Limiting Beliefs


Limiting Beliefs


Limiting beliefs are those which constrain us in some way. Just by believing them,

we do not think, do or say the things that they inhibit. And in doing so we impoverish

our lives. ... Limiting beliefs are often about our selves and our self-identity.

Eliminate Limiting Belief

​To eliminate limiting belief, you first have to recognize what it is, that you do have it,

accept this, then you can deal with it's elimination.


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Why do I talk about Limiting Beliefs, here in this platform for Affiliate Marketing.

To be a successful Super Affiliate there is no doubt that your mindset plays an

important if not the most important role in your overall success.

I have said it before and I will say it again. If you do not have the right mindset, then your affiliate business will not work.

​Time and time again I see people who try to build a business but are afraid to take action-because everything they've tried before hasn't worked. All they have seen is time, effort, and money flow out, with nothing coming in.

​People then beginning to question themselves and automatically assume that nothing will work. ​This is a really dangerous cycle to get yourself into. I was stuck in this cycle, I had limiting beliefs that nothing in my affiliate business was good enough.

​I had spent the better part of over a year to build my new internet business.

​I stayed excited because I used to make a lot of money, people around me were making ​tens of thousands of dollars monthly in affiliate dollars; other affiliates like me.

​The highest monthly made affiliate money every recorded was made in Perth, to a South African man. He made over $270,000.00 in one month!

​This kind of number is mind blowing to me and this is what helps keep me going. I know that one day I will reach this level. Destroying my limiting beliefs forever.

think socially

If you want above-average results, you have got to be willing to put in above-average effort.

Gain More ​knowledge about Affiliate Marketing! do whatever it takes to succeed. You will be told by the people close around you, ​despite this business thing-go get a real job. ​The fact that my family were saying things like, quit this online stuff, it will never work. I know now that looking through the eyes of experience, my lack of results had nothing to do with the affiliate business. It was all me.

I was focusing on all the wrong things. I was constantly jumping from one subject or software or system to the next, ignoring the fundamentals of what actually produces sales.

​When you constantly change direction, again, driven by your limiting beliefs, you end up taking an overly long path to your goal, which is to get customers.

​​This being said, what if, you have an hour to make a sale online right now, or something really bad was going to happen-what would you do?

  • ​First, identify who is most likely to buy the product you are promoting as an affiliate

  • ​Find out which websites they are visiting

  • ​Go buy some ad space there

  • ​Start getting traffic

​It sounds so simple...and it is! but most people like to over-complicate it, and take much longer to get to this end point.

increase web traffic

How do you identify you have indeed got limiting beliefs? People, every day of the week are changing, jobs,

 cities, relationships, houses, cars, diets, business opportunities. Is this you at all? but a small amount of time

 goes by, and the same people are surprised at how they are experiencing yet again the exact same problems.

Aggravations that stay the same keep bothering them, they have the same arguments with the new

relationships, they are receiving the same lowly pay. You see, they have changed their circumstances but not

 changed the most important, their beliefs.


​​Your thoughts and beliefs are in fact your invisible world, but these in turn create your visible world!!

types of content

​Funny really, when you work on all of this stuff, you

 are actually setting up your future. If you set it up

 correctly, have wonderful, positive thoughts about

 money, not the lack of but the fact that there is so

much money in the world, enough for you and I to be

 as wealthy rich as we want to be.

​Also face the fact that if you do not change the way

 your mind thinks then everything else will not change

 for the better either.

There is a favorite recording of mine that Earl

 Nightingale did back in 1957. It is old I know but

could not be more pertinent today than ever before. It

 is called the ​​Strangest ​Secret. 

One of the most important sections of the recording for me was You become what you think about most of the time.

Imagine thi​s, changing your thinking will change your life, forever. So instead of "money is hard to earn... I

 can't make a lot of money." You say- "money making is easy, making money is fun!" "Money is nothing but the

 measure of the value I create for other people." I create value for people every day. Listen to this recording

 from Earl Nightingale, keep listening over and over until you know and believe and change your limiting


ready to leave

At this point if you are feeling like the lady in this picture, then you need to stay here and keep reading!


​Because if you do not change the alternative for you is to always remain wrapped inside your limiting beliefs 

of... she does not know me, she has never been in my situation.


​What makes her any different from me?

If you are nodding at any of this then believe me, this is your gold nugget. You can do this, if I can do this,

 then you can do this too!

I know these two different pathways are extremely different, however, the change of mindset pathway

 leads to wealth beyond your imaginings, the other will keep you unhappy and wallowing in your self pity for

 the rest  of your life.

​The Wealthy FOCUS On Creating VALUE!

By staying focused on creating value in your life for others, then you are creating wealth for yourself. Next

 time you are composing a set of email messages for a campaign, think about the true value your offer at the

 end will be to your target audience.

Is your affiliate link not only a high paying commission link but it is of great value to your audience. Let me

​give you an example. You have a list of say 60 people who are all involved in instructing, holding classes, in

 the Alternative Health Niche. ​They have opted into receiving messages from you. Think about this, it is not the

​size of your list but the quality of your list.

 Let us say your list of 60 are all involved, no one opts out, and in your final email, your offer in your webinar

 is an offer they cannot refuse, how to get more customers - we all need more customers, right? ​So, 32 of your

 60 bought your offer, You receive, $1520 commission for each sale x 32= $48,640. Do you see the value in


The highest monthly made affiliate money every recorded was made in Perth, to a South African man. He made

 over $270,000.00 in one month!

​This kind of number is mind blowing to me and this is what helps keep me going. I know that one day I will

 reach this level. Destroying my limiting beliefs forever.

​So, I increase my ​​effort. If you want above-average results, you have got to be willing to put in above-

average effort.

never give up

Rich and successful people  have a fundamentally different view of money than poor and middle-class people.

 When you understand that money is nothing but the measure of the value you create for other people. This

 still resonates in my mind.


The notion of adding value, keeps coming up with every seminar I attend and every mentor I undertake, to

teach me more.

​Zig Ziglar, a well known sales trainer wrote, "You can get everything you want in life if you just help enough 

other people get what they want."

​Earl Nightingale states: "You become rich by enriching others"

​Brian Tracey adds: "the Law of Income States that you get paid in direct proportion to the amount of value you deliver."

​In my closing words in this blog post I want you to start asking a different set of questions. Instead of, how 

can I make more money? You need to ask, what problems do people have?

This takes the focus off you, you are selfish by asking, how can I make more money? ​

No one gives you money because you want more money. ​You'll receive money for the goods and services you

provide ​them.

Do this and you are on your way to winning the money game of life.

become a winner too

Now that I’ve discussed my ​Limiting Beliefs, I’d love to hear what you may have discovered about ​Mindset and Limiting Beliefs that isn’t widely known.

A good lot of my new subscribers, are complete novices to the world of affiliate marketing.

All knowledge from a basic level to an advanced level is going to further assist them in their journey’s to become successful affiliate marketers.

I guarantee that you will come across more ​ways to eliminating limiting beliefs online as you further and expand your research and knowledge base in this area.

This topic isn’t foreign to online marketers.

This short article is here to assist you not making ​the limiting beliefs that I’ve made.

With this article, Affiliate Mastery Institute is hoping you remain better educated and up to date in today's growing online communities.

I want you to learn from me, and my mistakes.

Affiliate Mastery Institute, doesn’t want you learning the ‘hard way’.

We hope you've been able to learn more from our SEO Blunders today.

Until next time,
Judi and her team
Affiliate Mastery Institute ©

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