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Persuasive Writing For Your Website

​Persuasive Writing

Having a clear, concise message for your viewers, and showing that in your writing style, is tricky for some affiliate marketers.

So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves, to educate you a little more on how best to write for your website/s.

As a website author, you need to choose your words carefully.

Try to give helpful and constructive messages in your writing style.

If you can solve an issue or a problem for your visitors, even better.

Remember, always read your work before posting.

Often, we’ve come across whole sentences that make no sense at all, just from reviewing first before posting.

working online

If you want your writing style to appear more definite, or stronger, you can accomplish this by not using vague words like, fairly, quite, rather, actually or somewhat.

If you are writing from a personal perspective, you would be using words like, I, me, we, us, him, her or they. This style will give a more direct and or concise approach.

If you want your writing style to appear more active and engaging, which is certainly something very critical to your affiliate marketing websites; You will need to express an action using a verb, rather than a noun.

Remember, a verb is a doing word. (An action), and a noun is a word used to identify people, places or things.

​Would you like to learn the skill of persuasive writing, so that you can connect with the buyers on your list so that they BUY??? The fact is this: you CAN learn to write persuasively, just like all the other styles of writing. I mean, you know you can help your prospects - but you just don't have the words to get them to buy.

With the topic and or niche that you are writing about, your content will need to provide a level of service, or a useful idea or findings, or in-depth knowledge of that niche.

Understanding what your niche is, and knowing what your goals are for your affiliate marketing business is going to come in handy here.

With a goal you can move forward and achieve the steps necessary in reaching that goal.

In contrast, if you don’t understand the topic or the niche that you are writing about, and you’ve developed an affiliate marketing website surrounding a niche that you aren’t too interested in or passionate about, you may find you give up quickly and feel less motivated.

So, don’t choose topics or niche markets that you aren’t interested in.

Always, choose your domain name and research your topic or niche thoroughly before committing to the purchase of a descriptive domain phrase.

If it is too late, and you have those uninteresting domains that need fresh new content, you need to find a ghostwriter or a freelancer, who is passionate, and can write for you.

We like to source from our local market, students looking for experience in writing.

Other content writers, or ghostwriters’ we’ve used here at Affiliate Mastery Institute over the years are:

The internet is literally littered with all kinds of journalists that offer services for a fee.


"We understand completely that when you are first starting out with your affiliate marketing business, your funds will be tight.

We get that!

Paying for something isn’t going to be a good fit for you, so you have no other choose but to continue reading this post, and start applying some techniques to get yourself motivated.

Understanding the basics about writing for yourself will become critical to you ‘taking control’."

Here are our top 10 tips to writing your own content:

1. Understand your niche and or topic and research it thoroughly:

Without the knowledge to discuss or talk about your niche or topic, your content will lack substance.

Without substance, your writing won't be dense enough, or intriguing enough for your visitors. These visitors we'll leave your page sooner rather than later.

2. Introduce your writing:

Every good article or post begins with an introduction, highlight what it is your article or post is going to discuss.

When you introduce the main idea of your article or post be sure to add intrigue, to keep your visitors interested in reading on.

3. Appealing headings in the body:

In completing your research, you will have written down at least a half a dozen, and certainly three main points.

These main points, are going to spark the curiosity of your readers to want to learn more.

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4. Link to outside sources, or include quotes:

Every good content writer, gives reference to those who have helped them, during the research stage, discover new and interesting methods.

When you discover these new and interesting methods online, it is always best practice, to reference the source. Include a link to their website, during the article or post or at the end.

In doing this, you are not taking credit for ideas that we're not initially yours to begin with. (If you don’t do this, you are plagiarizing, and destroying your own credibility).

Perhaps, it is a quote that you came across that inspires you, if this is the case, research where the quote came from initially, and give a shout-out, by referencing the person who wrote the quote, in your article or post.

5. Try to include a list for some bullet points in your article or post:

When you read an article or post that has a list, or bullet points, your eye is automatically drawn to those sections within the content.

When considering the use of bullet points, or a list, you need to have a lead in sentence.

Here is a great leading sentence example:

Make your bullet points easy to understand by:

  • Using proper bullet structure
  • Staying on topic
  • Offering solutions to the leading sentence given
  • Providing helpful information about the leading sentence
  • Formatting the bullet structure so that it is easy to understand you

See how in the example given above, you can influence and educate your readers.

Now that is helpful don't you think?


6. Space out your sentences, so that they take up the entire article or post page:

The use of spaces in your sentence structures, can make your article or post appear more easy to read to your visitors.

With the use of spacers, visitors are able to more freely, skim read your text.

Don't be offended, most of us are time poor, and when we stumble across a great article or post, we don't want to be tied up with that article or post for too long.

You can see in this particular post, that we’ve put double line spacing after every sentence.

This is to give you the reader, a better user experience.

We put ourselves in your shoes upon proof reading, and found that we could better skim the page, if we had smaller sentences that were spaced apart more often.

Try doing this in your own content writing.

Don’t bunch things up into one large block of content.

I mean let's’ look at another example here, and you can comment below, which one you thinks looks better...

Bunched up content

This short paragraph, seeks to show an example of what content looks like when we don't use spaces in our sentence structure. We can make numerous points and not have them properly defined by a pause in the sentence. Then a paragraph forms, that seems to go on and on. Whilst the paragraph may have proper grammar, it just looks to be a block of writing that doesn't really get to the point quick. This type of sentence or paragraph structure here, is not the best user experience for any visitor on any website. By now you may be reading this and feeling like you get the point and you don't want me going on any further. The paragraph is becoming painful to read isn’t it?

Non-bunched up content

Now that you have seen a bunched up content paragraph, I'm going to show you, a paragraph that is easier to follow.

This paragraph is highlighting the importance of the use of spaces in your sentences.

After each sentence try to include double spacing.
This will give your reader's easier content to follow, and skim through.
You want to be helpful, and you want the user to have a pleasant experience, don’t you?

From the two examples above, we know that the non-bunched up content paragraph is going to be best practice for you moving forward with your article and post paragraph structures.

Understandably, if you are just starting out as an affiliate marketer, you may not be aware of how to structure your writing for your websites.

It is because of this that we have decided to write this post, as we often come across students and or subscribers, who opt to have one on one training sessions, that have content bunched up on their pages or posts.

7. Use high quality pictures, and get creative with them:

Just having a post or article with a bunch of words and or text spread across the page, in a nice fashion simply isn’t enough.

Earlier we wrote a piece about Visuals in Content, that we know you will benefit from reading if you haven’t done so already.

It is no secret at all the people can skim read with their eyes, and infographics or pictures are a great source of helping you portray quickly what you are trying to say.

As a good lot of content marketing is about capturing the audience's’ attention, and keeping them intrigued, engaged and receptive, you need to make sure you include awesome photos/pictures.

Affiliate Mastery Institute, teaches you how to source these and how to edit them easily for your content writing.

8. Try to add some humor if you can:

Not every affiliate marketing topic is going to be easy to add a bit of humor too.

We understand that….but, without you throwing in a cartoon, or a funny picture every now and then, with some edited text, making light of the situation, your content may run the risk of being boring…

No one, wants to leave your article feeling bored, or uninspired.

So, aim to make an effort, and throw in something light hearted, and fun.

9. Always proof-read, and spell check before publishing:

Even the most novice of content writers, know that without proof reading, their content should never go live.

If you are in the habit of thinking that your writing is fine, and you don’t need to read over it STOP.

There’s always some little thing that you could add, or change or update before you press that publish button.

Think - Would I stay on this page?

If the answer to that question in “No”, then you haven’t put your best foot forward, and you haven’t engaged your writers as much as you should be.

Go back, make the necessary changes.

Then publish.

You will thank yourself for this extra ten minutes of proof-reading, when people start to share and like your content, and refer or link back to it in their own posts or articles.

ready to leave

10. Overcome any aversion to writing for yourself and your affiliate marketing websites:

We understand that writing can be a difficult process, and sometimes quite daunting if you aren't used to doing it often.

As affiliate-marketers, you're going to want to understand how to overcome these aversions.
Let’s overcome writer's block:

I write transparently, so people can see what I am really thinking, that I really care.

I know how to put words on paper (or email 🙂 ) that resonate with people. You see, I don't have to use NLP or psychological
manipulative techniques like buy now, buy right now, don't close this page because it will disappear like a stunt rabbit -
Instead - when I write, it is clear when people read my words - that what I am telling them is the TRUTH and that if they TAKE ACTION
they will get their desired results. And when that happens - people take action because they WANT to work with me, not because
they have been hoodwinked with seductive online copy. Make sense?

Don't be critical of your ideas - During the research phase, you are simply writing down as many ideas, words, or engaging concepts, that you can think of for your topic or niche. This is the early stages, and structuring your writing properly comes later on, so don’t over think things here.

I can RELATE to my audience. You see, I have been there - done that when it comes to internet marketing. I started from scratch 4 years ago - and had to learn the hard way what converted and what didn't. And when
I first started writing letters - they were horrible. So I started looking at taking copywriting courses. And I really didn't like what I saw.
Because I HATED the idea that you had to write certain things in a certain order to FORCE people to buy. I just didn't like it.

Try not to procrastinate - We all know that with procrastination you lose your opportunity to engage. As an affiliate marketer this should never happen! Dive in and have a go, you may surprise yourself.

Work on one idea at a time - Create an article or post that focuses on one concept. Don't overload your article with a bunch of new ideas, you will only confuse your audience and the purpose of the article will be lost.

Have a writing plan - develop the overall outcome you desire for your content writing, write the intro, do the research, see if it's popular or not, the main ideas for the article or post will become your headlines, expand on them in your own words (you can do this, as you’ve chosen niche markets that you are passionate about and interested in right?), consider your conclusion and start from the top.

Set yourself achievable tasks - When writing a new article or post, consider you will need an introduction, engaging content, paragraph ideas, a conclusion and a reference section. Set yourself a time limit for each one, and tackle them one by one, so that you don’t become overwhelmed with your content writing.

Work in a quiet and uncluttered spot - Honestly, there’s nothing worse then trying to concentrate on your content writing, when you have a cluttered desk, or you are surrounded by other distractions. Remove them, and set your ergonomic space up, so that you are free to be creative without distractions.

Start small and build things up - Most of us have an idea of what type of engaging content we’d like to write, but when we do our market research and discover how great everyone else has ‘pitched’ that type of content, you tend to feel deflated, that you will never be able to ‘better’ that. STOP THAT THINKING! Snap out of that negative mind frame. You are an online marketer, with more to offer, and you need to start off small, and build your content up after working through a content plan. Often, it might be best to start with the easiest parts of the content article first, then head into the more in depth findings.

BONUS: Gain More Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing Right Here!

Feeling overwhelmed by the scale of the task each content writing piece has, isn’t going to increase your work efforts.

In fact, this feeling will drag your efforts down, and writer's’ block will set in, with nothing being achieved.

In conclusion as you become more involved in transforming your affiliate marketing websites, with fresh new and exciting content, your efforts will be rewarded, when you have a plan, write down your ideas, get started, and do one task at a time.

Writing for your website, should be fun, and interesting to you.

You need to always put yourself in the shoes of the reader, and ask yourself, if you thought this article or post was helpful.

When you can honestly answer YES, then your piece is ready to publish.

Until that time, continue to create and perfect your content writing with our useful tips above.

Until next time,

Judi and her team
Affiliate Mastery Institute ©

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my seo blunders

My SEO Blunders

I have had many SEO blunders over the years that have left me wondering where in the world I went wrong. 

Through years of trial and error, research and persistence, I’ve been able to come out into the light, and utilize an array of knowledge for myself.

Why is it so important for the affiliate marketer to get their SEO correct?


BONUS: Gain More Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing Right Here!

Without your OPTIMIZATION efforts being completed, you will never rank, be found or earn your affiliate marketing dollars.

SEO is critical to gaining exposure to your brand, building your brand awareness, and earning a passive income online.

Without SEO your affiliate marketing website/s will be a ‘drop in the ocean’ of millions of other website/s online.

Let me take you through some of the ‘blunders’ I call them, so that you don’t make the same mistakes I did in the past:

seo map

SEO Blunder One

Before you even start to create content on your affiliate marketing website/s, it is very important that you have an SEO plugin installed. 

