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A proven step by step training process that will give you the entire life cycle, even if you know nothing about affiliate marketing.

Over the last two years I’ve been wondering why people can be completely motivated and master a technique, while others try hard but don’t make a cent.

I decided to look again at what I was offering and change things up a bit…

For a while I had been getting my name and brand known with live workshops, joint partnering and traveling all over Australia to educate people in affiliate marketing.

I met some wonderful people on my travels and created a clear path for them to learn more about affiliate marketing.

I wanted to create a user experience that was easy to navigate, gave people a clear foundation and taught the techniques without using PPC, or PPP advertising.

Only problem was, not enough exposure, meant that not enough people bought the program.

I was offering a service based business, but the barrier for them was the one-off entry fee.  I was giving them lifetime access to my training, but they weren’t completing the course quick enough, and they weren’t generating income with their affiliate marketing businesses, after buying into my training, because they never finished the training properly...

Over this time, I was performing one on one session regularly and for free, to get people inspired, and on track. I was fast burning out, repeating the same or similar things over and repeatedly, day in day out…

All the while, my regular income was decreasing, as it wasn't recurring…

With the employ of a corporate manager I started to see a much bigger picture.

I needed to give more, without burning out.

After a family trip to Canada for a white Christmas in 2016, I was thinking often, about how I can continue to inspire and train people, who are willing to apply themselves, and not break the bank giving it a go…

Oh, my name is Judi, and I’m the founder of Affiliate Mastery Institute by the way.

To date I have a few thousand subscribers and continue to teach them the knowledge I have in building their own affiliate marketing businesses.

I come from humble beginnings really, my mum was a nurse, I was a nurse, my family were very poor growing up, and I married my first and only love.

Whilst developing Affiliate Mastery Institute I’ve learned a few time tested and proven formula’s that rapidly boosts my affiliate marketing business.

  • How to build your 1st affiliate marketing website for free
  • The entire life-cycle of the development process
  • Widget, merchants and product images driving your business
  • Plugin combinations that don’t throw fatal errors on your website/s
  • Strategies for driving traffic
  • Content marketing and leveraging your online business
  • Integrations and lead generation
  • Complete CRM system management
  • Social media marketing
  • SEO & Analytics broken down and mastered

…just to name but a few of my more interesting topics…

My moral here: Affiliate Mastery Institute is a training course that is real, offers principles, techniques, process and strategies that are proven, and that work for me, time and time again.

We have broken down the steps into a series of small video tutorials, that allow you to easily navigate, and watch, and implement.

At the end of each video tutorial you have a clear path on what you need to do to achieve what the video tutorial covers. There’s no guesswork for you. Just watch, pause, take notes and complete the steps.

What topics does Affiliate Mastery Institute cover?

There are three main subscription levels:

Warm Up (Basic Level)

This for anyone, who wants to get their foot in the door, and understand the basics about affiliate marketing. Here you’ll start at the very beginning, where we map out the foundation for growing a profitable affiliate marketing business.

  • You’ll learn how hosting is paramount to your success
  • You’ll learn the 5 most important pages on your website and how to optimize them properly
  • You’ll learn the techniques required to develop your website, so that affiliate companies will accept you as an advertiser

The Warm Up subscription level covers 19 different strategies for developing and kick starting your affiliate marketing business.

Every strategy will be meticulously broken down, so that you can easily follow along and start to apply into your own online business.

Build Up (Standard Level)

With the standard level of subscription, you can imagine as the name implies you will be learning and performing crucial elements to further monetize and build your affiliate marketing business.

We cover key ingredients that will allow you to integrate with autoresponders, use third party tools and start implementing social media marketing strategies.


  • You’ll learn how to content marketing is going to boost your affiliate marketing
  • Key techniques to getting your EPN account up and running
  • Social media marketing basics for your websites

Rise Up (Premium Level)

This is the ‘cream of the crop’, the premium level gives you the entire life-cycle broken down.

Including both the Warm Up and the Build Up training materials, you have exclusive access to all premium knowledge too.

This is where it gets fun!

  • You will learn the exact cycle I use time and time again to raise affiliate marketing dollars
  • You will learn the techniques and insights that I have mastered with the affiliate companies to monetize my website/s
  • You will have the complete process, to rinse and repeat time and time again for your own affiliate marketing business
  • You will learn how to generate sales using product images and how to capture your leads with CRM

10 More Things You’ll Learn With Affiliate Mastery Institute

  1. The exact step by step process you can follow to growing and developing your own affiliate marketing business
  2. How to research your niche markets to guarantee your conversion rate stays strong
  3. How to set up a social media marketing strategy to drive traffic
  4. How to align yourself with affiliate marketing companies successfully
  5. How content marketing assist your lead generation
  6. Proper SEO methods that aide in your ranking with search engines
  7. The best methods for optimization
  8. The most important pages you need on your affiliate marketing websites
  9. How to backlink and why this is crucial
  10. Using 3rd party tools to boost your online business and free your time

Here is what you can expect to receive

Affiliate Mastery Institutes’ subscription levels will include:

  • Full access or monthly access to over 36 video tutorials
  • Links to fundamental elements
  • Weekly or monthly affiliate marketing insights
  • Options for one on one training sessions
  • Bonus giveaways with every subscription level
  • Featured webinars with training elements
  • Live chat support Monday to Friday

How Much Does It Cost?

You can start today for free with Warm Up and Build Up.



Cancel anytime, no risk, no obligation.

Can anyone do this?

If you have a laptop, or computer and can navigate your way around the device, you can do this training.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Affiliate Mastery all about? Affiliate Mastery Institute is all about education. We hope to educate like-minded individuals on the practices of affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a way of earning income online, affiliate marketing is an arrangement by which an online retailer pays commissions to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

Will I make money with affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a way of earning a living. It is not a ‘get rich quick scheme’, you need to think of affiliate marketing as an online tool to earning a more passive income, based on your own marketing abilities.

Do I need a high level of computer skills to do affiliate marketing? Your affiliate marketing business will be online, you will be setting it up using your own computer or laptop. You should have working knowledge of your own devices and be able to navigate across search engines, tabs, and be able to easily understand how to save items, copy, paste, and navigate around a browser.

Why should I join Affiliate Mastery Institute? Our focus is on educating affiliate marketers and eCommerce website owners only.

Why do you teach your training course with WordPress? Affiliate Mastery Institute prefers WordPress because, they are the most proactive, and user friendly content management system available worldwide today, in our opinion. We find it easy to navigate, easy to update, and easy to develop for affiliate marketing especially. We teach using the WordPress content management system only.

Can I apply your methods to my eCommerce website?

Yes! You most certainly can. In fact, our methods will enhance your own eCommerce websites by assisting you to achieve higher ranks in the search engine optimization and give you some edge other eCommerce websites may not know about.

What’s my risk? Nothing! When you subscribe to Affiliate Mastery Institute, you can cancel anytime, no risk, no cancellation fees, no obligations.

How much time per week do I need to an affiliate marketer? What do you want to achieve? What is your end goal? What is your reason for looking at affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is like any business. The longer you spend on it the more successful you will be.

What is the earning potential of affiliate marketing? If generating money is your primary focus, then affiliate marketing perhaps isn’t for you. There’s so much more than earning potential with owning an affiliate marketing business and learning how to marketing online successfully.

Helping You Master Affiliate Marketing

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