15 Measured Steps for Affiliate Marketers

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15 Measured Steps for Affiliate Marketers

The internet is flooded with ideas and concepts, best practice methods and tips for affiliate marketing guides.

In fact, the top six sites are all filled with awesome content for anyone interested in becoming an affiliate marketer.

Many of them have some but not all of the 15 measured steps that Affiliate Mastery Institute follow.

We decided to impart so of our own thoughts on this topic, and help spread the word about affiliate marketing.

Breaking down, some barriers to entry for those skeptics, who still think it's all a ‘load of BS’...

Every passionate affiliate marketer, will definitely agree, these 15 steps are all just as critical and crucial to your overall business model/plan.

So, let’s dive in:



Affiliate marketing is full of obstacles, difficulties and roadblocks.

It really isn’t for the lazy or faint hearted, and certainly not a good business venture for anyone thinking it’s a ‘get rich quick scheme’.

Ladies and gentlemen, a word of advice:

“Whilst we want high rates of return, your investment in affiliate marketing is anything but small.”

You are NOT entering into a ‘shady’ investment program here, and won’t be aligning yourself with anything but professionals with your affiliate marketing business.

We can all learn by taking a page or two from Stephen Covey, something that we use to motivate us monthly.

Most affiliate marketers’ have that burning desire to succeed. To drive that traffic and become the best in their field.

All those who undertake affiliate marketing want to be persistent in their approach, as they want their business to last for a long time.

This isn’t about being patient.

Don’t get the two mixed up…

Patience is great, but affiliate marketing is not a waiting game. Persistence implies an action that you undertake to meet a required outcome.

Persistence in affiliate marketing will see you gain traction.


problem solve

Have you ever seen the movies or read the Veronica Roth books, Divergent trilogy? (see below for product links if you like).

Veronica Roth, was a master at getting people ‘thinking’ in this series.

Real problem solving comes from both having divergent and convergent thoughts. Cleverism describe these two thinking strategies best in our opinion.

Affiliate marketers’ are expert problem solvers.

The need to think on their feet fast, direct their minds to the most critical area that requires attention. Apply their knowledge and techniques to resolve immediate concerns, and be extremely accurate with their resolve.

Through this fast thinking evaluation method an affiliate marketer needs to understand the entire process of their business.

How it evolves and is developed
How it operates effectively
How it generates revenue
How to market accurately
How to do competitive analysis
How to rinse, repeat, recycle and re-examine

As an effective problem solver, your affiliate marketing business will benefit handsomely.


make your decision

Affiliate marketers start each day with a plan.

They have a list they follow.

They know the critical steps to take.

They understand the order of these critical steps.

They calculate the urgency of these tasks

They trust a team of people

They are focused on their daily plan, and they are decision makers executing this plan.

Most affiliate marketers have a deadline they are trying to achieve.

Whether they are concentrating on a campaign focused on a specific holiday, special event or target audience.

Our founder is grandma, and she’s the creative genius behind Affiliate Mastery Institute.

As our mentor she predominantly reflects a thinking style that is both intellectual and intuitive.

She likes to teach; Is sensitive towards others; Is supportive; Is expressive; Is emotional; Talks a lot; Feels; Infers; Imagines; Speculates; Takes risks; Breaks rules; Likes surprises and is generally curious in nature.

So what, you are saying!

What this means is that Judi uses her right side of her brain more than her left. That doesn’t mean she cannot use her left side of the brain, no, that just means she naturally uses her right.

She knows this about herself, and she acts on it.

Finding a team that can boost her more rational and instinctive side (right side of the thinking brain).

Her decision to take this approach has seen her business grow, in ways she never could have achieved by herself.

This decisive business approach is key to emerging as an affiliate marketer.

You will learn that you can get more done, when you are all meeting regularly and having regular ‘check in sessions’.

For many, you are starting your affiliate marketing business solo.

There’s nothing wrong with that, in fact, that is where Judi began too.

She worked full time, ran an offline business Cork ‘n Fork Winery Tours, and was embarking on her affiliate journey solo.

She had to find more time.

This was perhaps the biggest obstacle for any start up affiliate marketer.

What did she do?

...slept less!
...turned the television off!
...didn’t watch the news
...started with a burning desire

Look at your skills, your strengths, your reasoning abilities, and align yourself with a team of people that fill the gaps, creating yourself a more diverse business model.


You don’t think you have a creative bone in your body, but you would be wrong!

Everyone has the ability to be creative.