I use All In One SEO Pack. There are many SEO plugins to choose from. Another popular choice is Yoast.

Using a popular free SEO plugin will give you the right direction, and most good SEO plugins will train you properly in their uses in real time, with up to date information that is current to the search engines algorithms.

avoid blunders

SEO Blunder Two

As you continue to add new pages and posts to your website/s, make sure you complete your SEO at the same time, before publishing.

Without doing this will not help your new pages and posts be readable with the search engines, and will drop your entire website/s rankings with them.

Completing the SEO on pages/posts as you build them, is a great habit to get yourself into. Start this today!

SEO Blunder Three

Making all my titles descriptions and keywords the same.

Every title needs to be the title of the individual page or post that you are writing.

Every description needs to be about that page or post that you are developing.

The keywords must be relevant to that page or post, and include long tail sentences, and not just a bunch of keywords, that aren't mentioned in the body of the text.

increase web traffic

SEO Blunder Four

This mistake is very common, and I believe most new affiliate marketers’ do this...

Not researching primary key words and phrases to be used in the SEO titles descriptions and keywords.

When we begin writing any content it is important to have a list of just 10 top tags or keywords pertinent to that piece of content.

Once you string the words together in your content paragraphs be aware to use these words no more than 4 times in your whole of document.

Search engines will penalize you for what is called 'word stuffing', so don't do this!

SEO Blunder Five

The importance of using White Hat SEO methods is paramount to being successful as an affiliate marketer.

White hat methods include techniques and tactics that follow the human audience.

The major tactic is making sure your pages of your website/s are all mobile friendly.

Mobile friendly SEO simply means that your website appears on a mobile phone device, looking aesthetic and easy to follow.

In fact, all the blunders that I'm listing here give you 'white hat' methods, that you should be adopting in your own search engine optimization strategies.

white hat seo

SEO Blunder Six

Focusing on the keywords and not on the user experience.

No longer do search engines focus on keywords alone as mentioned.

Your content strategy needs to be using the keywords no more than 4 times on the page or post, and in a way that will ‘assist’ or ‘aide’ or ‘add value’ to the users’ experience, whilst they read the content you are writing.

For example as an affiliate marketer, I would create content page or post, talking about the products I have on my page from the users point of view.

In the instance of pie and chips I would talk about how I baked a pie and what cooking utensils and cookware I use, to make my job, of baking that pie easier and/or quicker.

I will make sure that I include pictures of beautiful pies and lovely cookware that I use, so the user (my page/post visitor) can benefit from these useful items too.

SEO Blunder Seven

Not using schema.

When I first started out with SEO I had no clue about schema.

Today rich keyworded snippets are discovered and quoted by search engines all the time.

Using schema enables your snippets to be detected easily.

Kissmetrics describes schema best “Schema tells the search engines what your data means, not just what it says.”

Our knowledge of using schema is further enhanced through the use of

If you haven’t already, best you get searching for the best way in which you too and use schema markups’ on your website/s.

SEO Blunder Eight

No link building.

At the beginning of my affiliate business I was so focused on keyworded content and pictures relevant to that content and keyword, that I did not focus in anyway on link building.

This was a big mistake because with any business, you do not have a business if you do not have people either coming into your business, buying your products, or using your service.

Today, link building happens when our content pages or posts are discussed and referenced in a forum, and members of the public, like and share your content on social media platforms.

I am finding the best way today to create links as you are building your website is to create a source page or some people call it a resource centre.

This can be a page of best videos and best books or it can be simply a page of companies to recommend. You can even state that you have no affinity with the recommendations on this resource centre page, if this is the case.

Recommended resources is a very efficient and quick way of linking.

seo mistakes again

SEO Blunder Nine

Not reviewing broken links.

When you are an affiliate marketer, you align yourself with reputable companies that have material items to offer the world. These products all come with unique links, (after being accepted) to you personally.

When you use these products yourself, and promote them, and discuss them and add the links to them on your own affiliate marketing website/s and people click on them.

If they are taken to a 404 error message, your link is either expired or broken.

Regularly changes and updating affiliate links on your website, to relatable products will help you avoid this blunder.

SEO Blunder Ten

Not keeping in front of the search engine algorithms.

There are 100’s of search engines.

Google as we all know is the most popular, this is undisputed. 

I’ve learnt that they could update algorithms more than 600 times per year.

Major updates are less often, so there’s no real cause for concern.

However, you still need to know what they are, and whether they are going to impact your online business, and how.

Keeping up to date from reputable sources online with the algorithms metrics and what they mean, will certainly assist you in making this blunder in future.

We like to check out https://news.google.com/news/ and search for algorithms at least once a month now.

Perhaps you should be doing this too, to stay on track with the algorithms.

seo mistakes

Now that I’ve discussed my top 10 SEO Blunders, I’d love to hear what you may have discovered about SEO that isn’t widely known.

A good lot of my new subscribers, are complete novices to the world of affiliate marketing.

All knowledge from a basic level to an advanced level is going to further assist them in their journey’s to become successful affiliate marketers.

I guarantee that you will come across more SEO tips and tricks online as you further and expand your research and knowledge base in this area.

This topic isn’t foreign to online marketers.

Infact, even
Forbes wrote about it back in February 2017.

This short article is here to assist you not making any SEO blunders that I’ve made.

With this article, Affiliate Mastery Institute is hoping you remain better educated and up to date in today's growing online communities.

I want you to learn from me, and my mistakes.

Affiliate Mastery Institute, doesn’t want you learning the ‘hard way’.

We hope you've been able to learn more from our SEO Blunders today.

Until next time,
Judi and her team
Affiliate Mastery Institute ©

BONUS: Gain More Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing Right Here!

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avoid these

10 Social Media Marketing Things to Avoid

Understanding the concepts and different strategies of social media marketing isn’t a complex task.

Affiliate Mastery Institute is going to seek to break it down a bit for you here, and give you our top 10 social media marketing things to avoid, and to do.

We are also going to point out 5 reason why you should master social media marketing today.

BONUS: Gain More Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing Right Here!

Let us kick off by focusing on that new world philosophy called, the “Law of Attraction”. 

Within this philosophy the process is, that if you think positively and convey positive messages, then positivity will follow through to you.

Also, with the reverse being true.

In order for your brand awareness to increase, you need to continue to update your social networks with fresh content and ideas, that is both thought provoking and relevant within your niche market.

The content on your site is powerful.

Before writing your content on social networks, think about the following:

Who is your ideal customer?
Why do they need you?

Your messages conveyed through content marketing will shine through, if you are thinking about the reader, and their needs.

Without a constant social presence, building up brand awareness online will fail.

What we mean by this is that you need to be consistent.

You need to login daily to every social media and post and engage with the public.

Do you have ‘star’ appeal online?

If you don’t think you do, then you are very clearly not doing all that is necessary for your brand.

Building trust with your brand, requires you to engage, research, comment, like, share, follow, post, write articles, write reviews, give away items, do surveys, do quizzes and much more!

blog tree

Engagement builds up your traffic and a potential client list for your niche markets.

We’ve often been asked by our subscribers if you have to have a list for each website. We always inform our members, that this is wise.

Each affiliate marketing website is like a little ‘cash register’, therefore, with each little ‘shop’ you will need to have a separate email marketing campaign (list) of subscribers.

You cannot and should not ever put subscribers from one ‘shop’ to another ‘shop’, just because they subscribed and you have a name and email on your list. This is WRONG, and ILLEGAL in the eyes of people’s personal identities and information laws.

Invite people to join your newsletter or weekly bulletin messages on each of your affiliate websites, with a separate campaign, and create an email marketing list for each one, to keep yourself and your subscribers personal identifiable information safe and your lists safe from spam laws.

Your business's reputation is paramount, so be honest and responsive with your readers and prospects.

Let them know what they are getting up front before they subscribe, so there are no surprises when you email them with weekly content updates and newsletters etc.

For the purpose of conveying ‘manners’ online, we urge you never to post negative content about the competition, competitors or the like with your niche markets.

The true key to marketing and promoting your niche markets is knowing who your audience is and what they want at any given time.

We’ve written previously that your content could be ‘controversial’ but not really gone into depth as to what that means.

Let us explain what we meant by controversial content in our own words:

Think about ‘starting a conversation’, what is it about your niche market that will do this?

Think about ‘new items’, what stirs emotions in people relating to your niche market?

Belief systems shouldn’t be targeted for the purpose of stirring up controversy, but if you’re affiliate website is targeting a specific belief i.e. gay marriage and selling items for this market, then create that content.

You can use controversy in your titles to entice new visitors eg. If you are in the online/digital marketing space, you’d know the competition is fierce, and growth hacks are awesome enticers’. E.G. 8 Post Ideas that Work or 20 Headlines that Grab Your Attention

10 smm avoid

Here’s 10 social media marketing things to avoid:

  1. Don’t post something when you are angry.
  2. Don’t do the hard sell in every post.
  3. Don’t over automate your social media marketing.
  4. Don’t be a spammer.
  5. Don’t send the same post over and over again multiple times a day on any social network.
  6. Don’t reticule another website's’ content or a competitor.
  7. Don’t put too many ads on your website.
  8. Don’t be misleading in any way shape or form.
  9. Don’t promise something and not deliver.
  10. Don’t misuse people’s personal identifiable information.
10 smm to do

Here’s 10 social media marketing tips to start today:

  1. Share stories of success that will help others.
  2. Be yourself and as authentic as possible.
  3. Be sociable and participate consistently.
  4. Know who your target market is for and why.
  5. Talk to your communities on social platforms more about yourself and business.
  6. Give your readers reviews and experiences on your niche market products regularly.
  7. Keep all social network posts relevant to your niche markets.
  8. Use ‘action oriented’ titles for your posts/articles.
  9. Be open to online changes and adapt and be flexible with these changes, implementing them into your online business FAST.
  10. Never give up, affiliate marketing is for the persistent marketer, who is passionate about their niche markets, show this with your posts/articles and website content.

Helping You Master Affiliate Marketing

Social media marketing doesn’t pay off overnight or in a week or even a month, it must be a continuous strategy of engagement, posting and content marketing.

Time is often a massive factor restricting people’s efforts to post regularly.

Organic growth isn’t working as well as it use too anymore either, so you may have to factor into your budgets some advertising expenses with the social networks.

Every day you should be logging into your social media accounts and updating and posting about your niche markets.

What is the message you want to send to your prospects?

Are you willing to participate and be active online daily and regularly?

Do you really know who you want to attract to your website?

Are your customers men/women or a mix of both sexes?

What income levels are your target customers?

Where do your target clients live?

bright ideas help

If you are offering products, first resonate with the right target audiences using social media marketing, give them snippets of your business and what you have to offer.

Think about how you can assist your audience, and how you are able to fill a void in their life, with the products that you are selling.

A spammer abuses social networks for one’s own interest and profit. Avoid this at all costs.

Never go for the hard sell with affiliate marketing. In fact, there’s really no need.

As an affiliate marketer, you are simply there to create the interest, and engagement with the audience, to direct them to the product owners website for conversion.

You don’t do the converting!

Affiliate Mastery Institute teaches you all the basics in setting up your website/s to starting your own social media marketing strategy and content marketing strategies.

Share tips and tricks, you’ve learnt from your niche market products.

Do you use them yourself? Write about your own experiences here.

We understand there’s a lot you need to consider here for your social media marketing strategy to be in place.

5 reasons to master smm

5 reasons to master social media marketing today:

Brand Awareness and Reputation

Affiliate Mastery Institute, loves that with an awesome social media marketing strategy you can build your brand awareness or your online reputation by blogging, posting relevant content, writing engaging articles and simply ‘being digital’.

With an awesome social media marketing strategy you are able to humanize your ideas, and write in an honest and open forum.

Which has the potential to be shared, viewed, read and commented on publicly on a global scale. Now how awesome is that?


Implementing a sound social media marketing strategy instantly gives you the gift of communication.

Allowing you to directly engage with followers, people that like your pages and ask you questions, and communicate with them on a digital level but in real time.

This is why it's so important to check your social networks daily for reviews, comments, likes or follows.

Learning From Comments

Having a comment section on any post or blog page on your website encourages your viewers to give you feedback on the content that you are delivering.

Without these comment sections, you are missing out of critical feedback that you can learn from.

