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About Affiliate Mastery Institute

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We or Our or Us refers to the Affiliate Mastery Institute

Affiliate content and training materials refers to Affiliate Mastery Institutes' intellectual property, developed and mastered by Judi Jaques and her team

Founded by Judi Jaques in 2010, as a small business idea to assist others in learning more about affiliate marketing, Affiliate Mastery Institute has evolved and is owned by J & P Enterprises Australia Pty Ltd.

Affiliate Mastery Institute, was developed by Judi, so that she can supply resources and educate those wishing to either start out with affiliate marketing or, for those just needing pointers or refreshers on current specialized topics, in direct relation to affiliate marketing.

The Affiliate Mastery Institutes’ mission is Coaching! Learning! Owning! Earning!™ , through our coaching and training methodologies you will learn the skills, tips and techniques necessary to running and owning your own affiliate marketing business, where you can drive your own success with increased earning potential.

Affiliate Mastery Institute offers an array of different subscription levels for you, with video tutorials that are easy to follow, and access that covers every step of your affiliate marketing journey. Content on our site is current and useful, and dynamic, as the internet evolves so does the training and eLearning resources. Affiliate Marketers' can be assured of a one stop eCommerce location to assist them in staying ahead with their affiliate marketing ventures. All learning materials are given with the sole purpose of educating subscribers on our strategies. The onus is on that subscriber to make affiliate marketing work for them. We accept no responsibility if your own affiliate marketing businesses don't make you a return.

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Hi, my name is Judi, and I'm the founder of Affiliate Mastery Institute. I discovered affiliate marketing a few years ago, and am passionate about educating and helping others in the area of affiliate marketing. I developed this e-Learning training facility, focused centrally on how affiliate marketers' develop and evolve in this information age.

Whilst there are many eLearning platforms on offer these days, known specialized in Affiliate Marketing when I was just beginning my journey, to fill this great need in the industry I endeavored to fill a gap in the market with Affiliate Mastery Institute.

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