8 Post Ideas That Work

8 post ideas

8 Post Ideas That Work

Often you hear from affiliate marketers’ that they haven’t really got a very good grasp of the ‘writing’ or ‘blogging’

phase of their business.

We have 8 post ideas that work below, that we think is going to give you a great head start, as you continue on with

your affiliate marketing journey.

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There are always some affiliate marketers’ that are just starting out in this space, that find it really tricky to come up


with the words they need to create posts.

Posts or blogs on their affiliate marketing website/s give affiliates’ and anyone who owns a website really, the reach


out to a worldwide audience.

With that in mind, you need to start thinking about building up your community and connecting with others more.

The easiest way you can do that is with your own blog.

What is a blog?

In short, when you blog on your affiliate marketing website, you are posting an article or creative writing.

start a blog

Visitors to your website will ‘subscribe’ to your site if they enjoy what they read.

Visitors may also write a comment, and start a conversation about your post if you're writing entices them too.

You as the publisher, are writing to interest the audience in the niche market your affiliate website/s are all about.

Usually, as an affiliate, what you are trying to portray is a ‘pain point’ for the visitor.

What is it about that niche that your website can offer your visitors?

That is the usual main idea for beginning a ‘blog post’, for affiliate marketers.

As you are the owner of your own affiliate marketing website/s, you have the power to publish-on-demand.

So, don’t ask how often one should post a blog, but ask, yourself, what issues/problems can my website/s solve



Helping You Master Affiliate Marketing

Your posts are the essential tool, you are going to need to ‘getting noticed’.

If you are doing your blog posts right, you are attracting new organic traffic, and intrigue, and you are achieving your

goals of brand awareness.

This creative space online is super competitive.

Attracting attention with your blog is difficult.

Remember to be active in connecting to other great content marketers’ or niche specific website/s in your posts.

One such online marketer that comes to our mind quite often is Neil Patel.

Neil has an array of helpful, and insightful knowledge for the online marketer.

He uses platforms like video, podcasts, pictures, and awesome content.

One of the more relatable posts that Neil wrote recently is about promoting your blogs.

We won’t even attempt to rewrite his awesome content, but will give a shout out to this particular post and thank


him for it HERE.

blog your ideas

All good content posts start with your ideas. Your writing and you publishing content to your website.

Without formulating a content strategy that helps you drive that fresh new content to all social media platforms you

engage in, you aren’t going to get the exposure you desire.

Often we have queries about the length of a post or article on your website.

If you are truly inspired by writing your own fresh content, and have a lot of knowledge on your niche to give to

others for free, then we suggest that you write a minimum of 1000 words per blog.

Most of the more successful content and online marketers, are writing 2000+words per blog post.

There’s a bundle of inclusions every blog post or post or article that your niche website/s should include. Here’s a

short list of our favorites here:

Video - storyboarding what you do and how you do it and why

Pictures that tell a story

H1 and H2 Headlines

Line spacing (large per sentence structure)

Lead generation options (so, visitors can subscribe to learn more if they want to)

Comment section at the bottom of the page, to encourage a discussion or conversation

BONUS: Gain More Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing Right Here!

Here are our 8 post ideas that work

1. Interview

Why not interview an expert on your topic? Or attend an event or launch of a product and approach someone else

attending and ask them a few questions for your blog post? You can ask them about work, their opinions on the

industry, what they think is going to be great about the event...anything really. If you don’t want to attend an event,

there’s always Skype - you could request an interview with an expert, map out your top 10 questions and away you


2. "How To" posts or advice posts

You selected your affiliate marketing niche as you love and are passionate about that yourself.

So, write about that. People want to hear about your findings. Your issues with that niche market, and how you

overcome them. Give instructional steps on overcoming them, and relay tips and tricks that you’ve got to your

readers, to give them a helping hand too.

3. Write some lists

The internet is littered with the following headings:

Top 10 tips to….

Six best ideas that…

101 uses for ...

Etc. etc.

We’ve all seen them. And guess what?

They work!

There’s something quite compelling about a headline that list things.

These titles were written quite obviously to ‘grab’ your attention, as they give a sense that readers will ‘miss out’ if

they don’t.

We love lists too, and have written 20 Headlines that Grab Your Attention in prior posts.

You want your list to convey your headline, and make is a positive list, as people are more inclined to read something

offering assistance to them.

4. Become a storyteller

Present to the world a post or article that gives the writer some inspiration, or some news or insights.

Let us know what happened when you decided to try out your own products, or stumbled across a key source of

knowledge that you implemented on your own website/s.

You can easily come up with a bunch of simple ideas, that give your readers a situation or moment, then talk about a

problem or issue with that situation or moment, after discussing that, perhaps you want to move onto solving that

issue or problem and discuss how you did that. Finishing up with the outcome, was it a positive or a negative one?

5. Let’s have a contest or a perhaps giveaway something

Freebies are massive, everyone wants something for nothing.

Find new and exciting ways in which you can deliver that to your readers.

Here at Affiliate Mastery Institute, we have an email marketing centre that gives away evergreen content, that is

going to continue to assist our subscribers for over a year.

You could have a free eBook, a free podcast, a free video, a free newsletter, a free gift launch...the possibilities are


6. Create some controversy

If you like to start a discussion and want to get people talking, then the best way to do that is write about something

that is going to spark that discussion.

Engagement is perhaps one of the hardest things a blog writer will need to conquer.

You need to be prepared when writing about something controversial for the backlash of comments, both negative

and positive that you are bound to receive.

Remember never take to heart the negative comments in your controversial post, and always deal with them in a

friendly manner.