You have to be open to both the good and the bad here, try not to let emotions take over, as any feedback is better than none.

So, be sure to start added those comment sections to your website/s post or blog pages.

Costs Associated

Surely you aren’t hearing this here first right? Joining social networks is FREE. You don’t have to pay a cent.

You don’t even have to pay for advertising if you don’t want too. (Although you should down the track).

The beauty of social media marketing is that you can utilize all the latest online social platforms for FREE, as there’s no cost to join them.

Here at Affiliate Mastery Institute, we teach that you can even set up your first website for free, if you get your hosting service correct.

Using valuable knowledge from those that have been there, and done that is key to not having to ‘fumble’ through the hard way.

Analysis and Value

Understanding your niche markets and your target audiences is going to be key to getting your affiliate marketing business up and running and successful.

You have a multitude of tools at your doorstep.

Affiliate Mastery Institute, can show you which tools to use, when they are important, and what is going to be most valuable to you as an affiliate marketer.

All affiliate marketers want success.

When you have a social media marketing strategy in place, you have the information at your fingertips to gather and use to help you grow.

BONUS: Gain More Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing Right Here!

At the end of the day understand what to avoid with social media marketing, and what to start working towards, will help your affiliate marketing business prevail.

Affiliate Mastery Institute, is happy to impart this working knowledge to you.

Over the years, we’ve had many ups’ and downs’.

Recently, we’ve had to downsize, due to all the search engines changes that have come into effect.

Judi however, is a survivor, and will never give up.

She continues to have a ‘go get ‘em attitude’ that she’s known for.

Life will always throw obstacles in front of you.

You have to decide with that old philosophy mentioned, whether you want to let the ‘negatives’ in life track you down, or whether you want to consider the ‘upside’ to a ‘shitty’ situation.

When you decide to change your thoughts, into a more optimistic view, and you align your actions with these thoughts, is when you will start to make traction.

Persistence is so important to affiliate marketing.

Until next time,

Judi and her team,
Affiliate Mastery Institute ©

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8 post ideas

8 Post Ideas That Work

Often you hear from affiliate marketers’ that they haven’t really got a very good grasp of the ‘writing’ or ‘blogging’

phase of their business.

We have 8 post ideas that work below, that we think is going to give you a great head start, as you continue on with

your affiliate marketing journey.

BONUS: Gain More Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing Right Here!

There are always some affiliate marketers’ that are just starting out in this space, that find it really tricky to come up


with the words they need to create posts.

Posts or blogs on their affiliate marketing website/s give affiliates’ and anyone who owns a website really, the reach


out to a worldwide audience.

With that in mind, you need to start thinking about building up your community and connecting with others more.

The easiest way you can do that is with your own blog.

What is a blog?

In short, when you blog on your affiliate marketing website, you are posting an article or creative writing.

start a blog

Visitors to your website will ‘subscribe’ to your site if they enjoy what they read.

Visitors may also write a comment, and start a conversation about your post if you're writing entices them too.

You as the publisher, are writing to interest the audience in the niche market your affiliate website/s are all about.

Usually, as an affiliate, what you are trying to portray is a ‘pain point’ for the visitor.

What is it about that niche that your website can offer your visitors?

That is the usual main idea for beginning a ‘blog post’, for affiliate marketers.

As you are the owner of your own affiliate marketing website/s, you have the power to publish-on-demand.

So, don’t ask how often one should post a blog, but ask, yourself, what issues/problems can my website/s solve



Helping You Master Affiliate Marketing

Your posts are the essential tool, you are going to need to ‘getting noticed’.

If you are doing your blog posts right, you are attracting new organic traffic, and intrigue, and you are achieving your

goals of brand awareness.

This creative space online is super competitive.

Attracting attention with your blog is difficult.

Remember to be active in connecting to other great content marketers’ or niche specific website/s in your posts.

One such online marketer that comes to our mind quite often is Neil Patel.

Neil has an array of helpful, and insightful knowledge for the online marketer.

He uses platforms like video, podcasts, pictures, and awesome content.

One of the more relatable posts that Neil wrote recently is about promoting your blogs.

We won’t even attempt to rewrite his awesome content, but will give a shout out to this particular post and thank


him for it HERE.

blog your ideas

All good content posts start with your ideas. Your writing and you publishing content to your website.

Without formulating a content strategy that helps you drive that fresh new content to all social media platforms you

engage in, you aren’t going to get the exposure you desire.

Often we have queries about the length of a post or article on your website.

If you are truly inspired by writing your own fresh content, and have a lot of knowledge on your niche to give to

others for free, then we suggest that you write a minimum of 1000 words per blog.

Most of the more successful content and online marketers, are writing 2000+words per blog post.

There’s a bundle of inclusions every blog post or post or article that your niche website/s should include. Here’s a

short list of our favorites here:

Video - storyboarding what you do and how you do it and why

Pictures that tell a story

H1 and H2 Headlines

Line spacing (large per sentence structure)

Lead generation options (so, visitors can subscribe to learn more if they want to)

Comment section at the bottom of the page, to encourage a discussion or conversation

BONUS: Gain More Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing Right Here!

Here are our 8 post ideas that work

1. Interview

Why not interview an expert on your topic? Or attend an event or launch of a product and approach someone else

attending and ask them a few questions for your blog post? You can ask them about work, their opinions on the

industry, what they think is going to be great about the event...anything really. If you don’t want to attend an event,

there’s always Skype - you could request an interview with an expert, map out your top 10 questions and away you


2. "How To" posts or advice posts

You selected your affiliate marketing niche as you love and are passionate about that yourself.

So, write about that. People want to hear about your findings. Your issues with that niche market, and how you

overcome them. Give instructional steps on overcoming them, and relay tips and tricks that you’ve got to your

readers, to give them a helping hand too.

3. Write some lists

The internet is littered with the following headings:

Top 10 tips to….

Six best ideas that…

101 uses for ...

Etc. etc.

We’ve all seen them. And guess what?

They work!

There’s something quite compelling about a headline that list things.

These titles were written quite obviously to ‘grab’ your attention, as they give a sense that readers will ‘miss out’ if

they don’t.

We love lists too, and have written 20 Headlines that Grab Your Attention in prior posts.

You want your list to convey your headline, and make is a positive list, as people are more inclined to read something

offering assistance to them.

4. Become a storyteller

Present to the world a post or article that gives the writer some inspiration, or some news or insights.

Let us know what happened when you decided to try out your own products, or stumbled across a key source of

knowledge that you implemented on your own website/s.

You can easily come up with a bunch of simple ideas, that give your readers a situation or moment, then talk about a

problem or issue with that situation or moment, after discussing that, perhaps you want to move onto solving that

issue or problem and discuss how you did that. Finishing up with the outcome, was it a positive or a negative one?

5. Let’s have a contest or a perhaps giveaway something

Freebies are massive, everyone wants something for nothing.

Find new and exciting ways in which you can deliver that to your readers.

Here at Affiliate Mastery Institute, we have an email marketing centre that gives away evergreen content, that is

going to continue to assist our subscribers for over a year.

You could have a free eBook, a free podcast, a free video, a free newsletter, a free gift launch...the possibilities are


6. Create some controversy

If you like to start a discussion and want to get people talking, then the best way to do that is write about something

that is going to spark that discussion.

Engagement is perhaps one of the hardest things a blog writer will need to conquer.

You need to be prepared when writing about something controversial for the backlash of comments, both negative

and positive that you are bound to receive.

Remember never take to heart the negative comments in your controversial post, and always deal with them in a

friendly manner.

7. What are you predicting

We wrote a while back a post about the future of affiliate marketing.

Whilst we are yet to run the figures of this survey, we did make some predictions about affiliate marketing from a

general perspective.

When you are predicting something in your posts, you can discuss industry knowledge, or up and coming trends on

your niche.

You can use the months of the year to write blog posts about a specific season, or holiday coming up.

Here’s where having a world calendar comes in handy.

Once you write a prediction post, and include a survey or a questionnaire, be sure to revisit it, in about six months

time, and post what the findings were.

8. Talk about a pain point that needs solving

Do you have a niche market that is full of issues, or problems just waiting to be solved?

Or if you yourself find yourself with your niche a little lost for words, why not write about it.

Having a ‘dilemma’ of sorts, and asking for assistance online is fine.

You may end up with some truly influential people just hoping to solve your own dilemma for you.

With the comments at the end of your blog posts, you are giving your viewers are real opportunity to engage with

you and answer, and or attempt to solve any issues or problems that you are having.

When you take this approach you are giving your viewers a real sense of ‘humanisation’ and letting them know, that

you are a person seeking some answers.

think plan and act

Most likely engagement will flow, and you will be given some useful tips to overcoming your own adversities.

Whatever you decide to write about with your niche website/s, be sure to keep the post and/or article relevant, and

use evergreen content.

When we say evergreen content, we mean content that is going to last the test of time, and continue to assist people

years’ down the track.

You can update the article and post and expand on it as time goes on.

For Affiliate Mastery Institute, we write to gain brand exposure and increase our reach to those most interested in

finding out more on affiliate marketing.

We write, as we’d like to create an interest in affiliate marketing, and have people curious about the topic, to

subscribe to our training.

You are able to join us for free and see for yourself the training we offer.

The dilemma we have here, is that the internet is littered with awesome affiliate training options.

Getting our brand exposed to the market is quite difficult, as we’re a ‘small’ name brand, compared to the ‘big’ wigs.

When developing your brand, make sure you put the correct search engine mechanisms in place, so that your

posts/articles can be found.

Getting to the top page of the search engines is tricky.

what search engines do

There’s so very many parameters the search engines rely on now for this to occur.

A specific phrase
Your geographical location
A browser's history
Google sign in
Meta tags and titles
Long tail keywords

The search engines are often changing their algorithms for SERPs ranking, as there’s always elements that need

updating to stop ‘black hatters’. (People trying to cheat the system in order to rank highly).


Be sure to remember that all search engines enjoy seeing relevant, useful content, that remains fresh and recent on

the internet.

If you haven’t quite established your authority online with the abundance of traffic, that will surely come, as you

continue to grow your brand awareness with your awesome content.

Be sure to remember to include a lead generation in your article/post.

If readers come a long and want to learn more about your niche or your topic they are inclined to join your mailing

list, for your insights, opinions and newsletters.

So, be sure to include this, and link it up to your email marketing, customer relationship manager (CRM) i.e. aWeber

or 1ShoppingCart.

types of content

We find these CRMs super helpful, as your list of subscribers grow, you can be slammed with ‘spam’ notifications, if

you are sending a normal email to many subscribers at once.

CRMs’ give you the opportunity to host the subscribers, and send automated content that is both relevant and


Keeping your subscribers intrigued, and giving them incentive to come back to your website for a second, third,


If you subscribe to our mailing list, you will never miss another post or our again, and you will gain all the extra

knowledge we are giving for free.

think socially

Every good post should include your favorite social share buttons.

This gives your readers the opportunity to share the content with someone else, they consider will benefit from your

words too.

Affiliate Mastery Institute thrives on doing things for others, and the whole concept of the business, was to openly

teach the basic concepts of affiliate marketing, to anyone wishing to learn.

When you remain honest and transparent about your intentions in your writing, you attract individuals that are both

curious and want to know what you have to offer.

Remaining sociable is a key factor of blog posting.

Sharing and promoting other people’s work online is a really nice way to demonstrate your social value.

Offering answers and engaging yourself in topics that are relevant to your niche with social networks is going to see

that your brand awareness increases.

As you continue to connect to others on the social networks, the more potential new viewers you will receive to your


Helping You Master Affiliate Marketing

The idea here is to create a lasting relationship.

Showing interest in others sociably is a critical factor to being an online marketer.

You need to remain genuine always, and not be in a rush to ask for attention, and press a hard sell.

Make a bunch of your posts, tweets and comment informal in nature.

So, you aren’t actually ‘plugging’ anything, and you are genuine in your approach to the online niche that you are

seeking to expose yourself too.

Social media is not an easy beast to tackle.

It takes hours of time to build up a fan base, and nurture your prospects.

Unfortunately, advertising your brand is perhaps something most coaches or online services need to consider, so that

your newsfeeds appear on interested parties pages.

Just having a social network page alone is not going to help you get in touch with your blogging communities.

making words count

Whatever you decide is going to work best for you, remember that posting both on your website/s and on social

media, should be done with a respectful and friendly manner.

