How To Promote Your Website

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How To Promote Your Website

How To Promote Your Website

Don't you want to grow your business? Well who doesn’t? The problem is it's hard to grow your business and market, ​unless you have a big marketing budget, right? That’s a bunch of bull​dust.

You don't need money to market your business. Today I'm going to teach you how you can market your website when you have no money to spend on advertising. The beautiful thing about the web is social media being free. It doesn't cost to be on there. The second beautiful thing about the web is you can create content in any form. It can video, it can be text, it can be audios like podcasts.

Creating these types of text formats or content and then pushing out on social media is a great way to get more traffic.

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If you're trying to market your website and you don't have any money to spend

on advertising, here’s what you want to do. First, go to Quora and type in all the questions people within your ​niche may have. You'll start seeing tons of questions and popular ones that are getting a lot of votes. Go into those questions, answer them.

By helping people out you'll notice that more people will see who you are, they'll come back to your website, and then they'll purchase. It really is that simple. You go to my Quora page on Neil Patel, you'll notice that I've responded to hundreds of questions and I get hundreds and thousands of views on my Quora questions and my profile each and every single month.

It's a great way to leverage their traffic to generate traffic back to my website and sales. Best of all, I don't have to spend any money to do that. The second thing that you should be doing is posting your content on social media.

Albert Einstein

You write a blog post. Post it on Twitter. You write another blog post. Again, post it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. The possibilities are endless. Continually share your content everywhere. You know what I do?

I write a blog post once on my website. Then I post the same content on LinkedIn. After adding a few paragraphs on

LinkedIn, I say, "Hey, click to continue reading the rest. "It makes them go back to my website to read the rest of the article.

I also put a snippet on Twitter, because it only allows 140 characters, causes people to come back to my site. So, sharing your content on social media is another great way to get traffic. It's that simple. Go respond to people who are asking questions on Quora.

Go to Twitter. Look for people who are asking about stuff within your field. So, if someone's asking about marketing related stuff, I would go on Twitter and just respond to them in 140 characters.

Heck, I can even link to my own website if I have content that also answers their question. It's a great way to get more traffic. You know if you don't have a popular Twitter profile, or you don't want to use Quora, just google for forums within your ​niche.

10 smm to do

So, if you're in the marketing space,

just google marketing forum, F-O-R-U-M. You'll see a list of forums. Go to them.

 Respond to questions that you can answer. In the footer of each of your forum responses or in the signature link to your website. This will get more visitors back to your site. More traffic means more sales.

Picture this: You’ve just published your website. Within minutes your site is flooded with traffic and it’s already paying dividends. Sound too good to be true? Good! Because it is.

Getting visitors to your site doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes quite a bit of work. But promoting your site doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Here are four quick tips to start grabbing the attention your new website deserves.

Content marketing means using the content you produce as leverage for engaging your audience. By creating a variety of useful content like blog posts, podcasts,

webinars, infographics, newsletters, and videos, just to name a few you build credibility and trust with potential customers. Start by determining what is valuable to your target audience, then tailor your content directly to them.

Content marketing requires consistency and planning, but above all else, focus on keeping your content fresh and timely.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, consists of a variety of techniques designed to get your site placed higher in search engine results and it’s essential.  If you don’t optimize for search engines, you probably won’t be found by the 94 % of people who only view the first page of Google search results.

Good SEO starts with regularly generating keyword-rich content, creating a positive user experience on your site and making sure your site’s internal links function correctly.



93 percent of online experiences begin with a search engine, so getting SEO smart will help you find more potential visitors. To learn more about SEO techniques, check out this video. ​Why SEO is crucial to internet marketing

PPC is a paid advertising model that allows you to bidon keywords on top search engines. When you win that auction, your ads appear at the top of search engine results. To start utilizing PPC, you need a Google AdWords account.

Research keywords related to your site, select them, and choose your bidding amount. From there, you build a search campaign that involves more details — including writing your copy and choosing where choosing where your ad will run. PPC advertising isn’t free, but it can lead to a healthy ROI. Still want more 411 on PPC? Guess what? We've got a video for that too.PPC Advertising Basics

Email marketing is a promotion strategy that involves sending one email message to many people and is permission-based so customers have to opt-in. Instead of trying to reach them on social media or through organic searches, you are given access directly to their inboxes. It’s especially useful for its real-time feedback. Just keep these best practices in mind before you hit send: Get permission before adding new contacts to your mailing list. Make sure you

proofread all your email copy for mistakes and errors. And double check that all links you're including work properly.

increase web traffic

To get started, sign up for an account with an email marketing service like Constant Contact, Send Grid.  They'll help you get everything you need to get your email marketing campaign up and running to figure out which of these four marketing strategies are best for your Business, Analyze your options based on your goals, capabilities, and resources. 

There are tons of other great ways to promote your website, but this will get you started. For more in-depth tips on how to drive traffic to your website, click here to visit the Affiliate Mastery Institute website. Thanks for reading.

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Now that I’ve discussed my top ​Website Promotion Tips, I’d love to hear what you may have discovered about ​Website Promotion that isn’t widely known.

A good lot of my new subscribers, are complete novices to the world of affiliate marketing.

All knowledge from a basic level to an advanced level is going to further assist them in their journey’s to become successful affiliate marketers.

I guarantee that you will come across more ​Website Promotion tips and tricks online as you further and expand your research and knowledge base in this area.

This topic isn’t foreign to online marketers.

This short article is here to assist you not making any ​Website Promotion blunders that I’ve made.

With this article, Affiliate Mastery Institute is hoping you remain better educated and up to date in today's growing online communities.

I want you to learn from me, and my mistakes.

Affiliate Mastery Institute, doesn’t want you learning the ‘hard way’.

We hope you've been able to learn more from our ​Website Promotion Article today.

Until next time,
Judi and her team
Affiliate Mastery Institute ©

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