Don’t play the BLAME game (behavior, lamenting, around, manipulative, evidence).

Take each mistake as a learning opportunity!

Challenge yourself and your beliefs, so that you can bring about this creative change, that you require.

Affiliate marketers’ and most especially content marketers’ are always seeking ways to enrich their visitors.

Here’s a super handy hint:
Being creative with affiliate marketing involves…

Thinking, Feeling, Perceiving, Matching Logic
Not a new concept right?

Research to get the facts (do your competitive analysis), perceptions (what main areas need more work) and feelings of others (how popular is this knowledge).

Understand them (do you love your niche?), by clarifying (join the discussion on social media), gathering information (see what works and doesn’t work), establishing rapport (continue to backlink or hyperlink to influencers) and generating interest (give back, and add value to your visitors).


Are you starting to get the picture now?

We have the top 5 reason why visual aides work, that may get your creative juices flowing too.


knock out the competition

Don’t be turned off by this heading!

It’s not that difficult really…

If you want to be the best affiliate marketer within your given niche, then you simply have to give consumers more value than they are currently offered.

Your marketing strategies must be geared towards satisfying this.

When analysing your competitors, be sure to look at what they are offering, and take notes on areas they are lacking. Ie. strengths and weaknesses review.

This is where you are going to be better…

When you are not market leaders, you need to think like you are and perform as if you are.

Giving the best value and information, and putting your best foot forward in your competitive marketing strategies.

Whatever your marketing competitive approach we advise you never to slander or defame another organization, that is out there giving it a go.

Never, write a blog or post saying: "XYZ was crap at this, and their opinion is lacking substance etc. etc." No-one wants to read this kind of ***t online.

Instead, we suggest you do the following:

Identify your competitors
Determine your objectives in your given niche, and consider what your competitors objectives are
Understand how your competitors are ‘getting results’
Look at your competitors strengths and weaknesses
Try to implement a better strategy with your affiliate website
Select the top competitors to link too

Affiliate marketing is a networking and rapport building business.

Without the links you won’t gain the traffic, and without the traffic you are blogging/posting to noone…

All affiliate marketers’ start off like this, and that is ok.

Recognize it, respect it, and never repeat it. Always strive for greatness!

BONUS: Gain More Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing Right Here!


technically driven

As an affiliate marketer, you need to understand a fair bit about web development.

Affiliate Mastery Institute, uses the WordPress open source website creation tool.

It’s easy to use, and easy to navigate, and easy to develop.

Judi our mentor, started her affiliate marketing journey with all the freebies, and has built her enterprise and her training around this model.

Breaking down barriers to entry for the novice affiliate marketer, and giving them the best head start into her eLearning.

Often there was areas that Judi came across that ‘stumped’ her from moving forward.

...but did she give up!


Through persistence, and problem solving, which we discussed earlier, Judi’s self taught information technology skills prevailed.

These are some the 4 biggest things she’s managed to master:

Navigating the File Manager to fix known issues
Building a monetized website
Conquering search engine optimization techniques
Formulating content marketing strategies
Developing social media marketing strategies

We could be here all day if I listed all the affiliate marketing techniques Judi has mastered…

...but, being technically driven isn’t just about mastering difficult techniques.

To be technically driven, you have to make sure that your research and development techniques work well.

With affiliate marketing, all it begins with the research.

Many successful online entrepreneurs offer an abundance of ideas for researching terms, phrases, domain urls, and niche markets.

You just need to put yourself out there and follow them, see what tools and techniques they are using.

See if they are matching or doing what you have done, and see if you can either improve on what you do, or offer suggestions that are even better.

Discovering and employing new and useful strategies to the research and development of your affiliate marketing websites, may provide some edge in the market place.

Do you use any of the following?

Google Trends
Identify your interests
Research your competitors
See what is trending
Identify areas of concern in your niche (so you can overcome them)

If you aren’t using any of these, how do you expect to gain traction with your affiliate marketing business?


What the hell is that?

Your affiliate marketing niche is within a specific target area right?

You have set up that niche specifically because you have got a service to offer that your competition doesn’t have.

What you need to concentrate here on is the nurture aspect of digital marketing.

This is never a case of ‘set and forget’ people!

You want to continually grow, reach out to others, genuinely assist others, and meet the expectations of people you cross paths with.

Share your experiences through your social media marketing strategies.

Align yourself and comment on someone’s posts or blogs if they offered you some interesting tips and techniques to being a better person (whether in business professionally or personally).

