Let Us Help You Master Twitter

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Let Us Help You Master Twitter

You have your Twitter account all set up but have no idea who to follow?

Whatever you do don't try to follow everybody in the entire world at the same time or on the same day.

If you follow somebody, and later wish to unfollow them, that's fine, you have the ability to do that with Twitter.

After you followed about 120 people your timeline will show a lot of diversity.

Twitter has its own set of rules with relation to how ‘aggressive’ you are at following others.


You want to start off by following the top Twitter users that you are genuinely interested in.

Don’t forget that you would like to follow the people that follow them too right?

You have your own affiliate marketing niche, or target market, and you know what your overall topic is.

Performing a search for that topic will pull up others in that niche.

If you have exhausted that avenue, we discovered years ago, that you can do an advanced search in Twitter.


Why not discover the use of the Twitter lists?
You can easily set up a list to monitor your competition. See what they are tweeting about, and offer something more compelling.
Or you can set up a list in Twitter for assisting your subscribers, which we’re currently doing.
Or you can have a list set up for all your different niche markets, which is awesome for the affiliate marketer.
The best thing about lists with Twitter, is that you can regularly monitor them, and keep relevant, by managing your own social content better then the next person.
The second best thing is that you can add people to your lists without having to follow them.

twitter should not puzzle

Knowing exactly how many people or industries you should follow with Twitter isn’t something that you need

to worry about when you first sign up with your Twitter account.

Just know that Twitters’ rules as stated above are clear, about what an ‘aggressive’ followers is. Avoiding this

is beneficial to you.

In fact, Twitter states: “Every user can follow 5000 people total”. Once you have followed this many, then

Twitter has limits in place, for the additional followers you choose.

Twitter says, that “following is not mutual”, which basically means, that on Twitter if you follow someone 

they don’t need to follow you back, and visa versa.

Harnessing the use of the Twitter list will help you monitor the deluge of content you will receive from your

Twitter communities.

If you follow someone on Twitter, their timeline will show in your timeline.

You can then dive into the ‘influencers’ that you want to follow, due to their ‘super cool content’ or their

ability to ‘answer questions’ you may have on a topic.

Identifying these key individuals or businesses, and then following who they follow is going to help you

stream content that is relevant to you and your business needs.

Are overall aim with Twitter is always to increase the number of people that are following you.

Thinking about how you are going to better serve the followers you have is going to be a crucial element to

your overarching social media marketing strategy.

You can get bogged down thinking all kinds of negative thoughts about your Twitter followers.

Why doesn’t anyone respond?

What am I doing wrong?

People aren’t going to take me seriously as I don’t have many followers!

...don’t worry about any of this!

follow us

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We don’t have that many followers on our newly created Twitter ID, but we strategically decided that 

separating the affiliate marketing websites to our training website was going to be a great move for the


Sure, its going to take us some time to get @affiliatefornow up to an awesome follower count. But, we are up for the challenge.

We know that we have enough information that is relevant, useful and current in today’s affiliate marketing

industry, which is going to assist A LOT of people.

Your Twitter account needs ENGAGEMENT, and attracting people to your page is the first thing that you need to focus on.

Keeping the end user in mind is always going to see that your Twitter follower count increases.

As you continue to give them more and more helpful and useful content, they will start to feel more and

more compelled to follow you, and better yet, refer to your content and include you in their tweets.

Really, at the end of the day you want the public to know that you exist right?

Lets’ reach out and follow people that are relevant to your niche or your target audience.

Make sure that you follow the people that these main influencers are following too.

As you continue to give valuable and diverse content, you are bound to increase your list of followers.

twitter strategy

Another thing too…

If you are concerned that not a lot of people are following you, then you aren’t really taking the time to

create useful material for them to benefit from.

...we’d say you need to seriously rethink your strategies here if that is the case...and get moving!

You know that relevancy is a big word that gets thrown around quite a lot online right?

Why is relevancy so special?

