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The number of people using online sportsbooks to wager on upcoming eSports tournaments continues to grow rapidly. Here at JeffBet, you’ll find a wide variety of eSports betting options, from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to League of Legends, all with great eSports betting odds. Check out the markets and make your first eSports wager at JeffBet today!

Just how does one go about betting on eSports?

In the United Kingdom, eSports betting operates in the same way as the traditional sports betting industry. To get started, take a look at the forthcoming eSports betting markets and make your selection. After deciding how much to wager, you can send in your online betting slip. All you have to do now is wait to find out if your eSports wager paid off.


Our live betting function now allows you to wager on eSports matches as they are being played. Follow the action on your preferred eSports streaming platform, such as Twitch, and apply what you’ve learned to make educated guesses about what will happen next in the battle. It’s the most thrilling method to wager on eSports, according to many.


betting lines for esports The odds on eSports are comparable to those on traditional sports, as previously explained. They take the form of a fraction, like 5/1. That’s a 5:1 return on your first wager. At those odds, a ten pound wager on an eSports event would net you fifty pounds in profits and your stake back, for a total of fifty pounds. If something is less likely to occur, your odds of winning increase. After making a few bets on eSports, you’ll have no trouble grasping the gist of things.


Games That Are Often Bet On In Esports

What are the most well-liked ways to wager on eSports? Well, we’ve compiled a list of the three most watched eSports right here:



Betting on CS:GO is the most common form of eSports gambling. In this first-person shooter, teams compete against one another for a variety of reasons, the most prevalent of which is to wipe out the opposing team. It’s also one of the best eSports to watch, making it a double winner. We provide betting lines for every major international CS:GO competition.


Dota 2 is another massively popular eSport to wager on. Millions of fans fight it out every day with their favorite Dota Hero, and the greatest of them compete in high-stakes tournaments for big bucks. Dota 2 events like the Dota Summit and ESL One are available for betting on our website.


The League of Legends

This betting service also offers betting on League of Legends, another wildly popular option among eSports gambling enthusiasts. Our eSports book covers most of the year’s League of Legends tournaments and leagues, where some of the world’s finest players compete on teams.


JeffBet: Why Play Here?

The variety of eSports betting options we provide is only one of many reasons why you should use JeffBet to place your wagers. You can discover odds on every major eSports tournament here, and because our odds are always competitive, you’ll get a good payout everytime you win a wager.


Because we are licensed and controlled by the gaming Commission, a prerequisite for any gaming site allowing players from the United Kingdom, you can also be sure that you are fully protected at JeffBet. You’ll also see that all financial dealings are encrypted with robust SSL security. Here at JeffBet, all of your eSports wagers are 100% secure.


JeffBet also has some of the best bonuses and promos available. There are wonderful benefits available for both new and existing players. New players can get a great start with a generous welcome bonus. The bonus money can be used for wagers on both traditional and eSports.


Finally, with JeffBet’s amazing mobile website, you can wager on sports no matter where you are. All you need is a modern smartphone or tablet to access JeffBet and find the same markets and odds as desktop gamblers.


A Guide to Common Questions About Online Sports Betting

In what ways are eSports a good bet?


Profitability is the primary attraction of eSports betting with JeffBet. We provide the finest odds, so you can maximize your earnings from each winning wager. Betting on eSports adds a whole new level of excitement to whatever game you’re watching.

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