Key Affiliate Marketing Strategies

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Key Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Key 1 – Be passionate about your niche:

Whilst Affiliate Mastery Institute promotes affiliate marketing is best done in the masses. We also like you to remain focused on the niche markets that you have some interest in.

We don’t want you developing a multitude of affiliate marketing websites across fifty different niches’ that you aren’t going to be inspired by yourself.

Judi may have over 300 websites, but she only has 30 niche markets. Bear in mind here, that each of her niche markets are something that she’s passionate about, and loves.

Key 2 – Be flexible

Affiliate marketers’ need to be mindful of the ever-changing algorithms of Google, which means that your strategies may need to change overnight.

There’s also a FAST method Affiliate Mastery Institute teaches to content marketing, and a VALUABLE method to content marketing. Be sure to utilize both in the building phase.

Key 3 – Have more than 1 traffic generator

Whatever you do, Affiliate Mastery Institute will continue to teach you up to 5 or more (in the future) traffic generators, how to set them up, how to gain traffic from them, and how to target your audiences with them. Your affiliate marketing strategy should never only involve just the one source of traffic generation.

Key 4 – Get a world calendar with public holidays’

Yes, a world calendar with public holidays in it will give you specific clues and ideas, about what to post about leading up to certain public holidays, in certain countries.

You can set up your target audiences with your descriptive phrases on your SEO, to focus your efforts in that region or country.

You will also be delivering relevant content to those regions or countries when you do post to them, giving your affiliate website more depth.

Key 5 – Think BIG!

Whilst it is great to have a site that promotes books, apps or software you need to understand that your commission on these purchases really isn’t going to be much.

Judi still promotes low end products, and they do sell, but she’d rather see commission checks for $2000 or more, not less than that.

So, if you’re generating a couple of hundred dollars already, perhaps think about ways you can step that up to the next level.

Look for products that are in that niche that are higher end to promote

Consider offering more value to your readers by recommending products for them

Think outside the box with how you can grow your affiliate revenue

Judi often purchases a getaway, or giveaways, and asks her visitors to fill our surveys to win the items.

Perhaps, you want to research how to do this too.

Key 6 -  Find a trend

Simply by typing into your browser ‘how to find a trend in <year>)’ you will be able to see some consumer trends for the current year you’ve joined Affiliate Mastery Institute.

Affiliate Mastery Institute loves Google Trends.

We’ve never really spoke much about this in the past. But, we love to explore trends on this platform, by specifying the worldwide trend of a topic you are going to get a real perspective from Google Trends how popular your chosen topic might be.

You can start to use this before you pick your researched phrase as taught in Basic training.

Key 7 – Learn to become consistent with your content

After you’ve build your affiliate marketing website using the Affiliate Mastery Institutes’ teaching methodologies, you cannot sit back and relax!

Remember, affiliate marketing isn’t for the set and forget person.

We must formulate a clear content marketing strategy for your niche markets from the start. Be consistent with your posts and your content delivery methods.

Add valuable and engaging content to your sites, if you’ve decided to build them initially using the FAST approach. Start replacing other people’s content with some content that you have Private Label Rights over or that you’ve paid a freelance writer to write exclusively for you, or that you’ve written yourself.

Remember, you must appeal to your reader, so you need to put them in the centre of your content efforts.

Until next time,


Judi and her team

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