Exploring Keywords & Descriptive Phrases

exploring keywords and phrases

Exploring Keywords & Descriptive Phrases

Whilst Affiliate Mastery Institute advocates the use of Google.com for your 2-4 word phrases (yes that too is changing in our training). We also understand that there’s many other ways in which you can be assured that the domain your researching is going to be popular. 

Google Trends is opening another new perspective when it comes time to research for a new domain name.

By that Affiliate Mastery Institute recognizes that the keyword phrase searching that we teach you may not be enough anymore.

With the ever-knowing Google and other search engines rewriting over 200 new algorithms in 2017, digital marketers and especially affiliate marketers’ have bit more of a challenge.

Remember, Affiliate Mastery Institute is giving you key tips and techniques here on how best to capture your domain phrase.

Here’s some more things that you can try during the researching phase:

Research online what is trending in <year>.

Check out yahoo.com and the what’s hot section for inspiration.

Read magazines (this is a tax deduction if the magazine is niche specific), gather key phrases that you see in headlines and research them.

Judi doesn’t use Webfire for keyword analysis, but this is an option.

Check out Google Trends to see if your phrase or terms are even popular and trending and in what countries/regions.

Check out keywordtool.io for phrase ideas with your keyword.

You can opt to run with your own theories and see how that works, but be assured that the methods we suggest, we’ve used and we’ve been successful in making conversions with.

We’re now passing this knowledge to you, as that’s what this is all about right,
Coaching! Learning! Owning! Earning! ™

Affiliate marketing isn't something that remains the same for ever more. You must really work hard to get that traffic flowing to your affiliate marketing sites. Building up your brand awareness and getting your brand recognized is all massive factors of your affiliate marketing strategy.

Remember, like Judi says, "If you don't have traffic you won't make sales!"

You cannot think about the actions you're taking alone.

You have to start 'making it happen', 'doing' the steps', 'redoing' them and monitoring what works and what isn't working. Then, BEING FLEXIBLE and acknowledging that something didn't quite work the way you wanted and CHANGING things up a bit.

Promote something that you'd buy yourself! This is one of Judi's team members philosophy. She says, "If you won't buy it, what makes you think someone else will?"

So, consider promoting products that you yourself would purchase if you had the opportunity.

Aligning yourself with what is selling involve carefully thought through RESEARCH!

...What are you waiting for???

Until next time,

Warmly, Judi and her team

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