Being relevant means that you are tweeting something of interest to your target audience.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter how many followers you have, as long as you are delivering the

relevant content they want.

If you are all about coffee - everything should be coffee related. Things that are going to urge the other

coffee lovers to click through and read your content, or go onto your affiliate marketing website.

Its’ like waving a carrot in front of a horse (most horses’ like carrots right? heehee)

BEST horse feed image

In short, you are giving your target audience more of what they want to know.

You are ‘inspiring’ thought, action, and empowering your followers to be better, by giving

them information that is both relevant, useful and informative.

Whatever, and whoever your target audience, you must always update that timeline with relevancy.

If someone was to come along to your Twitter ID and view you and see that you have a bunch of tweets that

are all about how ‘good you are’ or you have tweets that center wholly and solely on ‘you’, they are sure to

click away, faster than a fly to leftover food!

Remember in our previous blog post we mentioned the use of the hashtag?

Hashtags will help you get discovered on Twitter.

When using the hashtag, you are targeting a word or a phrase that will help your tweet get exposure to like

minded people or businesses that are interested in that topic or keyword.

If you have a subscription based network, politely ask your subscribers to find you and follow you, and in

return you will follow them.

If they follow you and are engaged with your timeline, you could request for them to send through a

testimonial, as every testimonial online is powerful to your online business.

business reputation

Building up your credibility online is what social engagement can perform for you.

You don’t need to go ahead and follow everyone that follows you though. Be sure to check out their profiles

and see if they fit into your area of expertise, or if they are offering you something that interests you first.

Affiliate Mastery Institute tends to follow people that they can learn from, their subscribers, and those who 

actually interest them.

You can try to take this method of approach to with your Twitter strategy.

Twitter is all about being sociable and in fact every social network is called a social network for specific

reason and that reason is to be sociable.

If you aren't being sociable then your social media strategy is failing.

With any social network you are engaging your audience in a conversation.

You are giving them helpful and valuable content that is going to help them succeed in their daily lives.

If you are on these social networks only to build traffic and drive conversions then you are on the social

networks for the wrong reasons.

attribute others

Plugging into your social networks on a daily basis should be a part of your business processes and 


There should be somebody assigned to your social media marketing strategy on a daily basis.

There are no rules to say that you have to continue following the people that you have followed on Twitter.

If you look at their profile and they aren't giving you relevant content that is going to assist you in your

business's daily operations. Then why are you following them? Are they following you back?

Affiliate Mastery Institute does not advocate the use of paying for followers, in fact we find this use of 

software or AI quiet unethical in nature. Some will disagree.

We believe in doing things organically.

That is why our followers and our subscribers stay with us for longer periods of time.

We often change things up and surprise them with new ideas and information that is going to assist them to

achieve their overall affiliate marketing dreams.

With all the affiliate marketing website/s you have, you need to consider that your tweets, are going to be

more focused on offering advice, or helpful hints of some kind.

are you planning

For the fashion industry, take a seasonal approach, perhaps these tweet ideas may assist:


We’re bringing out the winter ____________ this month, with bold colours, to keep you warm…
Lets’ lighten your day with a comfy __________, helping you shift your mood in this gloomy weather...


My it’s hot outside, take a splash with __________, and keep cool this summer!
Bask in the sun, and enjoy _________ whilst trying not to melt this summer?


We’re dropping our prizes like the trees are dropping their leaves this autumn.
Don’t get blown away with the leaves this autumn, keep comfortable with ________


Feeling bright and decided to wear something to reflect this.
Loving the warm spring days at present, strolling in the park in my favorite _________

We are sure you get the picture right?

When tackling your Twitter strategy, we have already discussed finding your target audience.

Anyone that has any knowledge of the term ‘marketing’ would know that you have to have a plan, a

goal and implement that plan by putting actions in place.

Think of Twitter as a medium for a ‘conversation’, to raise awareness out there about what you are doing.

Your businesses personality will start to shine through to your tweets.

