Blogging for Affiliate Marketers

blogging for affiliate marketers

Blogging for Affiliate Marketers

Most affiliate marketers start off with one website.

They build up their content rich articles, add them as pages to the website, and form a content marketing strategy for regular posts to that website.

Are they paying attention to the AIDA marketing strategy though?

Do affiliate marketers, just starting out, even knowing what this marketing term means?

Our bet is NO!

So, Affiliate Mastery Institute, is going to enlighten you a little bit more here.

AIDA marketing

A - Attention:

Let’s focus initially on attraction attention! Without capturing the attention of your audience your conversions just won’t exist. 

You should definitely have an email marketing system in place, through either
aWeber or 1ShoppingCart or another trusted email database. 

This way you can set up your email marketing for customers wishing to know more about you and what you do online.

Sending reminders, or semi-regular emails to customers giving them extra snippets of information that will drive them back to your website is critical for online business success.

You can set up certain little ‘captures’ or ‘attention grabbers’ on your websites, offering ‘free’ services or content or newsletters etc.

Or you can have a lightbox or a widget or a slide in or footer post on your website, that adds intrigue and controversy, to get the customers interested in ‘finding out more’.

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I - Interest:

Your reader needs to find your content interesting.

If they don’t they won’t hang around for long.

Generating this interest and holding that interest with your visitors is tricky.

You want them to hang around and read more about what you do, and what you are offering.

You might decide you want to start blogging on your website, like we do here, about the types of things that your business has to offer.

You could provide free offers.

You may even decide you want to provide podcasts, or webinars for free (all something that our subscribers receive as bonuses).

Generating interest and keeping your audiences engaged in your content can be hard, if you aren’t sure what exactly your business model is and what you have on offer.

blog elements

D - Desire:

Have you been able to create an attractive offer?

If you aren’t converting on your website, you need to tweak something so that your visitors have the desire to purchase your offer.

Here you have to put yourself in your visitors shoes. Asking yourself, ‘What do your visitors need to know or see to make them really want this offer?’

The desire to purchase has to be in a product or service that the visitor truly desires. Something, they really want to learn more about.

Your product or service truly needs to answer a question in their lives or satisfy a need for them at the time of them visiting your site.

So, if you aren’t converting then, you need to ‘change things up a bit’ and tweek what you currently have in place to start converting those interested parties.

Trust us, there’s nothing worse than gaining a bunch of traffic, and seeing no one committing to purchase.

You’ve spent all that time, energy and money on organically attracting that traffic, only to have that traffic move on, as you didn’t have the attractive offer complete.

Keep your attractive offers honest, clear, and precise. With this in mind you are promoting and explaining to your visitors the benefits they will receive from the product or service you are offering.

Be as honest and clear as possible. Letting your visitors know straight up, what you have to offer, and how they will benefit from having it too.

After purchase you want your visitors to have exactly what you know they need, and what you can deliver. Without any misconceptions about your product or service on offer.

desirable content

A - Action:

Make sure that you make the action step as transparent and user friendly as possible.

Have a terms of purchase or a ‘subscription terms’ page, outlining exactly what you are offering, and what the visitor should expect from subscribing.

You want your visitors to have confidence in the product or service you provide, so don’t have any hidden costs or nasty surprises for them.

Be sure that you are attracting the ‘right customers’ focus on a demographic that is likely to have the ‘desire’ to learn more if you are offering a ‘subscription’ based service.

Always focus your online business's digital footprint on increasing its own exposure.

Doing this will increase your businesses brand and brand awareness.

Using social media and email marketing, take the time to engage with your visitors or people that are genuinely interested in your business and want to learn more.

Keep your prices simple. Don’t over complicate your product or services with hidden charges or fees. As no-one wishes to have these applied to their accounts.

We’re sure you don’t, so, don’t make life unreasonable for your visitors either.

If you have an offer that has a FREE element, be sure to make this perfectly clear.

Everyone loves a freebie. Take advantage of this, and watch your online business soar with enquiries and interested parties.

All things considered you need to understand that we want to see you thrive with your online business.

Having goals in mind and striving each and every day to ‘formulate with a plan’ and drive your online business's success, is powerful.

Take care with content writing. Check everything twice before posting.

Your reputation is at stake here...and no-one wants that reputation to fall short.

Be a realist when it comes to your email marketing campaigns.

Don’t bombard your subscribers with emails every single day of the week, unless you have some pretty awesome content and information to offer.

Be sure to regularly update the content you have online. Your professional image and brand is powerful, and you don’t want that tarnished.

Keep engaging with your social media pages and boards. Don’t fall in the abbess through lack of trying...having no time, is no longer an excuse for the online marketer.

