Christmas Cheer from our Affiliate team!

Christmas shopping

Christmas Cheer from our Affiliate team!

It seems  that the years are flying by, the older I get. I must say, my posts are getting fewer, and this is not for any reason other than I am always learning from information on the internet. Meaning, I am posting when I have something of value to post.

During this festive season, it is a great time to reflect over the past 12 months and see how I can always make adjustments and improve my Affiliate Business. Big changes for 2019 and 2020 and I love this about the internet, I love the challenge and change!

I  know many of you out there are also striving for a big change in your life such as in lifestyle, work, family, maybe even location of where you are going to live!

I believe that one of the biggest changes I have made throughout this year is to de-clutter! De-clutter my home, my office, my files on my computer,my head. Helping my head de-clutter is becoming easier. Difficult at first, but I have found that by de-cluttering ‘stuff’ from my surroundings, makes me feel more at peace within myself. This enables me to focus better on the things that matter.

Oprah says it all

Then, the process of de-cluttering my mind begins. This whole process has enabled me to move forward, embrace changes, even to the point of improving my outlook to life, my Affiliate Business has improved and moving forward is an exciting prospect.

de-clutter your wardrobe

So, despite what the gurus are saying, I am going against all odds and posting yes but only when I have something worthwhile to post. Only when I know the content of what I am posting is of use to just one other person out there looking for the same things. During this festive season give yourself the best Christmas present of all, time to de-clutter your mind.

Get a hold of your sub-conscious mind, clear the stuff that is really not priority and focus on the tasks that are priority.

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