Keep updating, posting, writing, sharing, joining, following and commenting.

With time you will see your social presence and your brand awareness grow.

Persistence is super important to any affiliate marketer.

If you wish to encourage people to comment make sure that you have your WordPress discussion page optimized


get ready to write

In conclusion, we believe that these 8 post ideas are going to see your creative juices stirred.

We hope that you’ve been able to take some snippets here and can start implementing them right away in your own

website/s posts/articles.

If you have other post ideas that we haven’t mentioned here, we’d love to hear from you in our comments section.

Until next time,

Judi and her team
Affiliate Mastery Institute ©

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blogging for affiliate marketers

Blogging for Affiliate Marketers

Most affiliate marketers start off with one website.

They build up their content rich articles, add them as pages to the website, and form a content marketing strategy for regular posts to that website.

Are they paying attention to the AIDA marketing strategy though?

Do affiliate marketers, just starting out, even knowing what this marketing term means?

Our bet is NO!

So, Affiliate Mastery Institute, is going to enlighten you a little bit more here.

AIDA marketing

A - Attention:

Let’s focus initially on attraction attention! Without capturing the attention of your audience your conversions just won’t exist. 

You should definitely have an email marketing system in place, through either
aWeber or 1ShoppingCart or another trusted email database. 

This way you can set up your email marketing for customers wishing to know more about you and what you do online.

Sending reminders, or semi-regular emails to customers giving them extra snippets of information that will drive them back to your website is critical for online business success.

You can set up certain little ‘captures’ or ‘attention grabbers’ on your websites, offering ‘free’ services or content or newsletters etc.

Or you can have a lightbox or a widget or a slide in or footer post on your website, that adds intrigue and controversy, to get the customers interested in ‘finding out more’.

BONUS: Gain More Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing Right Here!

I - Interest:

Your reader needs to find your content interesting.

If they don’t they won’t hang around for long.

Generating this interest and holding that interest with your visitors is tricky.

You want them to hang around and read more about what you do, and what you are offering.

You might decide you want to start blogging on your website, like we do here, about the types of things that your business has to offer.

You could provide free offers.

You may even decide you want to provide podcasts, or webinars for free (all something that our subscribers receive as bonuses).

Generating interest and keeping your audiences engaged in your content can be hard, if you aren’t sure what exactly your business model is and what you have on offer.

blog elements

D - Desire:

Have you been able to create an attractive offer?

If you aren’t converting on your website, you need to tweak something so that your visitors have the desire to purchase your offer.

Here you have to put yourself in your visitors shoes. Asking yourself, ‘What do your visitors need to know or see to make them really want this offer?’

The desire to purchase has to be in a product or service that the visitor truly desires. Something, they really want to learn more about.

Your product or service truly needs to answer a question in their lives or satisfy a need for them at the time of them visiting your site.

So, if you aren’t converting then, you need to ‘change things up a bit’ and tweek what you currently have in place to start converting those interested parties.

Trust us, there’s nothing worse than gaining a bunch of traffic, and seeing no one committing to purchase.

You’ve spent all that time, energy and money on organically attracting that traffic, only to have that traffic move on, as you didn’t have the attractive offer complete.

Keep your attractive offers honest, clear, and precise. With this in mind you are promoting and explaining to your visitors the benefits they will receive from the product or service you are offering.

Be as honest and clear as possible. Letting your visitors know straight up, what you have to offer, and how they will benefit from having it too.

After purchase you want your visitors to have exactly what you know they need, and what you can deliver. Without any misconceptions about your product or service on offer.

desirable content

A - Action:

Make sure that you make the action step as transparent and user friendly as possible.

Have a terms of purchase or a ‘subscription terms’ page, outlining exactly what you are offering, and what the visitor should expect from subscribing.

You want your visitors to have confidence in the product or service you provide, so don’t have any hidden costs or nasty surprises for them.

Be sure that you are attracting the ‘right customers’ focus on a demographic that is likely to have the ‘desire’ to learn more if you are offering a ‘subscription’ based service.

Always focus your online business's digital footprint on increasing its own exposure.

Doing this will increase your businesses brand and brand awareness.

Using social media and email marketing, take the time to engage with your visitors or people that are genuinely interested in your business and want to learn more.

Keep your prices simple. Don’t over complicate your product or services with hidden charges or fees. As no-one wishes to have these applied to their accounts.

We’re sure you don’t, so, don’t make life unreasonable for your visitors either.

If you have an offer that has a FREE element, be sure to make this perfectly clear.

Everyone loves a freebie. Take advantage of this, and watch your online business soar with enquiries and interested parties.

All things considered you need to understand that we want to see you thrive with your online business.

Having goals in mind and striving each and every day to ‘formulate with a plan’ and drive your online business's success, is powerful.

Take care with content writing. Check everything twice before posting.

Your reputation is at stake here...and no-one wants that reputation to fall short.

Be a realist when it comes to your email marketing campaigns.

Don’t bombard your subscribers with emails every single day of the week, unless you have some pretty awesome content and information to offer.

Be sure to regularly update the content you have online. Your professional image and brand is powerful, and you don’t want that tarnished.

Keep engaging with your social media pages and boards. Don’t fall in the abbess through lack of trying...having no time, is no longer an excuse for the online marketer.

You make time, as this is a critical part of the process of online business success.

write honestly

That is one thing that Affiliate Mastery Institute will always pride itself on, and that is Judi’s passion.

She so strongly believes that the world of affiliate marketing has been her gateway to financial success, that shes’ created this training platform, for anyone wishing to ‘get started’ and dive in and learn the basics’ of affiliate marketing.

Sure, there’s a bunch of offers all over the internet in nowadays offering similar services.

What makes Judi’s offer different is, that she’s actively working her steps and performing them herself daily, with her team.

Whenever, anything online changes she’s changing with it, and updating her subscribers with these changes.

Through Judi’s persistence with her online goals, shes’ managed to establish her very own system, to setting up an affiliate marketing business, and continually grow it.

Judi has also recognised a few massive milestones in her life with the help of affiliate marketing.


She’s been able to see and assist with the following dreams that she’s turned into goals, and then reality: 

  • Her life changing surgery
  • Her daughter's life changing surgery
  • Being more financially stable
  • Having a white Christmas in Canada
  • Having very little bad debt 
  • Working with her daughter
  • Getting a Harley Motorbike for her husband
  • Helping out the family financially when they've needed it
  • Flying 1st class across the world with husband
  • Flying daughter and family first class across the world
  • Flying grandson and girlfriend first class across the world
let us blog

Most that already know Judi, know that she get’s a lot of joy out of ‘giving’ back.

We started this blog to take a look into Judi’s brain, and pick the best bits out, so that we could give it freely to you through regular articles.

It amazes Judi’s team, just how much information is stored in her overactive brain.

It hasn’t been easy prying that knowledge out of her and transferring it to print, to continue to spread the word about affiliate marketing and its opportunites.

Judi’s online business hasn’t come easily to her.

For those that don’t know, it took Judi initially four months, to truly master affiliate marketing and to make her first sale.

That $15 set of golf balls, opened Judi’s mind to the realms of possibilities affiliate marketing had to offer.

She continues to make regular affiliate marketing sales today, with her 270+ websites.

But, Judi’s true passion lies with ‘teaching’ others.

Showing them what she knows, and helping them get started with affiliate marketing.

She loves this so much, that she’s offered to set up the training free of charge to all new subscribers.

You have the opportunity to take a look into her training platform and see what Judi teaches for a limited time frame, then your monthly subscription will begin.

Your own online business success truly is related to the degree in which you are willing to work on it.

BONUS: Gain More Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing Right Here!

This saying was never truer in the sense from an affiliate marketing prospective.

Take a page out of Judi’s book, she never gives up, and keeps powering through, even when things aren’t working her way.

Any entrepreneur knows that the power of success comes with one's’ own desire to achieve greatness.

We continue to share with you snippets of useful information, as we want you to develop your online affiliate marketing business and form another income for yourself.

Sharing our business model with you is easy for Judi.

She invites you all to learn more.

Every business is driven by a burning desire, in Judi’s mind.

Your reason for being successful online should be a huge incentive to you personally, to never give up.

Do you have a long term vision?

Think about this for a second, and this is so often mentioned in entrepreneurial circles...but, take a brief moment and think about this…

“If time and money weren’t factors in our society today, what would your life today look like?”

write your story

You wouldn’t have debt, so you wouldn’t be worrying about finances.

You certainly wouldn’t be stressed about ‘being on time’, or ‘having no time to do what you love’, because time is not an issue.

What would you do?
How would you spend your days?
Where would you go?

For Judi today, her big ‘why’ for owning a successful online business is to live comfortably for the rest of her life.

It's’ time you spent making a ‘vision board’ too, and start visualizing your own success, and how it looks, and what you need to get to that successful point.

Now, with a compelling vision in mind, I bet it could be overwhelming thinking how you’ll ever get there.

Here’s where you must break it down into small achievable ‘chunks’.

Be sure to look into setting up a blog for you online business.

This can be a simple as plugging in either daily or weekly and giving useful, and reliable content or information to your visitors.

We also like to stir interest in our blogs, and start up conversations, by giving our visitors the chance to comment below afterwards.

Remember that you can write content and articles until the cows come home, but if you aren’t passionate about your business, then your words and your posts or blogs aren’t going to come across as genuine.

Blogs on your website are accessible anywhere in the world. So, be sure to check and recheck before posting, what you’ve written.

At times it puts a smile on our faces, to hear that affiliates don’t like to blog.

With this type of attitude your affiliate marketing business is doomed from the start.

Writing content and posting about your niche markets is key to being a success as an affiliate marketer.

We hope that you’ve found this blog article useful, and would value any feedback you may offer.

Until next time,

Judi and her team
Affiliate Mastery Institute ©

Re-purpose Your Content
Hi all, I first heard about re-purposing your content that is on your website, I did not take it very[...]
Affiliate Program Promotion Tips
​​While I know many of you, myself included have many products of their own as well as affiliate products to[...]
Christmas Cheer from our Affiliate team!
It seems  that the years are flying by, the older I get. I must say, my posts are getting fewer,[...]
The end to Google+
I suppose you have all heard about Google+ closing. I do not think it is quite the end though. This[...]
Persuasive Writing For Your Website
​ ​Persuasive Writing Having a clear, concise message for your viewers, and showing that in your writing style, is tricky[...]
How To Promote Your Website
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network linkedin

Networking With LinkedIn

Everyone that uses LinkedIn knows that it is unlike any other social network.

The LinkedIn community is one that is jam packed with professionals.

LinkedIn is a platform for you to grow your professional network.

You can connect to all kinds of different people on LinkedIn, each having either a 1st degree connection, a

2nd degree connection or a 3rd degree connection.

So, what does that mean?

1st degree connection: Generally these are people that you’ve worked with before, they you know directly.

2nd degree connection: We tend to refer to these as ‘friends of friends’. So, they may know someone that you

have a 1st degree connection with.

3rd degree connection: These people have a connection with your 2nd degree connections.

Affiliate Mastery Institute uses all social networks to build brand awareness.

Your brand on LinkedIn, or any social network really, is basically like your businesses reputation.

linkedin logo

LinkedIn helps us expand our network. We love to connect to people that have similar passions and

experience to us.

Like most social media platforms LinkedIn is free to join, and whilst it does have professional paid services

the free or basic membership is just fine for starters.

What we love about LinkedIn, is that you can build your network connections without restrictions.

Unlike Twitter where you have restrictions on the number of people you can follow.

When you first join LinkedIn you are navigated by their wizards to complete your entire profile.

Once you have completed this, you will find that you are ready to start growing your network of professional


network goals

We’re sure that you have a bunch of email addresses or names from your previous or current employees’. This 

is perhaps the best place to begin.

Alternatively look into the feature with LinkedIn where you can import contact from your email applications.

This may save you a bunch of time.

Type in the search for them and connect.

Invite people to connect to you by their email addresses, so that you are targeting the correct ‘Jane Doe’, as

their might be a large number of people across the globe with the same name.

Affiliate Marketing Institute advocates the use of setting your profile publicly. This gives you a much wider 

reach globally. 


You are able to search for people on LinkedIn with either a basic search or an advanced search.

