Choosing Your Niche

choosing your niche

Choosing Your Niche

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When you think of a niche what is that comes to your mind?

Do you think about gardening; clothes; makeup; kids toys; cars; trucks; drones; office supplies; home décor; travel...?

Does your niche inspire you to write?

Does your niche open offer a multitude of products?

What is going to be your point of difference in that niche market?

Is your niche popular today? What about your phrase, is there hundreds of millions searching for those key words?

Is your keyword phrase descriptive? Does it tell your audience what you’re site is going to be all about?

What sort of things to you intend to do with your affiliate marketing site, to bring that niche into a new context with your audience?

Are you going to give reviews; recommendations; create an app; build your own brand; offer giveaways; survey people?

After completing these things what are you hoping to achieve?

Do you simply want to convert sales?

Do you want to have repeat customers?

Do you want to build a strong brand so that people keep coming back to your site?

You see, choosing your niche marketing is one thing, but, understanding where you intend to excel with your niche is entirely another.

Affiliate Mastery Institute aims to inspire you into thinking outside the box.

Create a point of difference with your affiliate sites.

Give your prospects an experience. You want them to save your affiliate site to their bookmarks, so that they can come back the next week or month for more!

Change things around often on the sites.

Don’t leave the same forever more, they are your little ‘cash registers’, each one is your brand, is your money maker.

Judi’s team always say to her, “If you wouldn’t buy it, don’t put in on there!” – Apply that to your own affiliate marketing website.

Choose a niche market that you are interested in.

Surely there’s something out there in the marketplace today, that you feel is lacking.

We hear a lot, “if only I could change this about xxxx”, “I would definitely do it <your unique way> if I owned that company”. These are all REACTIVE responses. You need to take a leaf out of one of Judi's most favored inspirational books, "7 Habits of Highly Affective People" by Stephen R Covey

Think hard about what your unique way is. What is it that is going to drive those masses to your unique site?

Ask yourself these questions:

Do you enjoy your sites niche market?

Are you happy with the appearance of site?

Do you have a clear and thought-provoking header image?

Do you have interesting articles on your site?

Do you have products embedded on every page?

Are you posting on your site?

Have you linked your traffic generation platforms yet?


What’s blocking you from moving forward?

In order for your affiliate marketing business to succeed you first and foremost have to develop the website. Once the development phase is complete you now have to think marketing!

Until next time,

Warmly, Judi and her team

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BONUS: Gain More Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing Right Here!

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