Silence is NO longer golden people!

As an affiliate marketer, you want your presence to be known.

You want the world to understand that you do things better then the next competitor.

You want to inspire and assist others, so they too and be the very best in their field.

I think I will have to dive further into nurturing in another post.

For now, just understand that the affiliate marketer is actively involved in their network and communications.


understand the formulas

Ok, this is usually where Judi falls asleep…

Remember, she’s the creative one, not the rational and organized one…(although we are sure she will say otherwise lolz).

Figures matter to any affiliate marketer.

Wow! You’ve be pretty silly to think that it doesn’t right?

After hours of developing a well tuned and functioning monetized website, you would think you could see back and relax right?


Your marketing efforts haven’t even begun yet…

Sure, you have a monetized site, where’s my revenue?

...really? You need to ask…

Here are just some of the things that you need to start thinking about…(now don’t you dare fall asleep here!)
If you offer a service, subscription or free giveaway offer your favorite formula is going to be your churn rate (or maybe your least favorite formula)

When we say Churn Rate this is what we mean:

The number of customers who have cancelled (oops) divided by
The total number of customers you had at the start of a given period

Your affiliate marketing business will want to use this formula to assess just how good its marketing efforts are, and whether they work.

Don’t feel disheartened this formula can use all kinds of different remodelling, to account for the number of days your subscribers stay over the period or not.

Let us know present the 2nd formula we consider:

MRR (monthly recurring revenue)
It’s a no brainer here really…

Take the monthly recurring revenue (which is your total sales from subscribers for the period) and add (+) any new customers payments.


With our 3rd favorite formula now being: ARPU (average monthly revenue per subscriber)

Now, take a deep breathe...it’s almost over!

MRR from above divided by your total number of customers

See, that wasn’t hard now was it!

Now, we can consider the most important formula

LTV (lifetime value): We love what this name implies...and equally love what it tells us. Which is, the expected revenue from an average customer over the entire time that they have subscribed to your service. Woot Woot! Done...

APRU divided by Churn Rate

That’s enough of our top 4 formulas for now...are you still awake???

These formulas are handy for every affiliate marketer. Right them down and start using them today!



Oh wow! This is where Judi excels…

You have to have a great vision.

Affiliate Mastery Institute has this vision:

Coaching! Learning! Owning! Earning! ™

That is what we as a team strive towards everyday, and what we instil in our subscribers.

Through inspiration, and through the coaching you receive you will be learning to owning your online affiliate marketing business and earning your affiliate marketing potential.

Manage your vision, stick to your vision, continue to be persistent with your efforts, and inspire others with your niche.
Leaders have a clear goal or vision, they align themselves with the team that enhances that vision, and they support and inspire the team's development.

There’s no reason why you cannot implement these business strategies into your own affiliate marketing business.

Flip it to be about the niche market you are targeting. See how that drives change within your niche.

Remember, being a leader isn’t about managing, it more about empowering.

Have fun, and make it fun for your team, your network, your visitors, your readers, your influencers, your online communities….etc.

Strive to be a leader in your niche with your affiliate marketing business.


First rule of setting up your content marketing strategies as an affiliate marketer…

Keep it niche specific.

If you are geo targeting foodies on a business blog/post your aren’t going to be very successful in your marketing efforts.

If you are geo targeting pets in a blog/post about cooking you aren’t going to be very successful in your marketing efforts.

If you are geo targeting first time parents in your planting blog/post you aren’t going to be very successful in your marketing efforts.

...come one!

This is where common sense will prevails.

Here’s another handy tip...login manually to your social networks every week, and use their network platforms to do some quick posts, comments, follows, likes etc.

If you don’t know how to geo target using Facebook we are strongly suggesting you learn how.

If you don’t know how to choose a preferred audience with Facebook we are strongly suggesting you learn how.

As an advertiser (which is basically what all affiliate marketers’ are). You need to delve further into your social networks.

See how they function, what their rules are, how they recommend you deliver to your prospects.

Follow their suggestions.

Action your findings and keep your marketing efforts niche specific.

target market

Helping You Master Affiliate Marketing



Let’s make this clear here first, these steps are not in order of importance.

If they were, this one would be definitely up near the top.

So, in saying that why is SEO so critical to an affiliate marketer?

It all boils down to visibility and rank.

Being an affiliate requires you understand search engine marketing techniques (SEM).

You want to optimize your sites, so that they are better ranked, your can do this both organically and paid.

