. Don’t put too many ads on your website.
  8. Don’t be misleading in any way shape or form.
  9. Don’t promise something and not deliver.
  10. Don’t misuse people’s personal identifiable information.
10 smm to do

Here’s 10 social media marketing tips to start today:

  1. Share stories of success that will help others.
  2. Be yourself and as authentic as possible.
  3. Be sociable and participate consistently.
  4. Know who your target market is for and why.
  5. Talk to your communities on social platforms more about yourself and business.
  6. Give your readers reviews and experiences on your niche market products regularly.
  7. Keep all social network posts relevant to your niche markets.
  8. Use ‘action oriented’ titles for your posts/articles.
  9. Be open to online changes and adapt and be flexible with these changes, implementing them into your online business FAST.
  10. Never give up, affiliate marketing is for the persistent marketer, who is passionate about their niche markets, show this with your posts/articles and website content.

Helping You Master Affiliate Marketing

Social media marketing doesn’t pay off overnight or in a week or even a month, it must be a continuous strategy of engagement, posting and content marketing.

Time is often a massive factor restricting people’s efforts to post regularly.

Organic growth isn’t working as well as it use too anymore either, so you may have to factor into your budgets some advertising expenses with the social networks.

Every day you should be logging into your social media accounts and updating and posting about your niche markets.

What is the message you want to send to your prospects?

Are you willing to participate and be active online daily and regularly?

Do you really know who you want to attract to your website?

Are your customers men/women or a mix of both sexes?

What income levels are your target customers?

Where do your target clients live?

bright ideas help

If you are offering products, first resonate with the right target audiences using social media marketing, give them snippets of your business and what you have to offer.

Think about how you can assist your audience, and how you are able to fill a void in their life, with the products that you are selling.

A spammer abuses social networks for one’s own interest and profit. Avoid this at all costs.

Never go for the hard sell with affiliate marketing. In fact, there’s really no need.

As an affiliate marketer, you are simply there to create the interest, and engagement with the audience, to direct them to the product owners website for conversion.

You don’t do the converting!

Affiliate Mastery Institute teaches you all the basics in setting up your website/s to starting your own social media marketing strategy and content marketing strategies.

Share tips and tricks, you’ve learnt from your niche market products.

Do you use them yourself? Write about your own experiences here.

We understand there’s a lot you need to consider here for your social media marketing strategy to be in place.

5 reasons to master smm

5 reasons to master social media marketing today:

Brand Awareness and Reputation

Affiliate Mastery Institute, loves that with an awesome social media marketing strategy you can build your brand awareness or your online reputation by blogging, posting relevant content, writing engaging articles and simply ‘being digital’.

With an awesome social media marketing strategy you are able to humanize your ideas, and write in an honest and open forum.

Which has the potential to be shared, viewed, read and commented on publicly on a global scale. Now how awesome is that?


Implementing a sound social media marketing strategy instantly gives you the gift of communication.

Allowing you to directly engage with followers, people that like your pages and ask you questions, and communicate with them on a digital level but in real time.

This is why it's so important to check your social networks daily for reviews, comments, likes or follows.

Learning From Comments

Having a comment section on any post or blog page on your website encourages your viewers to give you feedback on the content that you are delivering.

Without these comment sections, you are missing out of critical feedback that you can learn from.

You have to be open to both the good and the bad here, try not to let emotions take over, as any feedback is better than none.

So, be sure to start added those comment sections to your website/s post or blog pages.

Costs Associated

Surely you aren’t hearing this here first right? Joining social networks is FREE. You don’t have to pay a cent.

You don’t even have to pay for advertising if you don’t want too. (Although you should down the track).

The beauty of social media marketing is that you can utilize all the latest online social platforms for FREE, as there’s no cost to join them.

Here at Affiliate Mastery Institute, we teach that you can even set up your first website for free, if you get your hosting service correct.

Using valuable knowledge from those that have been there, and done that is key to not having to ‘fumble’ through the hard way.

Analysis and Value

Understanding your niche markets and your target audiences is going to be key to getting your affiliate marketing business up and running and successful.

You have a multitude of tools at your doorstep.

Affiliate Mastery Institute, can show you which tools to use, when they are important, and what is going to be most valuable to you as an affiliate marketer.

All affiliate marketers want success.

When you have a social media marketing strategy in place, you have the information at your fingertips to gather and use to help you grow.

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At the end of the day understand what to avoid with social media marketing, and what to start working towards, will help your affiliate marketing business prevail.

Affiliate Mastery Institute, is happy to impart this working knowledge to you.

Over the years, we’ve had many ups’ and downs’.

Recently, we’ve had to downsize, due to all the search engines changes that have come into effect.

Judi however, is a survivor, and will never give up.

She continues to have a ‘go get ‘em attitude’ that she’s known for.

Life will always throw obstacles in front of you.

You have to decide with that old philosophy mentioned, whether you want to let the ‘negatives’ in life track you down, or whether you want to consider the ‘upside’ to a ‘shitty’ situation.

When you decide to change your thoughts, into a more optimistic view, and you align your actions with these thoughts, is when you will start to make traction.

Persistence is so important to affiliate marketing.

Until next time,

Judi and her team,
Affiliate Mastery Institute ©

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