Are You Selling or Helping?

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Are You Selling or Helping?

Your affiliate marketing website needs to be chock-a-block full of valuable and useful words that is going to persuade your readers to want what you are selling.

Now, we understand you are an affiliate marketer, and you want to sell items.

But, that is not your main focus (selling), your main focus is to HELP!

Help your readers, viewers, visitors and prospects understand what you are offering.

Help your readers, viewers, visitors and prospects get the most out of what you want them to buy.


being an affiliate

Here in lays secrets to affiliate marketing....

Perfect your content

Use persuasive text

Break up super long sentences

Use diagrams or infographics to tell a story

Are you using appealing headlines?

Highlight key points

One of our most favorite online marketers’ Neil Patel, has such memorable content, and its ‘short, and gets to the point quick!’

However,  these days your visitors want to see content that is going to capture their attention; solve a problem for them;  answer questions that they have; give them common solutions; or is simply visually appealing!

key secret

You could create wonderful content by making a list with numbers in it... for example;

101 reasons why…

 top 15 mistakes…

 5 warning signs…

 5 most common problems…

 3 factors that affect…

 3 alternatives to…

 10 more cool tips for…


Really the list could go on and on right?

Recently I was doing some research on completing content marketing quickly, and I came across a fantastic tool,  but, I previously knew, nothing about.

The very best part was its FREE for everybody to use right now…

Called Voice Typing with Google Docs.

This one little tool has managed to save me hours and hours of work, typing, retyping, proofreading, and re-writing content.

Hours that I would never have had the time to find, typing my words as I think of them...

Every affiliate marketing website needs to have clear, precise, relevant and valuable content on them to help the visitors they market to.

When getting started you really do need to do your research properly.

 Finding a niche market is often the most difficult steps to starting your affiliate business.

 Affiliate Mastery Institute,  is an online training and education  programmed for anybody interested in learning how to be an affiliate marketer.

 The internet is flooded with all kinds of affiliate marketing training,  and our point of difference is that we do not offer pay post for our training.

 This may be an uncommon business strategy,  but for us we feel in order for value to be given,  in our training, a monthly subscription is fair.

In the past we would promote anything that we thought would make us money if the researched term figures were there.

 Now this approach has been expanded on…

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In Australia specifically, we're still being asked whether affiliate marketing is a real business or a scam?

 Many Australians haven't heard of the term affiliate marketing. And in fact, when looking at Google Trends affiliate marketing in Australia doesn’t even rank.

Funny enough, the top stories on Google trends in Australia are mostly doom and gloom, or world politics.

 These most certainly are not topics for an affiliate marketer!

We say that affiliate marketing is a way of earning a living.

It's a full time job if you want to be truly successful!

 It certainly is not a get rich quick scheme!

Your affiliate marketing business will only be as successful as the hours and efforts you put into it marketing in your niches.

You don't need to have an IT degree to be an affiliate marketer.

 But you do need a passion for marketing products that will sell easily.

The affiliate-marketers I know, actually don't watch too much television, they are spending most of their time marketing online, to drive traffic to their affiliate websites.

 How they market depends on their social media strategies and their content marketing strategies.

 Without these two main strategies in place your affiliate marketing business will be a massive flop...sorry if that offends... but its' the truth in this day and age!

Affiliate Mastery Institute will release some specialized topics specific to content marketing and social media marketing before the end of 2017.

 You can register your interest in these topics online at Affiliate Mastery Institute.

Perhaps the very best thing about affiliate marketing is, creating persuasive content for your reader/s to visit your merchant/s sales pages.

 It is with this type of content marketing that sales will occur and commissions will start flooding in.

 Affiliate Mastery Institute loves that we don't have to create or promote our own products.  

We don't need to recreate the wheel, when there are so many amazing products in the marketplace today,  that, virtually sell themselves.

There truly is an abundance of products’ to promote as an affiliate marketer...

 ...and with so much choice it can often get difficult.

 Sometimes unless you are already aligned with an affiliate company, it can be difficult to know what is going to sell.

 That is why you need to be very selective in finding an affiliate marketing training institute that can show you and teach you methods, in finding and promoting products that sell.

Some affiliate company merchants will pay up to almost 80% to an affiliate marketer for selling their products.

 The best thing about affiliate marketers have up their sleeves, is the option to sell anything they want in their niche market. So, the world truly is your oyster.

The main reasons affiliate marketers shouldn’t pitch and sell on their websites, as it comes across as ‘spam’.

An affiliate marketer should never sell stuff, and use words like:

Check this out!

Come see my website…

Click here

Visit me

Buy now

Using these types of words on an affiliate marketing website, will only every decrease that affiliate marketers’ credibility online. Both, with the search engines and all the social media platforms.

You could even run the risk of having your social media marketing accounts suspended with these words in your posts.

Remembering always that the affiliate marketer should offer value and intriguing offers and solutions or reviews to products. Will keep your affiliate marketing websites tracking in the right line.

BONUS: Gain More Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing Right Here!

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