7. What are you predicting

We wrote a while back a post about the future of affiliate marketing.

Whilst we are yet to run the figures of this survey, we did make some predictions about affiliate marketing from a

general perspective.

When you are predicting something in your posts, you can discuss industry knowledge, or up and coming trends on

your niche.

You can use the months of the year to write blog posts about a specific season, or holiday coming up.

Here’s where having a world calendar comes in handy.

Once you write a prediction post, and include a survey or a questionnaire, be sure to revisit it, in about six months

time, and post what the findings were.

8. Talk about a pain point that needs solving

Do you have a niche market that is full of issues, or problems just waiting to be solved?

Or if you yourself find yourself with your niche a little lost for words, why not write about it.

Having a ‘dilemma’ of sorts, and asking for assistance online is fine.

You may end up with some truly influential people just hoping to solve your own dilemma for you.

With the comments at the end of your blog posts, you are giving your viewers are real opportunity to engage with

you and answer, and or attempt to solve any issues or problems that you are having.

When you take this approach you are giving your viewers a real sense of ‘humanisation’ and letting them know, that

you are a person seeking some answers.

think plan and act

Most likely engagement will flow, and you will be given some useful tips to overcoming your own adversities.

Whatever you decide to write about with your niche website/s, be sure to keep the post and/or article relevant, and

use evergreen content.

When we say evergreen content, we mean content that is going to last the test of time, and continue to assist people

years’ down the track.

You can update the article and post and expand on it as time goes on.

For Affiliate Mastery Institute, we write to gain brand exposure and increase our reach to those most interested in

finding out more on affiliate marketing.

We write, as we’d like to create an interest in affiliate marketing, and have people curious about the topic, to

subscribe to our training.

You are able to join us for free and see for yourself the training we offer.

The dilemma we have here, is that the internet is littered with awesome affiliate training options.

Getting our brand exposed to the market is quite difficult, as we’re a ‘small’ name brand, compared to the ‘big’ wigs.

When developing your brand, make sure you put the correct search engine mechanisms in place, so that your

posts/articles can be found.

Getting to the top page of the search engines is tricky.

what search engines do

There’s so very many parameters the search engines rely on now for this to occur.

A specific phrase
Your geographical location
A browser's history
Google sign in
Meta tags and titles
Long tail keywords

The search engines are often changing their algorithms for SERPs ranking, as there’s always elements that need

updating to stop ‘black hatters’. (People trying to cheat the system in order to rank highly).


Be sure to remember that all search engines enjoy seeing relevant, useful content, that remains fresh and recent on

the internet.

If you haven’t quite established your authority online with the abundance of traffic, that will surely come, as you

continue to grow your brand awareness with your awesome content.

Be sure to remember to include a lead generation in your article/post.

If readers come a long and want to learn more about your niche or your topic they are inclined to join your mailing

list, for your insights, opinions and newsletters.

So, be sure to include this, and link it up to your email marketing, customer relationship manager (CRM) i.e. aWeber

or 1ShoppingCart.

types of content

We find these CRMs super helpful, as your list of subscribers grow, you can be slammed with ‘spam’ notifications, if

you are sending a normal email to many subscribers at once.

CRMs’ give you the opportunity to host the subscribers, and send automated content that is both relevant and


Keeping your subscribers intrigued, and giving them incentive to come back to your website for a second, third,


If you subscribe to our mailing list, you will never miss another post or our again, and you will gain all the extra

knowledge we are giving for free.

think socially

Every good post should include your favorite social share buttons.

This gives your readers the opportunity to share the content with someone else, they consider will benefit from your

words too.

Affiliate Mastery Institute thrives on doing things for others, and the whole concept of the business, was to openly

teach the basic concepts of affiliate marketing, to anyone wishing to learn.

When you remain honest and transparent about your intentions in your writing, you attract individuals that are both

curious and want to know what you have to offer.

Remaining sociable is a key factor of blog posting.

Sharing and promoting other people’s work online is a really nice way to demonstrate your social value.

Offering answers and engaging yourself in topics that are relevant to your niche with social networks is going to see

that your brand awareness increases.

As you continue to connect to others on the social networks, the more potential new viewers you will receive to your


Helping You Master Affiliate Marketing

The idea here is to create a lasting relationship.

Showing interest in others sociably is a critical factor to being an online marketer.

You need to remain genuine always, and not be in a rush to ask for attention, and press a hard sell.

Make a bunch of your posts, tweets and comment informal in nature.

So, you aren’t actually ‘plugging’ anything, and you are genuine in your approach to the online niche that you are

seeking to expose yourself too.

Social media is not an easy beast to tackle.

It takes hours of time to build up a fan base, and nurture your prospects.

Unfortunately, advertising your brand is perhaps something most coaches or online services need to consider, so that

your newsfeeds appear on interested parties pages.

Just having a social network page alone is not going to help you get in touch with your blogging communities.

making words count

Whatever you decide is going to work best for you, remember that posting both on your website/s and on social

media, should be done with a respectful and friendly manner.

Keep updating, posting, writing, sharing, joining, following and commenting.

With time you will see your social presence and your brand awareness grow.

Persistence is super important to any affiliate marketer.

If you wish to encourage people to comment make sure that you have your WordPress discussion page optimized


get ready to write

In conclusion, we believe that these 8 post ideas are going to see your creative juices stirred.

We hope that you’ve been able to take some snippets here and can start implementing them right away in your own

website/s posts/articles.

If you have other post ideas that we haven’t mentioned here, we’d love to hear from you in our comments section.

Until next time,

Judi and her team
Affiliate Mastery Institute ©

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