SEO is the more natural approach to getting your affiliate marketing sites ranked.

With a proper mix of all the measured steps above, you will be well on your way to mastering SEO.

You want to incorporate a mix of different SEO strategies, for your affiliate marketing business.

After selecting your niche and doing the above measured steps specifically the competitive analysis, you will have a good start, in finding profitable keywords, that relate to your niche.

I hope that you have written them down.

You should always include your keywords in your descriptive URL.
This is to give your viewers an ‘at glance’ understanding of what your website will be about.

If you haven’t found any keyword descriptive phrases yet for your niche.

Perhaps you should try the following out:


Having thorough knowledge on SEO and SEM is going to position you better as an affiliate marketer.

When anyone uses the internet they usually go to a search engine and type in the ‘keywords’ they need to find what they are looking for.

After this happens...there’s no real secret here...but, a bunch of websites will appear, for those visitors to select from.

The more ‘relevant’ searches will appear at the top of the pages, and these visitors, will generally click on them!

Basically, if your affiliate marketing websites, aren’t appearing near the top or on that first page...you are missing out on traffic.

You want your SEO marketing strategy to be ‘on point’ and working well, so that your website is better ranked.

Research what the search engines are looking for, and apply this to your website pages and content.

Without mastering SEO your site will never rank, and won’t be found by potential customers.

Make SEO a technique to master.


content strategy

Affiliate Mastery Institute is going to offer 3 specialized topics to its potential customers before the New Year, and one of them is Content Marketing.

All affiliates need to understand that content marketing strategies have to be implemented to drive your marketing efforts further.

Some of the topics we will offer are can be seen here:
At the end of the day, without a proper understand of content marketing, your efforts as an affiliate marketer can never be mastered.

You need to develop your own content strategy.

Content that delivers all of the following: (not limited to these alone)...

The User
Your Niche

If you haven’t put much thought into your content marketing strategy as an affiliate marketer, then you really aren’t a proper affiliate marketer yet.

...no, this isn’t harsh.

Just the reality of the situation here...as we bet there’s competitors and other affiliate marketers that are, and are earning potentially thousands with these strategies in place.


We cannot tell you how many times, we’ve redeveloped the websites that Judi owns (over 300+).

Through small and large changes like:

Removing duplicated content
Adding lead generation methods
Updating social networks
Posting new content regularly
Updating themes
Updating plugins
Updating SEO options
Adding header images
Adding merchant widgets
Adding merchant products

Change is inevitable with your affiliate marketing business.

Your plugin creators may change the way they do things, and update your plugins, and then you have to reconfigure them to make them work again.
Your merchant may update their product SKUs’ so that you need to update your affiliate links so they work.

Your content may need to be improved. (This should be done often).

We could go on and on…

The point being, is that you need to remain flexible and adapt to these changes.

Without adaptation your affiliate marketing websites will lose their ranking when these types of things need action.

Bringing us to our next step…


Der! You say...ok!
I won’t elaborate here…

Without action you will fail as an affiliate marketer.

This isn’t a set and forget business.

Affiliate marketing is a disciplined profession. That requires persistence and patience. (yep, there’s those words again!)

Who said “Rome wasn’t never built in a day!”...

A similar method of operation applies to your affiliate marketing business.

Through your action and applying the measured steps we give to your freely, you too can become an successful affiliate marketer.



SMM banner

  This is going to another specialized topic that Affiliate Mastery     Institute offers in the new future…

  The area of SMM is so vast, that you need to enrol once we go   live to truly understand all that we are hoping you to grasp.

  In short, your social media marketing strategy, is important to   help your business gain targeted, measured traffic results.

  Every affiliate marketers aim is to spread the word and make   their websites more accessible to the public.

  Without a clear social media marketing strategy, your affiliate   marketing business is doomed!

  Make a concerted effort to dive into each social network and understand how it operates.

See how that social network is going to improve your business.

Start taking action on your social media marketing campaigns.

Align yourself with industry leaders.

Send relevant posts.

Comment like and share with all followers and influences, specific to your niche.

This post is specifically designed to aide potential new or old affiliate marketer.

If you are inspired by our thoughts and our words and you are not yet an affiliate marketer, you can learn to become one here.

If you are inspired by our thoughts and our words and you are an affiliate marketer, please share this post to anyone that you think will also benefit.

BONUS: Gain More Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing Right Here!

Thanks for your time,

Until next post,

Judi and her team
Affiliate Mastery Institute

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