My SEO Blunders

my seo blunders

My SEO Blunders

I have had many SEO blunders over the years that have left me wondering where in the world I went wrong. 

Through years of trial and error, research and persistence, I’ve been able to come out into the light, and utilize an array of knowledge for myself.

Why is it so important for the affiliate marketer to get their SEO correct?


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Without your OPTIMIZATION efforts being completed, you will never rank, be found or earn your affiliate marketing dollars.

SEO is critical to gaining exposure to your brand, building your brand awareness, and earning a passive income online.

Without SEO your affiliate marketing website/s will be a ‘drop in the ocean’ of millions of other website/s online.

Let me take you through some of the ‘blunders’ I call them, so that you don’t make the same mistakes I did in the past:

seo map

SEO Blunder One

Before you even start to create content on your affiliate marketing website/s, it is very important that you have an SEO plugin installed. 

I use All In One SEO Pack. There are many SEO plugins to choose from. Another popular choice is Yoast.

Using a popular free SEO plugin will give you the right direction, and most good SEO plugins will train you properly in their uses in real time, with up to date information that is current to the search engines algorithms.

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SEO Blunder Two

As you continue to add new pages and posts to your website/s, make sure you complete your SEO at the same time, before publishing.

Without doing this will not help your new pages and posts be readable with the search engines, and will drop your entire website/s rankings with them.

Completing the SEO on pages/posts as you build them, is a great habit to get yourself into. Start this today!

SEO Blunder Three

Making all my titles descriptions and keywords the same.

Every title needs to be the title of the individual page or post that you are writing.

Every description needs to be about that page or post that you are developing.

The keywords must be relevant to that page or post, and include long tail sentences, and not just a bunch of keywords, that aren't mentioned in the body of the text.

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SEO Blunder Four

This mistake is very common, and I believe most new affiliate marketers’ do this...

Not researching primary key words and phrases to be used in the SEO titles descriptions and keywords.

When we begin writing any content it is important to have a list of just 10 top tags or keywords pertinent to that piece of content.

Once you string the words together in your content paragraphs be aware to use these words no more than 4 times in your whole of document.

Search engines will penalize you for what is called 'word stuffing', so don't do this!

SEO Blunder Five

The importance of using White Hat SEO methods is paramount to being successful as an affiliate marketer.

White hat methods include techniques and tactics that follow the human audience.

The major tactic is making sure your pages of your website/s are all mobile friendly.

Mobile friendly SEO simply means that your website appears on a mobile phone device, looking aesthetic and easy to follow.

In fact, all the blunders that I'm listing here give you 'white hat' methods, that you should be adopting in your own search engine optimization strategies.

white hat seo

SEO Blunder Six

Focusing on the keywords and not on the user experience.

No longer do search engines focus on keywords alone as mentioned.

Your content strategy needs to be using the keywords no more than 4 times on the page or post, and in a way that will ‘assist’ or ‘aide’ or ‘add value’ to the users’ experience, whilst they read the content you are writing.

For example as an affiliate marketer, I would create content page or post, talking about the products I have on my page from the users point of view.

In the instance of pie and chips I would talk about how I baked a pie and what cooking utensils and cookware I use, to make my job, of baking that pie easier and/or quicker.

I will make sure that I include pictures of beautiful pies and lovely cookware that I use, so the user (my page/post visitor) can benefit from these useful items too.

SEO Blunder Seven

Not using schema.

When I first started out with SEO I had no clue about schema.

Today rich keyworded snippets are discovered and quoted by search engines all the time.

Using schema enables your snippets to be detected easily.

Kissmetrics describes schema best “Schema tells the search engines what your data means, not just what it says.”

Our knowledge of using schema is further enhanced through the use of

If you haven’t already, best you get searching for the best way in which you too and use schema markups’ on your website/s.

SEO Blunder Eight

No link building.

At the beginning of my affiliate business I was so focused on keyworded content and pictures relevant to that content and keyword, that I did not focus in anyway on link building.

This was a big mistake because with any business, you do not have a business if you do not have people either coming into your business, buying your products, or using your service.

Today, link building happens when our content pages or posts are discussed and referenced in a forum, and members of the public, like and share your content on social media platforms.

I am finding the best way today to create links as you are building your website is to create a source page or some people call it a resource centre.

This can be a page of best videos and best books or it can be simply a page of companies to recommend. You can even state that you have no affinity with the recommendations on this resource centre page, if this is the case.

Recommended resources is a very efficient and quick way of linking.

seo mistakes again

SEO Blunder Nine

Not reviewing broken links.

When you are an affiliate marketer, you align yourself with reputable companies that have material items to offer the world. These products all come with unique links, (after being accepted) to you personally.

When you use these products yourself, and promote them, and discuss them and add the links to them on your own affiliate marketing website/s and people click on them.

If they are taken to a 404 error message, your link is either expired or broken.

Regularly changes and updating affiliate links on your website, to relatable products will help you avoid this blunder.

SEO Blunder Ten

Not keeping in front of the search engine algorithms.

There are 100’s of search engines.

Google as we all know is the most popular, this is undisputed. 

I’ve learnt that they could update algorithms more than 600 times per year.

Major updates are less often, so there’s no real cause for concern.

However, you still need to know what they are, and whether they are going to impact your online business, and how.

Keeping up to date from reputable sources online with the algorithms metrics and what they mean, will certainly assist you in making this blunder in future.

We like to check out https://news.google.com/news/ and search for algorithms at least once a month now.

Perhaps you should be doing this too, to stay on track with the algorithms.

seo mistakes

Now that I’ve discussed my top 10 SEO Blunders, I’d love to hear what you may have discovered about SEO that isn’t widely known.

A good lot of my new subscribers, are complete novices to the world of affiliate marketing.

All knowledge from a basic level to an advanced level is going to further assist them in their journey’s to become successful affiliate marketers.

I guarantee that you will come across more SEO tips and tricks online as you further and expand your research and knowledge base in this area.

This topic isn’t foreign to online marketers.

Infact, even
Forbes wrote about it back in February 2017.

This short article is here to assist you not making any SEO blunders that I’ve made.

With this article, Affiliate Mastery Institute is hoping you remain better educated and up to date in today's growing online communities.

I want you to learn from me, and my mistakes.

Affiliate Mastery Institute, doesn’t want you learning the ‘hard way’.

We hope you've been able to learn more from our SEO Blunders today.

Until next time,
Judi and her team
Affiliate Mastery Institute ©

BONUS: Gain More Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing Right Here!

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