You are sure to see the search box at the top of your LinkedIn screen, this is where you can do a basic search

for a keyword or a specific person’s name, or a company or for people with a specific job title.

This is our favorite searching way. You keep the default to ALL so LinkedIn will search their entire database for

like minded individuals for you.

Then, it's just a matter of inviting them to connect with you.

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Make sure that your entire profile is already complete before you start connecting to your

network of people though.

You always want be professional on LinkedIn, or any social network, for that matter.

When doing an advanced search you can select a keyword and then tick any other parameters that suit the

niche or target audiences’ you are trying to discover.

After doing your searching be sure to click on the connect button and add a personal note to each

professional you would like to connect with.

Introducing yourself, and letting them know you have something in common, and would love to connect with


After you have invited people to connect with, LinkedIn is a great platform to help others.

You can begin building up a meaningful network, by helping others in your field, this also helps you grow as

a professional and is rewarding.

Sharing and helping and building on these network relations through posts, either long or short, about your

niche is very important.

Upon setting up these posts, think about the useful information that will assist your network first.

LinkedIn post guidelines prevent you from ‘spammy’ the network with promotional information that doesn’t 

provide any value to your network. So, be super mindful about what you are presenting and posting.


Its is so simple to set up too, which is a great user friendly experience for all LinkedIn members.

Simply go to your network, and write and article, add an image and post. EASY!

We will always say, keep copies of all your articles. In either google docs, or word first. This way you can be

assured you haven’t lost your words and they aren’t just posted in one location.

You can refer to them again in the future and expand on them if you draft first using google docs or word.

When it comes to endorsements, you are best to do this with your 1st degree connections only.

There is really no point in endorsing someone you haven’t directly done any business with right?

Make sure you reach out to your 1st degree connections, who have worked with you, and know what your

abilities are, to get those recommendations that you desire.

critical linkedin

All recommendations will come to you first, so that you can review it and ‘approve’ it if you like.

Your recommendations should all be positive, and showcase the abilities and the aspects of the person you

have worked with, that have assisted in being a better professional.

Affiliate Mastery Institute extends the invitation to all subscribers to connect with Judi Jaques on LinkedIn

and if you have had the opportunity and feel comfortable doing so, she’d love to write you a positive

recommendation, especially if she’s had one on one sessions with you.

In return, your dealings with Judi can be recommended to her, especially about her coaching style and her

endless patience.

(Just a thought)

There’s another cool feature of LinkedIn that we’d love to discuss here too.

That’s the ‘messaging’ function. It appears for us in the bottom right of our screen.

People in our network can send us real time sms messages, and we can respond in real time too.

Making yourself responsive in your LinkedIn community is an awesome way to stay connected.

Like all social networks LinkedIn is mobile friendly too, and this should be the case for all your affiliate

marketing website/s too.

linkedin best

You can download the LinkedIn app easily enough to you mobile devices, and take the network with you in

your pocket wherever your working day may be.

When looking for the main LinkedIn app, you just need to search LinkedIn mobile app.

LinkedIn is a professional network, and whilst it gives you options for searching for employees, jobs, and

companies, from Affiliate Mastery Institutes’ perspective, we use the social media platform to grow our

network, and reach out to other affiliates all over the world.

Together we can all learn from each other.

This is a valuable way to stay on track and up to date with your online business's needs.

Leverage the use of your network to grow your knowledge and give each other professional

development in the niche you belong too.

Following successful companies in your niche too, is gold for your personal development.

Its’ these common interests that help draw people and groups together.

Groups on LinkedIn help you connect and become more visible in a common topic or profession or industry.

Groups are by invitation only, but once you become a member of a group that shares a common interest, you

are able to join in conversations and contribute to the knowledge center of that group.

Only join a group if it is relevant to your profession today, or you want to learn something from them.

As affiliate marketers, you are interested in sales, marketing and advertising. You can search for groups of

this nature to gain a better perspective of what is needed or what is being discussed or what areas are

lacking etc. So, you may be able to improve or offer your own advice or assistance.

Finding the groups is easy too, when you click the drop-down under ‘work’, then the discover on the top of

your screen.

plan carefully

LinkedIn is intelligent in that, the group discovery function will pull from your own background and point you

to the different groups under your own experience.

When you decide to post an article with LinkedIn, be sure to keep if completely free from outside links and

product links if you are an affiliate marketer.

LinkedIn only wants to see relevant content, that is both useful and valuable to a giving topic.

Whatever you do, don’t start posting articles about the following:

  1. How great you are
  2. The latest giveaway you have
  3. The latest product you are offering

Articles and posts on LinkedIn need to add value and give your network ideas, and knowledge on your niche

or profession.

BONUS: Gain More Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing Right Here!

Think about posts and articles that:

  • Offer advice
  • Generate discussions
  • Relay information about a topic
  • Educate about a topic
  • Share an experience you’ve had
  • Give a memorable team moment

These are some helpful ways to promote your brand awareness with LinkedIn.

Maximising the benefits from LinkedIn can be achieved, by marketing your businesses best ideas or features

that you offer.

Being consistent on LinkedIn will help you grow your brand awareness.

Making sure your professional headline is top notch is going to aide in your network growth.

People see this headline, when they are not looking at your full profile. So, make it represent what you do

and how you to it.

You can navigate to this easily enough, by going to your profile, and clicking on the edit pencil, it will be the

first thing you can edit.

With LinkedIn, to be super effective, you need to take a more communicative approach to your marketing


being social

By this we mean, that you have to create a point of difference, and stand out in the crowd.

Regularly sharing an update by way of an article, image or post is going to help build that consistency.

Make sure you are participating by commenting, or reaching out to others in your niche regularly.

Set a time budget on your LinkedIn accounts, so that you can manage this social network on a regular basis.

As with all social networks, marketing is free with LinkedIn. Time is the factor that needs some thought with

this network, as with all networks.

When you post on your affiliate marketing website/s they should connect automatically through an API to

your LinkedIn account.

This will ensure that your posts or blogs from your website/s are sent through to your LinkedIn profile for

your network to discover too.

When doing this be sure to include a relevant post or blog link, so that your network can connect to the blog

post and read it in its entirety if they wish too.

Be sure to list all your affiliate website/s on your profile, to create a consistent image to potential customers

from LinkedIn, making you and your business look a lot more professional in nature.

There’s another function with LinkedIn that we think is worth mentioning.

We are investigating for ourselves currently the use of a company page, at the present time this is a free

service that LinkedIn offers business owners.

This company page, according to LinkedIn, helps others learn more about your business, brand, products and

services, and job opportunities.

Apparently it's super easy to set up too, so perhaps that is something you should be looking at as well.

LinkedIn advertising is another option for business, but you have to either Pay-Per-Click (PPC), where you get

billed for every click on the ad link, or Cost-Per-Impression (CPM), where you are billed for every 1,000


We’d love to hear how you are utilizing LinkedIn for your business and professional development.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below.

Until next time,
Judi and her team
Affiliate Mastery Institute ©

BONUS: Gain More Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing Right Here!

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tweet tweet

Let Us Help You Master Twitter

You have your Twitter account all set up but have no idea who to follow?

Whatever you do don't try to follow everybody in the entire world at the same time or on the same day.

If you follow somebody, and later wish to unfollow them, that's fine, you have the ability to do that with Twitter.

After you followed about 120 people your timeline will show a lot of diversity.

Twitter has its own set of rules with relation to how ‘aggressive’ you are at following others.


You want to start off by following the top Twitter users that you are genuinely interested in.

Don’t forget that you would like to follow the people that follow them too right?

You have your own affiliate marketing niche, or target market, and you know what your overall topic is.

Performing a search for that topic will pull up others in that niche.

If you have exhausted that avenue, we discovered years ago, that you can do an advanced search in Twitter.


Why not discover the use of the Twitter lists?
You can easily set up a list to monitor your competition. See what they are tweeting about, and offer something more compelling.
Or you can set up a list in Twitter for assisting your subscribers, which we’re currently doing.
Or you can have a list set up for all your different niche markets, which is awesome for the affiliate marketer.
The best thing about lists with Twitter, is that you can regularly monitor them, and keep relevant, by managing your own social content better then the next person.
The second best thing is that you can add people to your lists without having to follow them.

twitter should not puzzle

Knowing exactly how many people or industries you should follow with Twitter isn’t something that you need

to worry about when you first sign up with your Twitter account.

Just know that Twitters’ rules as stated above are clear, about what an ‘aggressive’ followers is. Avoiding this

is beneficial to you.

In fact, Twitter states: “Every user can follow 5000 people total”. Once you have followed this many, then

Twitter has limits in place, for the additional followers you choose.

Twitter says, that “following is not mutual”, which basically means, that on Twitter if you follow someone 

they don’t need to follow you back, and visa versa.

Harnessing the use of the Twitter list will help you monitor the deluge of content you will receive from your

Twitter communities.

If you follow someone on Twitter, their timeline will show in your timeline.

You can then dive into the ‘influencers’ that you want to follow, due to their ‘super cool content’ or their

ability to ‘answer questions’ you may have on a topic.

Identifying these key individuals or businesses, and then following who they follow is going to help you

stream content that is relevant to you and your business needs.

Are overall aim with Twitter is always to increase the number of people that are following you.

Thinking about how you are going to better serve the followers you have is going to be a crucial element to

your overarching social media marketing strategy.

You can get bogged down thinking all kinds of negative thoughts about your Twitter followers.

Why doesn’t anyone respond?

What am I doing wrong?

People aren’t going to take me seriously as I don’t have many followers!

...don’t worry about any of this!

follow us

BONUS: Gain More Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing Right Here!

We don’t have that many followers on our newly created Twitter ID, but we strategically decided that 

separating the affiliate marketing websites to our training website was going to be a great move for the


Sure, its going to take us some time to get @affiliatefornow up to an awesome follower count. But, we are up for the challenge.

We know that we have enough information that is relevant, useful and current in today’s affiliate marketing

industry, which is going to assist A LOT of people.

Your Twitter account needs ENGAGEMENT, and attracting people to your page is the first thing that you need to focus on.

Keeping the end user in mind is always going to see that your Twitter follower count increases.

As you continue to give them more and more helpful and useful content, they will start to feel more and

more compelled to follow you, and better yet, refer to your content and include you in their tweets.

Really, at the end of the day you want the public to know that you exist right?

Lets’ reach out and follow people that are relevant to your niche or your target audience.

Make sure that you follow the people that these main influencers are following too.

As you continue to give valuable and diverse content, you are bound to increase your list of followers.

twitter strategy

Another thing too…

If you are concerned that not a lot of people are following you, then you aren’t really taking the time to

create useful material for them to benefit from.

...we’d say you need to seriously rethink your strategies here if that is the case...and get moving!

You know that relevancy is a big word that gets thrown around quite a lot online right?

Why is relevancy so special?

Being relevant means that you are tweeting something of interest to your target audience.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter how many followers you have, as long as you are delivering the

relevant content they want.

If you are all about coffee - everything should be coffee related. Things that are going to urge the other

coffee lovers to click through and read your content, or go onto your affiliate marketing website.

Its’ like waving a carrot in front of a horse (most horses’ like carrots right? heehee)

BEST horse feed image

In short, you are giving your target audience more of what they want to know.

You are ‘inspiring’ thought, action, and empowering your followers to be better, by giving

them information that is both relevant, useful and informative.

Whatever, and whoever your target audience, you must always update that timeline with relevancy.

If someone was to come along to your Twitter ID and view you and see that you have a bunch of tweets that

are all about how ‘good you are’ or you have tweets that center wholly and solely on ‘you’, they are sure to

click away, faster than a fly to leftover food!

Remember in our previous blog post we mentioned the use of the hashtag?

Hashtags will help you get discovered on Twitter.

When using the hashtag, you are targeting a word or a phrase that will help your tweet get exposure to like

minded people or businesses that are interested in that topic or keyword.

If you have a subscription based network, politely ask your subscribers to find you and follow you, and in

return you will follow them.

If they follow you and are engaged with your timeline, you could request for them to send through a

testimonial, as every testimonial online is powerful to your online business.

business reputation

Building up your credibility online is what social engagement can perform for you.

You don’t need to go ahead and follow everyone that follows you though. Be sure to check out their profiles

and see if they fit into your area of expertise, or if they are offering you something that interests you first.

