Little Known Affiliate Programs That Pay Up To $15000 per Sale. (2018)

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Little Known Affiliate Programs That Pay Up To $15000 per Sale. (2018)

Come November 2018, I have been a full time Affiliate. This takes me to 8 years!

So you think you’ve got what it takes to be an Affiliate, one who makes it big?

How can I make you stop yourself from being among most Affiliate Marketers that barely make a dime online?

Well, this is exactly what I aim to do in this succession of blog posts! Take away all distractions and listen up.

When I first started out as a total newbie in the world of being an affiliate, involved in marketing, business and entrepreneurship, I spent hours a day which poured into months into content and my websites, hoping things would take off.

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At first, I failed miserably. I followed every step I was taught, went to seminar days came home and implemented everything I had learned.

Why did I fail?

Because I was promoting products I could not relate to.

Selecting products solely on how much commission I would make per sale.

My every waking hour and mind focus was on the money, not on the product solving a problem for my audience. I did not know who my audience was.

Prime rookie mistakes as an affiliate marketer!

By not knowing who your audience is, by not being passionate about the products, then how on earth was I going to write compelling stuff.

Affiliate marketers are people, (many of them) who fail for many reasons.

Promoting terrible products, not being consistent in the promotion strategy they have selected and not being focused but letting ‘life’ get in the way of what their true long-term goal is.

Having the rich freedom lifestyle, the big affiliates achieve!

You know what?

There is one thing that separates the Super Affiliates of this world from the rest.

No, it is not a special button you press called get rich quick! It is a proven affiliate marketing strategy that works.

This is what I will impart to you in this blog post.

I have taken the time to study the super successful affiliates of the world and have determined what works.

I now have reversed engineered their strategies.

Here are some other factors you will learn from this blog post:

What to expect:

  • Affiliate commission fundamentals
  • How to find the best products to promote
  • Understanding the power of sales funnels
  • The best affiliate programs broken down by industry
  • Finding your own affiliate programs
  • Leveraging affiliate networks
Affiliate super hero

Is this a great Blog Post so far or what?

These are the list of features that make up a Super Successful Affiliate:

  • Don’t waste time constantly hopping from one new plugin or new method to others.
  • Maintain deep focus and remain consistent over a long period.
  • For the best marketing strategy, and to achieve the best of the best, you need to find the right affiliate program that has an outstanding commission structure.
  • Elite level marketers don’t waste time promoting products that produce one-off $20 commissions. It takes the same amount of energy to promote huge paying products.
  • Super Successful Affiliates align themselves with high paying quality affiliate programs.
  • These programs offer products/services that net huge commissions. These are the bread and butter of super affiliates of today.
  • But hang on a minute, these affiliate programs alone do not create wealth, not the wealth of these titans of affiliate marketing.
  • The biggest thing these titans do is share content, of many different types, that provide a ton of value.
  • By doing this the super affiliate is making a difference in people’s lives.
  • They are also establishing brand awareness that communicates their messages to the world via, mostly to truly remarkable people!

  • The successful super affiliate fully understands the power of self-education.
  • They constantly, are learning, and challenging themselves in many ways.
  • Finally, true success with affiliate marketing is as much about your head space or mindset, as it is about marketing strategy and know-how.

If you follow these features I have listed above, then there will be no stopping you. Once your mind is set to the right positive way, the rest follows.

brain-retrain brain

Next, let’s dive into Affiliate Commission Fundamentals.

content market

If you want to become a champion in the affiliate space and build a sustainable long-term business, you need to remember this one word…


When I first started out I was advised to pick one or two niches and stick with them.

Well I have come a long way since then and diversification is definitely one of my biggest attributes.

And you’re in luck because affiliate marketing has plenty of opportunities to diversify your income.

There’s only two types of commissions you should be aiming for as an affiliate, these are:

High-ticket product commissions

These products are typically sold on the back-end of a sales funnel (more on that in the next section) and cost upwards of $1000.

It doesn’t matter how good you are at marketing, if you’re spending your time promoting $20 products with no future upsells, you’ll struggle to build a profitable business.

For example:

Let’s say you’re going for a million dollars in a year.

To achieve this nice round number that contains many zeros, you’ll need to sell 50,000 copies of a product that costs $20.

Fifty thousand!

Good marketing can’t overcome bad maths.

On the flip side, if you’re promoting a product that costs $1000, you’ll only need to sell 1000 to make one million dollars.

If the product costs $4000 the number goes down to just 250.

Pretty powerful stuff, right?!

Recurring commissions

These types of commissions are extremely powerful.

Imagine referring someone once to a subscription service and getting paid healthy commissions every month for the lifetime of the customers’ subscription.

This is how you can build real wealth with affiliate marketing.

For example:

Every month I pay for an email marketing service called Aweber. These guys are the bee’s knee’s when it comes to email marketing for affiliates.

My plan costs me $69 a month.

You can sign up as an affiliate to promote AWEBER to other affiliates and earn a healthy 30% lifetime commission.

This means if you referred just 100 people at $69 a month, you’d be earning $2070 a month.

While this isn’t a huge amount of money, it compounds over time.

You’ll keep earning that $2070 every month as long as your referrals stay signed up.

And check this out — if you referred just 20 people a month, within a year you could be looking at a passive income stream of $4968!

Totally passive.

If you didn’t touch your PC for months, you’d STILL earn the same commissions.

That’s pretty incredible if you ask me!

This is just from one product, if you ran 10 products per month, how would that be?

This is where the diversity kicks in as there are various commission structures available with affiliate marketing.

The example above is one income stream, you need to now focus on recurring as well as high ticket commissions.

Here is another great example there is one of the best Affiliate training and complete programs out there that do pay up to $15000 for one sale.

The company is called MOBE

They have a smaller commission of $1250 for one sale as well but they are a great company.

So, example, if you sold 4 x 1250in one month through a video promotion or a solo ad then that would be $5000 per month.

Now from just 2 different products per month you are earning $9968 per month!

Things are looking great at this point.

Stay tuned as in my follow up blog post we will understand the power of sales funnels and more breakdown on finding the Best Affiliate Products to promote! Stay tuned.

be creative

Now that I’ve ​given you a taste of my high end affiliate programs, I’d love to hear what you may have discovered about ​High paying commission affiliate programs yourselves that ​aren't widely known.

A good lot of my new subscribers, are complete novices to the world of affiliate marketing.

All knowledge from a basic level to an advanced level is going to further assist them in their journey’s to become successful affiliate marketers.

I guarantee that you will come across more ​tips and tricks online as you further and expand your research and knowledge base in this area.

This topic isn’t foreign to online marketers.

This short article is here to assist you not making any ​Affiliate linking blunders that I’ve made.

With this article, Affiliate Mastery Institute is hoping you remain better educated and up to date in today's growing online communities.

I want you to learn from me, and my mistakes.

Affiliate Mastery Institute, doesn’t want you learning the ‘hard way’.

We hope you've been able to learn more from our ​Little known Affiliate programs that pay well today.

Until next time,
Judi and her team
Affiliate Mastery Institute ©

BONUS: Gain More Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing Right Here!

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