20 Headlines That Grab Your Attention

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20 Headlines That Grab Your Attention

Understanding the type of content that you want to write about is vital.

It's no secret so many different thought-provoking headlines in the media today, splashed all over social media, newspapers, magazines, online websites, television…

People want to skim over content and get the gist by simply viewing something for a moment or two.

Engagement, whilst they are skimming is key.

Think practically, who has hours to spare reading content online…?

If you throw a number in your headline chances are that headline is going to stand out.

If you are brief and get to the point quickly, your headline will stand out.

You need to geo-target your content to the audience that is interested in what you are covering and the topics that you write about.

If your words are full of knowledge and cover interesting facts you will have engaged your audience.

Sure, you can scour the Internet looking for the top 100 headlines of 2017 but you still need to write the content that backs the headline up.

Just having a thought provoking headline is truly not enough.

The body of your text needs to back up the headline, deliver what you are promising.

Here's our top 20 headlines that grab attention:

  1. 5 things a _______________ needs to hear you say
  2. 3 little known facts that could affect __________
  3. The critical difference between ___________ and _____________
  4. 10 cool tools for ___________
  5. How to __________ and give ___________
  6. 15 steps to ______________
  7. Understanding ________________
  8. Get to the point quick with ______________
  9. How to avoid ________________
  10. Benefits of __________ and how it will _________
  11. Ultimate Guide to ______________
  12. 101 Useful Ways to Help ______________
  13. 20 Tips That __________ and _____________
  14. Inspired by an expert to __________________
  15. The 3 laws of _______________ that will change __________
  16. What ___________ that will blow your mind
  17. The complete process and checklist for ______________
  18. Avoid _____________ Learn ________________
  19. Killer ___________ the experts don’t want you to know
  20. Simple tricks to ____________

Using our thought grabbing headlines and applying them to your own content, could see your click through rates soar.

When you use numbers the Mind's Eye is automatically drawn to them.

When you start adding adjectives you're giving the reader information on what the body is about.

Do some further research if you like on buzz words and find out what works best.

Relatable content is key, and giving away in the headline what it is your content is about is going to assist your readers even more.

Know what you're talking about and deliver it in a professional manner.

As an affiliate marketer, we have mentioned numerous times, in prior posts, that you need to concentrate on solving an issue or giving value to your readers not selling your affiliate merchants products.

My previous post are you selling or helping might need to be revisited…

Remember what type of emotion you are trying to evoke in your audience.

Use descriptive, positive words to entice your readers and enhance what you know, you are about to deliver.

If you want to evoke a sense of urgency or fear in your audience then the use of strong superlatives may do this.


  1. STOP Right Now
  2. Don’t Move
  3. Nothing Is More ____________ Than __________
  4. Worst __________ Ever…
  5. Never ___________
  6. No One Cares About __________________
  7. You Can’t ______________
  8. What A Joke __________ Is

There is a true art to writing content that is going to catch at a person's attention.

You can research all you like the different headlines and the different thought-provoking ways in which to create a sense of urgency in your audience, however, if the body of your work doesn’t give what you suggest in your headline, then you are falling short.

Truly think about this the next time you read a newspaper, ask yourself certain questions like:

  • what compelled me to read this?
  • what emotion am I feeling reading this?
  • how is this going to help me?
  • what am I going to improve in my life from reading this?
  • does this material seem factual?
  • is this useful?
  • doesn't bother me?
  • do I want to take action?
  • do I want to make a difference after reading it?
  • do I want to change my life or my situation after reading this?

Chances are you most likely read a piece that is full of persuasive text and you didn't even realise it.

There's nothing wrong with that in fact it's great! And you’re great too!

Don't be afraid to trial and error a few different tactics.

Perhaps you will come up with something that others aren't using that goes viral overnight…

reach for the sky

Our biggest take home with persuasive text is to make sure that you're being as honest as you can.

Controversial test can often become misleading to the readers and your credibility can be tainted when it doesn't seem realistic or truthful.

The power of persuasive advertising is immense and generally used to build selective demand for a brand, whereby you will be ‘persuading the visitors’ that what you are offering, is the best of its kind and the best value for money.

At the end of the day this is your focus, and if you achieve this, your headline and your content will draw your readers’ attention and empower them into action.

So, this brings us to another dilemma and that is how to write the content that backs up the thought grabbing headlines?

What are you trying to achieve with your content?

what benefits are you offering your readers?

how are you going to deliver those benefits?

These are all concerns for any good affiliate marketer for online marketer for that matter.

Here are some handy tips:

Tip #1

Always start with an introduction, tell your audience what it is you're going to achieve in your article or post.

Tip #2

Make sure the body of your article or post contains the elements that you want to deliver and that your audience are hoping to read.


Tip #3

Try not to digress and get off topic.

Tip #4

Stick to the main feature/s and benefit/s for your readers.

Tip #5

Be creative with your writing and use words that are relatable and memorable.

Tip #6

Remember to evoke either emotion logic or an ethical value in your reader.

Tip #7

Use lots of pictures and images, to appeal to the visual learner.

Tip #8

Try to include a video about your content.

Tip #9

Proofread your work before you post, on a couple of occasions we've been so excited about writing a piece that we're overlooked this step and felt extremely embarrassed once it went live.

Tip #10

Learn from your mistakes and don't be afraid to admit them and speak about them in your content.

Tip #11

Make sure your content has proper SEO and is original and or fresh.

Tip #12

Use tools that are going to save you time.

Tips #13

Research your topic and find out what people want first, and do some market comparisons. Understanding what your competitors are doing and making sure you do it better than they do.

These 13 tips will not only assist you in developing the content that you want, for your website, whether it's an affiliate marketing website or not, it will give you direction with added knowledge and value, in relation to capturing your audience and your readers.

We hope you've been able to get what you need out of this post, feel free to check out the rest of our website if you feel compelled.

Until next time,


Judi and her team

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