Affiliate Mastery Institute tends to follow people that they can learn from, their subscribers, and those who 

actually interest them.

You can try to take this method of approach to with your Twitter strategy.

Twitter is all about being sociable and in fact every social network is called a social network for specific

reason and that reason is to be sociable.

If you aren't being sociable then your social media strategy is failing.

With any social network you are engaging your audience in a conversation.

You are giving them helpful and valuable content that is going to help them succeed in their daily lives.

If you are on these social networks only to build traffic and drive conversions then you are on the social

networks for the wrong reasons.

attribute others

Plugging into your social networks on a daily basis should be a part of your business processes and 


There should be somebody assigned to your social media marketing strategy on a daily basis.

There are no rules to say that you have to continue following the people that you have followed on Twitter.

If you look at their profile and they aren't giving you relevant content that is going to assist you in your

business's daily operations. Then why are you following them? Are they following you back?

Affiliate Mastery Institute does not advocate the use of paying for followers, in fact we find this use of 

software or AI quiet unethical in nature. Some will disagree.

We believe in doing things organically.

That is why our followers and our subscribers stay with us for longer periods of time.

We often change things up and surprise them with new ideas and information that is going to assist them to

achieve their overall affiliate marketing dreams.

With all the affiliate marketing website/s you have, you need to consider that your tweets, are going to be

more focused on offering advice, or helpful hints of some kind.

are you planning

For the fashion industry, take a seasonal approach, perhaps these tweet ideas may assist:


We’re bringing out the winter ____________ this month, with bold colours, to keep you warm…
Lets’ lighten your day with a comfy __________, helping you shift your mood in this gloomy weather...


My it’s hot outside, take a splash with __________, and keep cool this summer!
Bask in the sun, and enjoy _________ whilst trying not to melt this summer?


We’re dropping our prizes like the trees are dropping their leaves this autumn.
Don’t get blown away with the leaves this autumn, keep comfortable with ________


Feeling bright and decided to wear something to reflect this.
Loving the warm spring days at present, strolling in the park in my favorite _________

We are sure you get the picture right?

When tackling your Twitter strategy, we have already discussed finding your target audience.

Anyone that has any knowledge of the term ‘marketing’ would know that you have to have a plan, a

goal and implement that plan by putting actions in place.

Think of Twitter as a medium for a ‘conversation’, to raise awareness out there about what you are doing.

Your businesses personality will start to shine through to your tweets.

Does your plan involve building a better customer service to your subscribers?

Does your plan involve giving your brand a human aspect?

Does your plan involve generating more leads?

Does your plan involve competitive analysis?

all about twitter

You may have answered “yes” to all of these plans. That’s fine. Twitter is there to serve the needs of these


Having a clear time frame to concentrate wholly on Twitter (or any social network) is going to be a key

component of business communication and social strategy.

You need to learn new things just as much as your prospective visitors and followers want to learn new


Remember that you are to follow the competitors in your field of work, the main influencers in that field.

Check out on hashtags.org what hashtags are popular at present, and if they align with your business, then

be sure to use them in your tweets.

Use content that is unique, relevant and knowledgeable or helpful, in the subject matter.

Whilst your posts or tweets are important, you still need to do some research and development about your

niche, and dive into some competitive analysis.

Identify people or companies that you could follow, that you think may assist with your overall business


After you have created your basic Twitter strategy, you need to begin taking notice of the number of tweets

you did, how many followers you have, how many people you reached and how many people retweeted you.

These metrics will assist you in reaching your goals. (If you haven’t set one yet...go back and do that!)

When doing your competitive analysis, we like to create a list of all the competition we can find in the market

today, and take a closer look at how they are campaigning on Twitter.

Are you doing that?

Why not?

BONUS: Gain More Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing Right Here!

Perhaps have a tweeting calendar set up - or we like to call it a road map.

Define in this road map what kind of Twitter strategy you want and goals you intend to achieve.

Talk about who is going to be performing the tasks and tweeting the content, or even developing the content

for that Twitter campaign.

If it is you, as a small business owner, then you need to divide your time, and make sure you allocate at least

one hour a day to each social network.

More if you have an abundance of affiliate marketing websites.

...oh what’s that… you don’t have enough hours in the day?

​...well you need to learn how to set up Twitter cards and schedule tweets for your websites.

Do you want to make this work or not? Find a way!

Lets’ continue to be engaging, both with your followers and your prospective followers.

We like to send through some kind of tweet at least 10 times per day. But, really it will depend upon your


Have a play around with different tweet times, and watch the engagement levels after you have tweeted.

This will help you to discover when the best time of the day is to tweet.

Here at Affiliate Marketing Institute our social media strategy is to align our posts, and tweets etc. with the 

blogs that we put out to the public.

We have used a plugin SNAP, that integrates well with all our social networks, so when we actually start

posting on our website, these social networks will have an automated post with a featured image.

Then our social media task force, dive into each of our social networks individually and sets up regular

tweets, or messages if you want, for that one post that was created.

Now, this is crucial!

We do NOT tweet or message the same link on the same day multiple times per day! NO


This is a fast way of getting yourself suspended on any social network, for being a spammer!


You want to keep and eye on everything that you ‘put out there online’.

When you do this, you are essentially MONITORING what is happening with your social media strategy.

Does this tweet work?

How are you going to measure the success rate?

Is this measurement going to be conducive to retweets, or followers?

All these questions need to become a part of your social media marketing footprint.

When your plan or your business goal is to increase brand awareness, you are going to be more focused on

what the conversations or campaigns or tweets or posts are doing for your brand.

When you use hashtags or promote conversations, or polls, you are looking into the insights of that tweet,

and you are deciding if that was done at the right time, and with the right reach.

As a general rule across any social network, you want to start monitoring the following metrics:

Followers or Likes

Tags or Mentions

Comments or Replies

Shares or Retweets

If you factor these 4 things into your social analysis, you will find that your online footprint is going to either

improve or not with your efforts.

I think that we’ve pretty much mastered the use of Twitter tweets now, and Affiliate Mastery Institute, has

enjoyed putting together this knowledge for you.

Quality is really what counts in business.

If you continue to deliver quality content to your prospects daily, then your social strategy will improve and

your network of followers will too.

BONUS: Gain More Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing Right Here!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this article.

Until next time,


Judi and her team
Affiliate Mastery Institute ©

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nailing twitter tweets

Nailing Twitter Tweets

Using Twitter correctly for your online business will have a huge effect on the overall performance of that business.

Twitter is a way of giving your brand exposure online with prospective customers.

Twitter also helps you find out more about trend and insights for any target market.

Twitter is there to assist any business, whether you are small or large. Twitter is a communications medium that should not be ignored.

Starting out as an affiliate marketer, your business maybe a small one, and Twitter will help you find the exposure that you need.

As with most small businesses, your marketing dollars are probably $0, most social media platforms and Twitter are free to use.

Does your affiliate marketing websites have quality products on offer?

If they don't then how are you going to expect to make it sale if your products aren't any good, and you yourself wouldn't purchase them?

Align yourself with quality affiliate products on your affiliate marketing website/s.

When using Twitter, be sure to tweet about an experience, or information that is useful, and helpful to your prospective customers.

Most affiliate marketers are passionate about their business. They know exactly what their product lines are, and they may lie awake trying to think of new ways to create interest and engage customers to their website/s.

Using Twitter in your marketing strategy has endless possibilities.

However, we find that our students and subscribers aren't sure where to begin with Twitter.

This is where Affiliate Mastery Institute will offer some assistance.

With Twitter, you need to be as responsive as possible, and be available to reply in real time.

Logging into your Twitter account and leaving it open on your desktop or laptop throughout the day, is going to ensure you can update and check in and comment in real time.

As an affiliate marketer you would know that the onus is on you to drive your marketing and your customers to your website/s.

Using Twitter as a marketing tool you can accomplish this.

twitter should not puzzle

One massive key to using your Twitter business account, is to make sure that you are offering your prospective customers a service.

You can easily do this by promoting your product features by discussing how they are going to assist your prospective customers.

Your Twitter campaigns’ should be looking at things that you have to offer with your branded website/s.

You could look at creating your own Twitter account for each niche market that you are targeting, if you wish.

This let's each Twitter ID engage with its own target market in the appropriate manner.

Prospective customers don't want to be lectured on specific products, they want to be given valuable and relevant content.

Keeping your Twitter IDs separated under their own target markets will assist you inappropriately targeting the right niche, and the customers interested in that niche.

This is something new to Affiliate Mastery Institute, we've always advocated the use of one business Twitter account.

attribute others

As an affiliate marketer you may find that if you group all of your affiliate marketing websites under this one Twitter account, Twitter may respond by suspending your account due to the lack of a specific target audience, as your Tweets may appear ‘spammy’.

Try and constantly engage your audience to use the information that you shared to them on Twitter.

If you are creating info-graphics, your tweet can be a catch up on what that info-graphic is about.

Always Tweet with the prospective customers experience in mind.

Use Twitter to share your knowledge about your affiliate marketing website/s niche.

Never use Twitter for the hard sell. Prospective customers don't want to see that and find that menacing and spammy.

You want to build your affiliate marketing website/s brand with Twitter.

nailed it

So, share any knowledge that you have about your niche market and tap into your prospective customers interest in that fashion.

Remember, never go for the hard sell, self promotion will always come across as spammy with Twitter or any social platform.

"Twitter is best utilized when you share and communicate, valuable, brand knowledge and helpful hints."

Share your companies big success stories, or ‘wins’, on Twitter.

Prospective customers want to hear how you're going, deliver that via Twitter.

Talk about good things that have happened in your working week, things that might impress others or, empower others to have a positive result as well.

Remember that prospective customers will want to work with you if they know that you are a success in your field.

Did you know that Twitter will automatically turn your hashtag into a hyperlink?

Hyperlinks will identify a shared interest in your affiliate marketing niche.

If you are like us, as an affiliate marketer, who has many websites dedicated to ‘beauty’ for example. And you were to hashtag #beauty with Twitter, that will categorize your Tweet with other Tweets on Twitter with the beauty hashtag.

"Did you know that Twitter will automatically turn your hashtags into hyperlinks?"

Click to Tweet

Hashtags’ work in a similar fashion to search engine optimization keywords.

Ideally Affiliate Mastery Institute uses at least one hashtag on every tweet.

Pinterest for an example doesn't like the use of too many hashtags.

Understanding what social media networks are looking for, and how they operate is crucial to your social media marketing strategies.

When you use your hashtag in a Tweet be sure to make it a specific keyword to your overall or overarching message.

Think about using your hashtag if you are running a ‘quiz’ or a ‘survey’ or a ‘contest’ or ‘giveaway’.

These are all viable options for promoting your businesses’ website/s.


These types of hashtags are only going to promote motivation and engagement with your prospective customers.

You can search for hashtags that are trending at hashtags.org

Look at the more popular hashtags, and if they apply to your affiliate marketing niche website/s, try applying them to your Tweets for better traffic conversions.

Always use relevant hashtags with each Tweet and affiliate marketing website/s.

Always Tweet in your own words and be as organic as possible.

BONUS: Gain More Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing Right Here!

If you simply share what you know about your affiliate marketing niche your prospective customers will respond.

Remember, you want to HELP prospective customers with something, you don’t want to SELL to them on Twitter.

The tone in which you market your brand is going to come across loud and clear on social media.

Be sure to double check everything before posting.

You don’t want the reputation as being a ‘fake’ marketer, or a ‘sham’ dealer.

Imagine that your affiliate marketing website/s is your shop front, and you want prospective customers to come in and enjoy what you are offering, not abandon your pages.

You need to consistently add new content onto your business Twitter account.

So, be sure to keep your prospective customers informed, even on the most mundane of activities that are occurring in your business.

Prospective customers actually do want you to succeed, and they do want to know what you are up to.

Even if it is just hanging in the office with the marketing team, having green tea and choc chip cookies for morning tea…

When creating your Twitter account be sure to fill out your bio, and include a banner and profile image.

Helping Will Inspire You

Prospective followers respond better when you have a profile picture and a relevant banner, that explains your business or your profile.

Having a visual brand is very important for any social media network, visual branding should reflect or emphasize your company's existence and designed theme, on your website/s.

