Is Your Website Dead, or NOT Getting Traffic?

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Is Your Website Dead, or NOT Getting Traffic?

Affiliate Marketers, listen up. If you have built a website and it is sitting there not getting traffic, here are my 3 Top Tips to fix this today!

Before I begin, I have to say please turn your mobiles to silent, do not be distracted by any outside entities. 

Affiliate Marketers, in my experience, can be easily distracted. (I know I do).

Now you are focused on what I have to say?... thank you.

1/ Your website content needs to be thorough, what does this mean?


This means that at the end of your content you are to leave the reader with no questions to ask.

You have covered every possible answer to your topic even before the person reading can formulate a question.

If you do not you will lose your potential customer.

Also remember to use your keyword terms in your content, but in a language that flows and creates curiosity and when at all possible evokes emotion.

2/ I have said this before and I will say it again, "Your Title Tag and Meta Description must be optimized with your search term keyword phrase."

3/ Google actually gives us a tool for free to use to help us do steps one and two more effectively.

It is called "Google Search Console".

Now, if you are not using this tool, you are behind before you start..

Sign up if you do not have an account and you will see how terrific it is for your affiliate marketing business.

I will include screen shots, and a video to assist you in these endeavors here now:

close down distractions

The tools listed in the screen shot above are available FREE through Google Search console

Honestly, to get your website traffic moving toward your website, and getting your site picked up by the SERPS, where does it need to be?

Position '1' or '0' right?

​So, this is not rocket science people!

Follow the instructions laid out in each of the listed tools on Google search console and you cannot go wrong!!

When you add your site to Search Console, it may take some time before diagnostic and other data is available.


This is normal; it can take some time for Search Console to gather and process data for your site.

Search Console provides data based on site visits and links to your pages.

You need to get the word out about your web site to get more people visiting and naturally linking to it - that is, of course, after you've built a web site that people will want to visit and link to.

The more links to your site on the web, the more likely it is that Google-bot will stop by for a visit.

Once Google starts crawling your site more often, you'll notice that Search Console will begin to show more detailed data, and that this data is updated more often.

what search engines do

We have talked about content and being very thorough in giving all you can to covering all requirements of your focused topic.

Now let me remind you of your Title and Meta Description.

Remember these can be picked up by the search engines, as mentioned in previous posts as featured snippets, so, it is vital you keep up your research when thinking of

titles and descriptions.  

We research in internal page and blog post titles as well.

So, you can choose to use, Google Adwords, or there is also another software called Webfire.com

I always Google.com browser to search. 

I mention this because no matter what country you live in your search browser will default to your own country.


I want to give you plenty of examples here of researched phrase terms. I will use the wealth niche as an example.

Cash Flow Formula

Is Money Wealth

Wealth is Abundance

Do Power and Money Relate

Note here that in my research all of the search phrases above do evoke curiosity, are in the mega millions for searches, consist mainly of three words and at the time of searching were all available as domains.

Also no one else owns or has them!

key-hole-curiosity with words

At the Affiliate Mastery Institute, our eLearning is forever evolving. 

This is because our team realize that in order to keep in front of the pack we need to be the leaders in Affiliate Marketing.

eLearning consists of 2 things, the internet and teachings.

I always have freely stated I have no degree in computers or the internet as far as skill is concerned.

My teachings are that of my own experiences and those of my members.

Everyone who takes on being an affiliate can benefit by:

  • working from home
  • choosing your own hours
  • selecting the niche (market) that you are interested in
  • being your own boss
  • making entrepreneurial decisions
  • no cold calling
  • no stock to worry about

I mention this here, because as we start our journeys, we are focus and excited.

Do not wain on your goals and never impose limiting beliefs on yourself.

BONUS: Gain More Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing Right Here!

I digress! (See it happens to the best of us too)

Back to getting the traffic you need for your website to generate the profits you are seeking.

now, with following and putting into action the 3 steps above you are well in front of the pack so

to speak but now here are my 3 gold nuggets that are my sources of what I do:

1. You need to go out there and find someone in your niche who has a lot of traffic but is really

not well known. This is a huge niche on it's own but here is the thing. Unknown bloggers in your

niche are out there, I call these people influences.

2. You can approach these guys and ask, "How about I interview you?" or, "Do a video and place it on

my blog and my website and I will post it on YouTube as well." A win, win situation all around.

They have the visitors already, your site will win from that alignment.

This is a systematic grind, it works but most people are too lazy to do it.

3. Once you have a list of businesses in your niche that are at the top, use buzzsumo.com

Put this list into an excel spreadsheet.

Create your email messages, pay someone from upwork to collate the list and once you have been

approved press send.

By seven months – 10 months in you will have 100 thousand visitors per month.

Example below and note I obtained this list in seconds through ​BuzzSumo.com just from the Free plan.

wealth Twitter Influencers

Why does this work?

What are we trying to achieve here?

How does buzzsumo give me more visitors? Let me break it down some more...

Do I need to pay for traffic?

What are some other ways of generating traffic to my affiliate marketing website/s?

Affiliate Mastery Institute, doesn’t want you learning the ‘hard way’.

We hope you've been able to learn more about traffic generation today. That was the aim here, and if at first you don't succeed, try and try again!

Until next time,
Judi and her team
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