More Content Tips

more content tips

More Content Tips

Affiliate marketers, in particular who rely heavily on content marketing, need to really get a grip on what the search engines are looking for, in relation to content.

It is one thing to want to be an affiliate marketer, and purely another, to be a standout affiliate marketer.

In previous posts, we've spoken about researching ways in which you can get your point across or type out quickly, to create your own content pages.

The quickest way that we have found to develop a content page that is completely original is to first do your research.

Depending on the site you are working on or the niche market that you are targeting you need to find what your competitors are doing, take down some notes, and then research similar topics, and see how you can do things better.

What is going to be your point of difference? Try doing these things perhaps...

seo friendly content

Open up a google docs page, click on the tools menu, and the voice typing tool, then start talking...this is going to type what you say, as you say it, and before you know it, your content pages and posts will be completed FAST!

You want your visitors to stay on the page for as long as possible, reading your great quality content.

  • make your words relevant
  • make your words consistent
  • make your words informative
  • and make your words unique

With these 4 main criteria in mind, your content on your page, is sure to add VALUE to your readers and be purposeful!

Your ranking should NOT be the top priority!

Your content should!

Your best friend will become the thesaurus...

​Words like:

Leading edge









Should all assist and inspire you to be more creative.

Affiliate Mastery Institute, strives to continue being creative with our content.

We love the use of google voice typing and we think that every business should be utilizing this little FREE tool.

Our content develops a hell of a lot quicker when we do find innovative and trendy software like this, that cuts our time in half, when considering our content marketing strategy.

At the end of the day many people are time poor, finding the time to create more time is a challenge.

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, written by Stephen R Covey, is still today, one very powerful book, that the team at Affiliate Mastery Institute, read at least once per year.

Our general manager says that the one stand out from that particular book was this quote: 

"...While you can think in terms of efficiency in dealing with time, a principle-centered person things in terms of effectiveness in dealing with people..."

So, when you are developing your content marketing strategy, perhaps, you too can take a leaf out of this book, and start thinking in terms of its effectiveness towards others.

Growing up I often heard the phrase, "put yourself in my shoes", it is with this short by effective phrase that I continue to improve my own content marketing strategy daily.

How about you?

If you found this post informative and useful, we'd appreciate if you could share for us.

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Until next time,


Judi and her team

Affiliate Mastery Institute

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