Affiliate Mastery Our History

Judi buying perfume

Affiliate Mastery Our History

Judi buying perfume

Our founder, Judi, a 60+ year old, was blown away years ago, when she applied some marketing knowledge she had learnt to make an online sale with an affiliate company.

This sale leads her to becoming more passionate about the world of affiliate marketing.

Many more months and years later, Judi is a continued affiliate marketer, achieving commissions with all her affiliate companies to the tune of sometimes over $30K per month, some months are more, some are less. All of which are dependent on the traffic that Judi and her team are generating to her affiliate marketing websites.

Judi was a nurse, working with an orthopaedic surgeon, diabetic consultant, practice manager of two country doctors’ surgeries, and many other professions in her past.

Judi’s instinct is to nurture, and help others; After making her first online sale, she was inspired by her actions and decided to test her theories and see if it will work again, and again. Naturally it did, and the affiliate dollars continued.

After a few months of continued payment, Judi was inspired to ‘spread the word’.

She wanted to give other like-minded individuals, who wanted another form of income that opportunity, Affiliate Mastery Institute was born and the tools and the training she developed will take you​ through the same processes that she's tried and been a success with.

Whilst Judi has three professional degrees, none of them are in IT.

This is what makes her journey more inspirational.

This self-taught grandmother of three is continuously learning, just like you. She has outsourced a good lot of her affiliate marketing processes now to her team. Who are trained, and do have a history with online marketing, business operations and strategic planning.

Together Judi and her team continue to inspire hundreds of people to becoming affiliate marketers’ too.

Affiliate Mastery Institute is the trading name for J & P Enterprises Australia Pty Ltd.

This training platform has all your learning resources in one location.

You will see throughout your journey with Affiliate Mastery Institute the tips, techniques, processes and steps that Judi and her team have done and continue to maintain every day to drive Judi’s affiliate marketing conversions.

We strive to pass on everything to our customers.

We continue to give freely of our knowledge in affiliate marketing.

Through Coaching! Learning! Owning! Earning!™ you too can be a successful affiliate marketer.

Enjoy the journey!


Judi and her team

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