Does your plan involve building a better customer service to your subscribers?

Does your plan involve giving your brand a human aspect?

Does your plan involve generating more leads?

Does your plan involve competitive analysis?

all about twitter

You may have answered “yes” to all of these plans. That’s fine. Twitter is there to serve the needs of these


Having a clear time frame to concentrate wholly on Twitter (or any social network) is going to be a key

component of business communication and social strategy.

You need to learn new things just as much as your prospective visitors and followers want to learn new


Remember that you are to follow the competitors in your field of work, the main influencers in that field.

Check out on hashtags.org what hashtags are popular at present, and if they align with your business, then

be sure to use them in your tweets.

Use content that is unique, relevant and knowledgeable or helpful, in the subject matter.

Whilst your posts or tweets are important, you still need to do some research and development about your

niche, and dive into some competitive analysis.

Identify people or companies that you could follow, that you think may assist with your overall business


After you have created your basic Twitter strategy, you need to begin taking notice of the number of tweets

you did, how many followers you have, how many people you reached and how many people retweeted you.

These metrics will assist you in reaching your goals. (If you haven’t set one yet...go back and do that!)

When doing your competitive analysis, we like to create a list of all the competition we can find in the market

today, and take a closer look at how they are campaigning on Twitter.

Are you doing that?

Why not?

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Perhaps have a tweeting calendar set up - or we like to call it a road map.

Define in this road map what kind of Twitter strategy you want and goals you intend to achieve.

Talk about who is going to be performing the tasks and tweeting the content, or even developing the content

for that Twitter campaign.

If it is you, as a small business owner, then you need to divide your time, and make sure you allocate at least

one hour a day to each social network.

More if you have an abundance of affiliate marketing websites.

...oh what’s that… you don’t have enough hours in the day?

​...well you need to learn how to set up Twitter cards and schedule tweets for your websites.

Do you want to make this work or not? Find a way!

Lets’ continue to be engaging, both with your followers and your prospective followers.

We like to send through some kind of tweet at least 10 times per day. But, really it will depend upon your


Have a play around with different tweet times, and watch the engagement levels after you have tweeted.

This will help you to discover when the best time of the day is to tweet.

Here at Affiliate Marketing Institute our social media strategy is to align our posts, and tweets etc. with the 

blogs that we put out to the public.

We have used a plugin SNAP, that integrates well with all our social networks, so when we actually start

posting on our website, these social networks will have an automated post with a featured image.

Then our social media task force, dive into each of our social networks individually and sets up regular

tweets, or messages if you want, for that one post that was created.

Now, this is crucial!

We do NOT tweet or message the same link on the same day multiple times per day! NO


This is a fast way of getting yourself suspended on any social network, for being a spammer!


You want to keep and eye on everything that you ‘put out there online’.

When you do this, you are essentially MONITORING what is happening with your social media strategy.

Does this tweet work?

How are you going to measure the success rate?

Is this measurement going to be conducive to retweets, or followers?

All these questions need to become a part of your social media marketing footprint.

When your plan or your business goal is to increase brand awareness, you are going to be more focused on

what the conversations or campaigns or tweets or posts are doing for your brand.

When you use hashtags or promote conversations, or polls, you are looking into the insights of that tweet,

and you are deciding if that was done at the right time, and with the right reach.

As a general rule across any social network, you want to start monitoring the following metrics:

Followers or Likes

Tags or Mentions

Comments or Replies

Shares or Retweets

If you factor these 4 things into your social analysis, you will find that your online footprint is going to either

improve or not with your efforts.

I think that we’ve pretty much mastered the use of Twitter tweets now, and Affiliate Mastery Institute, has

enjoyed putting together this knowledge for you.

Quality is really what counts in business.

If you continue to deliver quality content to your prospects daily, then your social strategy will improve and

your network of followers will too.

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We hope that you’ve enjoyed this article.

Until next time,


Judi and her team
Affiliate Mastery Institute ©

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