You make time, as this is a critical part of the process of online business success.

write honestly

That is one thing that Affiliate Mastery Institute will always pride itself on, and that is Judi’s passion.

She so strongly believes that the world of affiliate marketing has been her gateway to financial success, that shes’ created this training platform, for anyone wishing to ‘get started’ and dive in and learn the basics’ of affiliate marketing.

Sure, there’s a bunch of offers all over the internet in nowadays offering similar services.

What makes Judi’s offer different is, that she’s actively working her steps and performing them herself daily, with her team.

Whenever, anything online changes she’s changing with it, and updating her subscribers with these changes.

Through Judi’s persistence with her online goals, shes’ managed to establish her very own system, to setting up an affiliate marketing business, and continually grow it.

Judi has also recognised a few massive milestones in her life with the help of affiliate marketing.


She’s been able to see and assist with the following dreams that she’s turned into goals, and then reality: 

  • Her life changing surgery
  • Her daughter's life changing surgery
  • Being more financially stable
  • Having a white Christmas in Canada
  • Having very little bad debt 
  • Working with her daughter
  • Getting a Harley Motorbike for her husband
  • Helping out the family financially when they've needed it
  • Flying 1st class across the world with husband
  • Flying daughter and family first class across the world
  • Flying grandson and girlfriend first class across the world
let us blog

Most that already know Judi, know that she get’s a lot of joy out of ‘giving’ back.

We started this blog to take a look into Judi’s brain, and pick the best bits out, so that we could give it freely to you through regular articles.

It amazes Judi’s team, just how much information is stored in her overactive brain.

It hasn’t been easy prying that knowledge out of her and transferring it to print, to continue to spread the word about affiliate marketing and its opportunites.

Judi’s online business hasn’t come easily to her.

For those that don’t know, it took Judi initially four months, to truly master affiliate marketing and to make her first sale.

That $15 set of golf balls, opened Judi’s mind to the realms of possibilities affiliate marketing had to offer.

She continues to make regular affiliate marketing sales today, with her 270+ websites.

But, Judi’s true passion lies with ‘teaching’ others.

Showing them what she knows, and helping them get started with affiliate marketing.

She loves this so much, that she’s offered to set up the training free of charge to all new subscribers.

You have the opportunity to take a look into her training platform and see what Judi teaches for a limited time frame, then your monthly subscription will begin.

Your own online business success truly is related to the degree in which you are willing to work on it.

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This saying was never truer in the sense from an affiliate marketing prospective.

Take a page out of Judi’s book, she never gives up, and keeps powering through, even when things aren’t working her way.

Any entrepreneur knows that the power of success comes with one's’ own desire to achieve greatness.

We continue to share with you snippets of useful information, as we want you to develop your online affiliate marketing business and form another income for yourself.

Sharing our business model with you is easy for Judi.

She invites you all to learn more.

Every business is driven by a burning desire, in Judi’s mind.

Your reason for being successful online should be a huge incentive to you personally, to never give up.

Do you have a long term vision?

Think about this for a second, and this is so often mentioned in entrepreneurial circles...but, take a brief moment and think about this…

“If time and money weren’t factors in our society today, what would your life today look like?”

write your story

You wouldn’t have debt, so you wouldn’t be worrying about finances.

You certainly wouldn’t be stressed about ‘being on time’, or ‘having no time to do what you love’, because time is not an issue.

What would you do?
How would you spend your days?
Where would you go?

For Judi today, her big ‘why’ for owning a successful online business is to live comfortably for the rest of her life.

It's’ time you spent making a ‘vision board’ too, and start visualizing your own success, and how it looks, and what you need to get to that successful point.

Now, with a compelling vision in mind, I bet it could be overwhelming thinking how you’ll ever get there.

Here’s where you must break it down into small achievable ‘chunks’.

Be sure to look into setting up a blog for you online business.

This can be a simple as plugging in either daily or weekly and giving useful, and reliable content or information to your visitors.

We also like to stir interest in our blogs, and start up conversations, by giving our visitors the chance to comment below afterwards.

Remember that you can write content and articles until the cows come home, but if you aren’t passionate about your business, then your words and your posts or blogs aren’t going to come across as genuine.

Blogs on your website are accessible anywhere in the world. So, be sure to check and recheck before posting, what you’ve written.

At times it puts a smile on our faces, to hear that affiliates don’t like to blog.

With this type of attitude your affiliate marketing business is doomed from the start.

Writing content and posting about your niche markets is key to being a success as an affiliate marketer.

We hope that you’ve found this blog article useful, and would value any feedback you may offer.

Until next time,

Judi and her team
Affiliate Mastery Institute ©

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