How to Win at Featured Snippets.

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How to Win at Featured Snippets.

Now we know what featured snippets are, the next thing is that even though featured snippets have been around since 2013 many SEOs let alone Affiliate Marketers have ignored the process of trying to capture them as a strategy.

You see, more recently if you look at wikihow for example, they report, that currently 30% of searches have Featured Snippets.

All of us know, that with the voice search added to mobiles and computers alike, this figure is going to rise dramatically.

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In fact, this is the reason for me writing this and the last Blog posts.

Never before has the position “0” being the top position on search engines, been more important to strive for than now.

In your snippet, the query question must be answered in the first sentence.

We cannot apply for a featured snippet, it is only picked up by the SERPS, if your snippet answers the query direct.

In other words, this position primarily is used to answer search questions or topics in a short and concise manner.

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To assist in getting you to rank in the position “0” there are 9 things you need to know about featured snippets.

  • As we already have established the first one is, you can’t create featured snippets.
  • You can capture featured snippets from others.
  • At least page 1 rankings are required.
  • Analyze and identify opportunities
  • Grammar matters
  • Think inverse pyramid
  • Formatting matters
  • Featured snippets are expanding, becoming more diverse and
  • Look at the “People Also Search” box

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Now that I have listed the 9 things, let’s consider each one more closely, so that you have a better understanding, of how to achieve the all-important position “0” for your affiliate websites.

You Can’t Create Featured Snippets

Google creates featured snippets at their own discretion.

No matter what you do from an SEO perspective you can’t force the creation of the featured snippet.

You Can Capture Featured Snippets from Others

The best way to acquire featured snippets is to first utilize a tool such as SEMrush, Moz Pro, or Ahrefs Site Explorer.


Using these tools, you can see where your website ranks for search queries, and based off those current rankings you can see which queries currently show featured snippets and in what format.

Example from Ahrefs:


Page 1 Rankings Required

Unless your page ranks on page 1 for a search query that triggers a featured snippet, getting one will be nearly impossible.

In fact, Ahrefs performed a study and found out that 99.58 percent of all featured snippets are from sites that rank in the top 10 of that search term.

Analyze & Identify Opportunities

Now that you have found a featured snippet for a keyword you rank on page 1 for, it’s time to try and capture it.

What is the current site doing well to answer the user’s question?

What could be improved and provide a better experience for users searching for that topic?

Build out your content in a way that will provide a better answer.

Grammar Matters

Be very sure here, what is your target market. Why?

If you have grammatical mistakes in your heading or description, it could trigger removal from position 0.


Remember, the US market spell things a bit differently to Australia. There are other language suggestions to follow, depending on your target market.

inverse pyramid

Think Inverse Pyramid!

What is an Inverse Pyramid?

The inverted pyramid is a metaphor used by journalists and  other writers to illustrate how information should be prioritized and structured in a text.


You want to try and put the answer to the featured snippet towards the top of your page.

Start with the answer and then supplement the rest of the content on that page with information so the user could get everything answered in this one place.

Formatting Matters

If the current featured snippet is in a table format, make sure your answer is in a table format.

If the current featured snippet appears as a bulleted list, make sure yours is as well.

And so on.

Featured Snippets Are Expanding, Becoming More Diverse

While featured snippets have been around for a while, their types and displays have expanded recently.

Take for example, the job search (screenshot below), that shows local jobs once the query is typed into Google.

As these continue to expand and diversify, there will be even more opportunities for businesses to rank in this position.

Look at the “People Also Search” Box

Looking at the results in this box can not only help you to answer relevant questions but also spark ideas for other content you can write to help your SEO efforts.

These searches are almost always related and can really help to get insight into other related keywords.

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A featured snippet is the first thing people will see on many search engine results pages.

Getting your site into this highly valuable space as part of your SEO efforts can really help to improve your visibility.

As mentioned, these featured snippets are different than standard results placement.

You can achieve Position 0 if you make effort in content creation on your site, especially when it comes to answering questions and paying close attention to the questions users are asking via search.

As time goes on, there are likely to be even more types of featured snippets on the Google SERPs (think of the jobs search example above), and there will be even more opportunities to be visible in this space.

By changing the description in your All in One SEO plugins page, (if this is your plugin you use), to reflect the points above, you are simply, from a search perspective, igniting your existing website.

If your website has all the formula for an affiliate site but not getting traffic, just plateaued, then this is just one way to get your site off that plateau and on the rise.

Finally, in reflection to getting your site to rank position “0” do a checklist up for yourself, follow the 9 points listed in this blog post article.

Also, look at the rest of your site with fresh eyes, asking yourself 4 key SEO strategies:

  1. Would you buy from your site, looking from the outside in?
  2. Do you have original content, throughout your site, that is full of helpful information that is going to capture your audiences attention?
  3. Are your pages and posts, search engine optimized?
  4. Do you have <Alt> tags that are relevant on every graphic on your website?

We believe these are the 4 keys that drive our ranking abilities, when we are developing our website/s. You need to start making these 4 keys a priority with your affiliate marketing website/s too.

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We want you to learn from our mistakes, never start up an online business blind. Get some insider knowledge first, from those that have been in the industry for a number of years, and continue to thrive.

Affiliate Mastery Institute, doesn’t want you learning the ‘hard way’.

We hope you've been able to learn more from our ​Featured Snippets post today.

If you'd like to leave a comment with more of your own experiences please feel free.

Until next time,
Judi and her team
Affiliate Mastery Institute ©

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