Whatever you Tweet out there to the world, you have to understand that if you have set up your Twitter account for a business, that these Tweets will reflect a certain style, and in essence build your brand awareness or be a massive ‘flop’.

Remember, that Twitter is a community social network and you are Tweeting your content to real people online.

Prospective customers all have something to say and something to learn, perhaps you will be able to supply them with that knowledge and that service?

Whatever you do, don’t be tempted to post the same thing multiple time within your Twitter account.

The public doesn’t want to see you posting the same link every hour.

They want you to send through new and engaging material that is going to give them incentive to ‘take action’ and visit your website/s.

helping you

Try to be as interesting as you can with your online posts, whether they are with Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or any social network.

Share interesting material with your community that is both readable, informative and appropriate to your niche.

Don’t confuse any social media platform with search engine optimization.

Your social media marketing strategies are going to be unique for each social platform you decide to use for your affiliate marketing websites.

Being entertaining is a massive winner for most social media platforms.

How are you going to entertain your prospective customers?

Are you going to engage your audience with something original and thoughtful?

Are you going to come up with your own inspirational quote?

Are you going to show interest in what others are doing online on that social network? (If you answered NO here you are failing already!)

With Twitter specifically you have 140 characters to ‘get your message across’. So, you have to be ‘to the point’.

Short and sweet messaging can be tricky when you are at a loss for words right?

short and to the point

Across all social platforms you are basically ‘judged’ on how well you are writing, with your posts, and Tweets.

Making them appear nice, with proper grammar and English. This is always a good concept to adopt.

Sparking that interest, to have your prospective customers click through is going to be a little tricky.

Clever marketing strategies will come into play here.

Use photos that are enticing your prospects to inquire or learn more.

Perhaps set up images using Canva.com it's free and a great medium to utilize, for all social platform media creations.

If you are just posting an image that you haven’t edited, we strongly suggest that you ‘edit’ that image, and give insights into your business or your affiliate marketing website/s, thus promoting the brand itself.

What about the old fashioned, unpretentious approach of informing others of findings, or information that has been helpful to you in your business?

I know we’d like to read and or hear more about this from successful online marketers.

Writing about your accomplishments and informing others on this is fine.

Remember, everyone wants you to succeed, and they will bare witness to this if you Tweet about your accomplishments in business.

You could simply ‘request’ or ‘ask’ for a specific action to be taken on Twitter, or any social network. 

BONUS: Gain More Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing Right Here!

However, when you to ‘request’ or ‘ask’ for that action, be transparent and not pushy.

Oh, and by the way, thanks in advance for the re-tweet, as we think that it will give all Twitter users some free knowledge, don't you?

Affiliate Mastery Institute, prides itself on giving, giving information, and relevant content to train both the public and our subscribers to be the very best affiliate marketer they can be.

Tweeting this type of free information, that is useful and helpful and relevant, to the online industry, is gold for your online business.

So, make sure you include it in your social media marketing strategy.

Keep your Tweets’ ‘short and sweet, and to the point.

This gives an air of knowledge, and gets the message across to your prospective customers FAST.

Also, your prospective customers love to read good quality statistics. If you have any share them.

If you don’t, and you know someone within your niche market that does, Tweet about them by attributing the source of the statistic and commenting on its relevancy to your niche market.

Being active with your social networks, is key to keeping on top of your social media marketing strategies.

Adding your own comments, sharing content, and Re-tweeting information that is pertinent to your niche market is all easy to do, and whilst it may be time consuming, if can be done in a hour a day, if you have proper time management.

Even the most novice Twitter user can nail their Twitter strategies after reading the post.

Apply our knowledge and let us know how it went.

We’d love for you to comment and tell us if you do something that we haven’t considered here.

We’re all in this together online, and being as ‘real’ as possible with your social media strategies is going to put your business brand in a better place.

Until next time,


Judi and her team
Affiliate Mastery Institute ©

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taking action with goals

Taking Action With Goals

As the effective leader of your own affiliate marketing business you must have a vision that is clear and precise and know exactly what it is that needs to be done now and in the future.

“A vision is a clear view of what is to be done, now and in the future”

Your leadership skills and techniques will impact on your ability to turn your affiliate marketing business into a successful enterprise.

Setting goals is something that we talked about often.

Understanding what type of goals need to be set is entirely a different scenario.

Almost anybody can become an affiliate marketer, the barriers to entry are very low.

You find a product that would like to promote, you see if they offer an affiliate program, you join that program for free, and you start promoting that product.

We wish it really was that simple…

think plan and act

In reality, any passionate and dedicated affiliate marketer, hosts their own website/s, develops that website, is the content creator for that website, masters SEO for that website, aligns with products they are passionate about advertising for, regularly update their affiliate links, regularly update the content, has a social media marketing strategy, implements that strategy, and continuously monitors they hosted website/s for improvement.

You can see, that any affiliate marketing, has a clear purpose, and it is with these sets of goals that we make priorities, clearly establishing and clarifying certain areas for one person, or group of people to commit to, and get done.

Every task that needs to be completed, is working toward, and consistent with your end game.

An effective way to set goals is by implementing the SMART approach. This SMART approach is no secret to business analysts or business leaders.





Time limited

plan carefully

As the leader of your affiliate marketing business you need to keep your team motivated.

Be direct with what it is you're after from your team.

Understand yourself exactly the path they need to take in order to train them better.
Being able to cope with any unexpected developments from and within your affiliate marketing business is going to be critical.

We would imagine that you are beginning from the basics.

Establishing your affiliate marketing business from the ground up.

In doing so you may not have a team or support crew in place as yet.

We all have to start somewhere don't we?

You will be a participative leader, taking part and contributing in every aspect of your business.

Performing each task that is required yourself.

Taking an active role in decision making within your business.

Emphasis will be given to specific time frames, when you are the one participative leader in your business.

Time management is going to make you put your best foot forward.

You are going to want to focus on profit, return on investment, quality of affiliate products, your competition and your content and social footprint.

Your effective planning skills will see you either rise up or diminish in the competitive environment of affiliate marketing.

plan more

So with that in mind let’s put some effective planning to the test and start implementing these skills:

1. Define the niche market
2. Consider what the reader is wanting to see
3. Determine what ideas you want to include in your content
4. Collect the information or do some preliminary research
5. Sort and evaluate the information in order of importance
6. Organize the information in a user friendly way
7. Prepare the draft for your readers

Now, I’m going to discuss each one in a little more depth, so that you truly understand how to effectively plan.

Define the niche market

We’ve discussed this in Choosing Your Niche, understanding and being passionate about something that you are hoping to excel and sell products in, will keep you interested yourself, and engaged in what you are putting out there for the public to benefit from.

Really it is perhaps the more important element of getting started in affiliate marketing.


Affiliate Mastery Institute offers you an array of knowledge on researching your niche, and getting yourself started.

Knowing what you like and what you are happy to focus on is the first step to effectively planning in your business.

Consider what the reader is wanting to see

This really is a ‘no brainer’ right?

If you are putting a bunch of content out there that noone is going to read, and that noone is going to share or comment on, then you are not delivering the right type of content for your niche market.

You aren’t geo-targeting your content strategy properly, and more research and hard work needs to go into this area of expertise.

Create that point of difference.

You can read more the use of Visual Aides in Content here is you like, or you can go off and start from scratch and learn for yourself.

Are your readers/viewers going to be clients or supervisors, fellow workers, or department heads?

You need to understand that the content that you use, has to have the structure and language that is appropriate for the specific needs of your reader.

What is it that readers want more of with affiliate marketing? Comment below would be highly useful to us please!

Determine what ideas you want to include in your content

Once you have established the issues or topic to be addressed within your niche market.
You can start to put together an effective plan that explores these topics.

Formulate, test, check, prove assumptions, state propositions, do quizzes, interview an expert, use relevant content, engage your audience and identify any areas of concern that you can solve with your niche market.

Collect the information or do some preliminary research

Collect the information on the topic at hand by doing your own research either online or at home is easiest done when you have a focus point for an issue to resolve or discuss.

If you look at this particular post for an example, we really wanted to give our readers actionable steps to managing and planning effectively.

In order to do that we drew upon the following mediums:

our knowledge
text books
Google trends
online research

We collected the information that we discovered so that we could bring you I posted that is going to essentially resolve the issue of not being able to plan effectively.

implement that plan

Sort and evaluate the information in order of importance

It's within the collecting of the information that you can gather a bunch of information that perhaps isn't as relevant as what you thought it may have been to begin with.

This doesn't mean that you may not use the information that you did gather but you do want to use the information that is going to be specific to the overall task or post you are trying to put out there.

In essence what you are doing is reviewing the information that you have collected highlight keywords and ideas make sure that these ideas and keywords are useful and purposeful to your overall goal.

The highlighted sections or keywords will become domain findings of your post.
The content that you gather that isn't as relevant to the topic at hand, can be locked away in a file or, thrown out, or used elsewhere.

BONUS: Gain More Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing Right Here!

Organize the information in a user friendly way

We’ve spoken before about Writing For your Website, but let me just explain that the organization of the information you gather or the materials that you use, need to be specific to the heading that you use for your post.

Your task, as the content writer, is to create a suitable structure or outline that is going to engage your audience.

Give a whole picture analysis for your topic.

Link out to reference points.

Evaluate your information for any gaps that I'm missing, and make sure you fill these gaps.

If you aren't satisfied with your initial outline, then you need to revisit i,t and look for new topics, or delete irrelevant content, and replace with new content.

Including subheadings within your post he's going to create a more user-friendly experience.

Prepare the draft for your readers

The order of the information that appears in your post really depends upon whether your content is good news or bad news or whether it's persuasive text.

We like most of our content posts to be either, problem solving, cause to effect, or have an indirect or direct order of information.

When we say an indirect order of information we mean a body of text that has the following:

an introduction
a body
a conclusion
and some recommendations

When we say a direct order of information we mean a body of text that has the following:

An introduction
A conclusion
Some recommendations
A body


A conclusion
Some recommendations
A body

never give up

Every time you decide on the outline of your posts, and prepare your draft, the sequence of the information needs to have the readers needs as your main focus.

If you haven't taken the time to research exactly what your readers need or require, then the post that you are writing will fall short of achieving what you desire it to achieve.

Always strive to create a positive piece of communication with your readers.

The tone of the relationship is created by the way people ‘feel’ about your writing style.

If you read over your final draft and have within yourself a sense of achievement or fulfillment from the information that you have read. Then, you may have writing a pretty compelling piece.

If you read over your final draft and have within yourself a sense of boredom or ‘meh’ as the millennials say nowadays, then perhaps you should start from the top.

Affiliate Mastery Institute, hopes this post has helped you gain some knowledge in relation to taking action with goal setting and effective planning.

Understanding where you are heading and setting up your effective plan is going to help steer your affiliate marketing business in the right direction.

Until next time,


Judi and her team
Affiliate Mastery Institute ©

BONUS: Gain More Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing Right Here!


Dwyer, Judith. 1999. Communication in Business Strategies and Skills, by Prentice Hall Australia Pty Ltd pp.39, 45, 136-141, 160-162

Re-purpose Your Content
Hi all, I first heard about re-purposing your content that is on your website, I did not take it very[...]
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​​While I know many of you, myself included have many products of their own as well as affiliate products to[...]
Christmas Cheer from our Affiliate team!
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The end to Google+
I suppose you have all heard about Google+ closing. I do not think it is quite the end though. This[...]
Persuasive Writing For Your Website
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How To Promote Your Website
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sm banner

Widen Your Social Media Approach

All affiliate marketing businesses need to understand the fundamentals of having a social media marketing strategy.

Affiliate Mastery Institute will be rolling out this specialized topic before the New Year.

What we need to understand with being sociable, is how we engage when we actually use the platforms readily available to us all, to enhance and widen our social media footprint?

If you find yourself more drawn to the Facebook pages, then choose to setup your Facebook business account for your affiliate marketing websites.

Alternatively, if you prefer visual, pretty content or info-graphics, then Pinterest or Twitter might be your media of choice.

Plan carefully, and know what your overall goals are achievable with your efforts.

  • check
    ​​​​Do you want to see more traffic?
  • check
    Do you want to see more sales?
  • check
    Do you want to inspire others?
  • check
    Do you want to reach more people?
  • check
    Do you want brand awareness?

BONUS: Gain More Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing Right Here!

Or, do you want a combination of all of these like Affiliate Mastery Institute does?

Kissmetrics has some great content on social media traffic that all affiliate marketers need to read more on.

We highly suggest applying this social sharing schedule to your campaigns.

Oh, and by the way, it is ok to share the same thing more than once.

To do this however, requires you to have better strategies, rather than simply doing the same post over and over...as you will end up banned from the social networks doing just that.

We like to use snippets from the content that we’ve used as irresistible and intriguing offers, similar to the above Kissmetrics formula, but with less frequency.

Lets' dive further into the different social media networks that Affiliate Mastery Institute likes to utilize, and give you some insightful tips.


What you should remember about LinkedIn

LinkedIn Do’s and Don’t’s can be found in their user agreement

LinkedIn also offer a helpful best practice page if you are stuck and need more suggestions on what to share on LinkedIn.

You can send posts in your LinkedIn community, with the idea that you are sharing something of value or advice or ideas on how to improve, either yourself, your business or your employees.

You could even talk about the latest gadget you recently bought or tried out for yourself, and how that has helped you.

To add engagement to your posts with LinkedIn, you need to think about directing or mentioning others in your posts, especially, if your content is in direct relation to them, or you've taken some piece of advice from their methods. 

Always have the following in every one of your posts with LinkedIn - rich media and or videos’ in additional to helpful text.

Additionally, LinkedIn has a professional community guideline, everyone should follow in relation to their success on LinkedIn, with appropriateness of the content that you are putting out there.

We believe this rings true for all social media networks:

Be Real

Be Professional

Be Nice

Respect Others’ Rights and Follow the Law

How often should you post with LinkedIn?

In our opinion, how often you post with LinkedIn, coincides with your digital marketing strategies and what your goals are.

Your level of post frequency may not determine how popular your reach is.

Affiliate Mastery Institute, believes that you should be posting daily to LinkedIn.

If you have 10 affiliate marketing websites, then we would suggest 10 posts per day. Each post must be specific and topic oriented to your niche market.

Coschedule.com has some really great content on the amount of posts you should be doing.

Their suggestion, is that with LinkedIn, you post once per day between 10am and 11am.

Again, if you own 10 websites that would be 10 posts for each.

Spread them out by 3 hours as a minimum, and our advice is not to go past your bedtime... Ie. starting at 8am; then 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm.

Obviously these times will work for your 10 affiliate websites:

Website 1 - 8am Monday
Website 2 - 11am Monday
Website 3 - 2pm Monday
Website 4 - 5pm Monday
Website 5 - 8pm Monday
Website 6 - 8am Tuesday
Website 7 - 11 am Tuesday
Website 8 - 2pm Tuesday
Website 9 - 5pm Tuesday
Website 10 - 8pm Tuesday and so on and so forth...


What you should remember about Facebook

Facebook pages are the gold to any affiliate marketing website.

You can build up your Facebook audience by telling the public what your page is all about, regularly posting on that page, setting up the message settings so that even when you aren’t around, your visitors who comment get directed to the best location for them to interact with you and your team.

Affiliate Mastery Institute just loves how, with Facebook, you are able to choose the right audience for your content.

This give all of us the capabilities of choosing the right people, for the relevant messages, we are going to create for our niche markets, and all our affiliate marketing websites.

Engagement is perhaps the most important aspect of your Facebook page.

This helps you grow your audience participation and like statistics, and boost posts, along with setting up messaging for your pages.

Seeing how many people are notifying you, and interacting with your page, is vital to your content marketing strategies with Facebook.

The Reach, Page Views, and the Actions on Page are going to be important and critical for you to monitor with Facebook.

Reach being the number of people your Facebook page reached.

If you haven’t reached anyone, then you aren’t setting up your targeted audience properly before posting something.

Facebook Creative Tips are awesome, they offer some real intended approaches to what you are trying to achieve.

Everyone’s social media marketing strategies are going to be uniquely different from business to business...

Whether you want to raise awareness of your brand, drive traffic or sell products, or perhaps all 3 of these goals, there is something your business to focus on.

Understanding, how each can be created in Facebook is super helpful.

Affiliate Mastery Institute strongly suggests that you try to grow your lists and audiences’ organically.

This gives you a clearer indication of how your efforts are being rewarded.

We have tried doing the paid/boost feature in Facebook, and whilst it worked great for the month, that we paid, after our campaign was over...so too were our page viewers and stats. 

These people didn’t stay, and we weren’t going to set up ongoing payments to Facebook for ad campaigns that may or may not generate conversions.

There's a lot of trial and error with boosting pages, and if you aren't uniquely skilled at capturing your audience and maintaining a high continuous following, then you may find, that your efforts will go unrewarded.

How often should you post on Facebook?

Remembering that each page you have set up on Facebook is a branded page, the rules for posting would apply to each page.

If again, you have 10 affiliate marketing websites, one would assume you have 10 branded Facebook pages.

Each one of these pages would need to post daily at least once. More than three times may look spammy.

This is inline with more relevant data posted by revive.social.

Again, using your own judgment and depending on the type of content marketing you are delivering to your audience will make a large difference to how often you should post.

The use of multiple social media streams comes with different social media rules.

You need to thoroughly read all guidelines, rules and best practice methods across all the social media networks that you intend to utilize for you marketing efforts.

With that in mind, if you collect the information you are reading and take notes, on what is considered ‘spamming’ and avoid these types of content posts, then your social media strategies are off to a good start.

If you don’t engage with others and comment on their posts and your own, or are not following and give personal updates about your niche market, then you are running the risk of being blocked, or having your Facebook page unpublished.

social media boosts

What you should remember about Twitter

If your posts are unrelated to the topic, trend or niche, that you are intending to promote then again, you are running the risk of becoming a spammer and this should be avoided at all costs.

Annoyingly, Twitter has a guideline that specifies the use of misleading links, and then gives an example of an affiliate link. Where possible you need to avoid using affiliate links with Twitter for this reason. 

Twitter finds affiliate links to be misleading. That's their rule, you need to abide by it.

Linking instead to a content-rich page or article or post on your website is OK. Sharing, your own experiences, and aiding others.

Adding intrigue, asking a question, doing a poll, sharing a quote are all fine with Twitter.

The use of high resolution images on Twitter will help you market your affiliate websites. Find ways to be creative in your marketing efforts. 

Twitter consistently review their rules, you are best to keep informed on this too, and make sure you read them at least monthly.

"Twitter finds affiliate links to be misleading. That's their rule, you need to abide by it."

Click to Tweet

How often should you tweet?

If you have multiple twitter cards you should aim to tweet at least a half dozen times a day from them.

Not everyone has the ability to create Twitter Cards though, as this is in the creatives section, which won't open as soon as you have a Twitter account (unless the parameters have recently changed).

Give your audience a balance of useful, helpful, insightful, knowledgeable, humorous, and original tweets in your 140 characters.

Be sure to include high resolution pictures or videos in these tweets, or start your own poll within Twitter for your cards to find out more what your audience want for your niche market.

Again with 10 affiliate marketing websites, that would mean a total of 60 tweets per day. Remember though, and this is very important.

You should never tweet if your content isn’t specific to your niche market. You never want to appear "spammy" on social media.

All the major digital marketing gurus online have posted about the use of regularity of posts across social media networks.

You can get lost among all that information and data for hours.

Understanding your own business and what your goals and achievements are, is the most critical thing for your social media marketing campaign efforts.

Not every social media marketing strategy is going to work for everyone, and for every business.

When you acknowledge that, and cater the rules and guidelines to your own business strategies, you will be miles ahead of those who are simply “winging it” or, trying to apply someone else's’ methodologies to your own capabilities.

As a general rule, it is always best to start with one post and do that one post well, keeping to all guidelines and rules.

ask questions

What you should remember about Google+

If you already have a gmail account you will have access to Google+

Simply clicking on the 9 dots at the top right of your gmail account, after logging in and getting started.

Alternatively, you can type into a browser plus.google and create your account that way.

Engagement with other circles, communities and google+ pages is key to Google+.

As with all other social media marketing networks, you need to remain relevant within your topic or niche market.

You also, should make sure that the content on your posts are helpful, insightful, informative, knowledgeable.

For the affiliate marketer, your Google+ pages will be all branded pages.

As you have products, you wish to review or websites that you want to drive your traffic towards.

How often should you post to Google+?

In keeping with the 10 websites theme here, we are suggesting that for each of your affiliate marketing websites you post at least once per day, and no more than 3 times per day for the one website.

There really isn’t a lot of information specific to the posting of content on Google+ online, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to dive into one of our own Google+ accounts, and review it.

After the creation of your Google+ page, or your branded page, you need to search for like minded communities, that share a similar interest to you, and join them.

At Affiliate Mastery Institute, we’ve done this for all our affiliate marketing websites.

When we post to Google+ pages our posts are set to go publicly, to anyone interested in our topic or niche market.

For those that have found us, and have +1’d our page, they will see all new posts that we do.

We tend to post up to half a dozen posts a day to different niche markets. (We have 30 of them).
Ideally, with more manpower we’d be doing this at least once a day to all websites.

Our social media marketing strategies for Google+ is to share relevant content to our target audiences on the niche market that we are posting about.

We always try to send content that is both informational, humorous, helpful, insightful, on trend, promotional or opens up a discussion.

Remember, engagement is the biggest obstacle with all social media marketing networks.

Nail that and you will nail your content and social media marketing strategies for your niche markets and your affiliate marketing websites.

plan your smm

What should you remember about Pinterest

Again, you want to brand each one of your affiliate marketing websites separately.

Be sure to check out the Pinterest rules for business or the brand guidelines.

It even gives you a list of acceptable language phrases to use and not to use, which is super helpful!

You are using Pinterest to drive the awareness, increase traffic and deliver an action or boost your online sales as an affiliate marketer.

Setting up your business accounts across all your social media networks is going to be vital for your affiliate marketing business.

These networks are going to inspire people to seek you out, so make them interesting, and engaging.

As with all other social media networks, Pinterest is big on content that is both interesting, looks great and has some sort of action associated with it.

Watch all the compelling "how to" video’s that Pinterest has to offer, take down some notes, and learn to apply this knowledge to your own branded boards.

Just like other social networks, Pinterest encourages you to find like minded niche specific pins for your branded boards.

Share them to your board for others to see too, by saving them to your branded boards.

With a Pinterest business account, you have the capacity to measure your success across your boards.

All other social networks offer this too, but they name it a little differently.

See your results, measure them, improve on them, and grow your affiliate businesses' success.

How often should I pin/post to Pinterest?

Pinterest, like all other social platforms is interactive.

By our estimate, you need to be saving pins at least a dozen times per day to your branded boards.

Posting to your board at least once or even twice per day with original or imaginative content.

So, out of the dozen pins we want you to do, we suggest that 2 of them are from yourself, or your website, and are fresh, imaginative, and informative for your niche.

The other 10 pins can be a save to other Pinterest boards.

Returning to our initial 10 websites, that’s 120 pins per day.

What you should remember .(full stop)

Be diligent when posting the same content across multiple branded pages/boards, as you can have your account suspended when you do this too often.

In fact, avoid it altogether.

The cross-posting features can be dangerous to your affiliate marketing business.

So you see now, how having a social media marketing road-map can help steer your affiliate marketing business to drive more traffic and conversions?

We hope so, and in case you haven’t...here’s our road-map, all planned out for you to follow!

Social Media

BONUS: Gain More Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing Right Here!

We’d love to hear your helpful insights with social media below.

If we’ve given you some useful tips, we’d love it if you could share our content too.

Until next time,


Judi and her team
Affiliate Mastery Institute ©

Re-purpose Your Content
Hi all, I first heard about re-purposing your content that is on your website, I did not take it very[...]
Affiliate Program Promotion Tips
​​While I know many of you, myself included have many products of their own as well as affiliate products to[...]
Christmas Cheer from our Affiliate team!
It seems  that the years are flying by, the older I get. I must say, my posts are getting fewer,[...]
The end to Google+
I suppose you have all heard about Google+ closing. I do not think it is quite the end though. This[...]
Persuasive Writing For Your Website
​ ​Persuasive Writing Having a clear, concise message for your viewers, and showing that in your writing style, is tricky[...]
How To Promote Your Website
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