Nailing Twitter Tweets

nailing twitter tweets

Nailing Twitter Tweets

Using Twitter correctly for your online business will have a huge effect on the overall performance of that business.

Twitter is a way of giving your brand exposure online with prospective customers.

Twitter also helps you find out more about trend and insights for any target market.

Twitter is there to assist any business, whether you are small or large. Twitter is a communications medium that should not be ignored.

Starting out as an affiliate marketer, your business maybe a small one, and Twitter will help you find the exposure that you need.

As with most small businesses, your marketing dollars are probably $0, most social media platforms and Twitter are free to use.

Does your affiliate marketing websites have quality products on offer?

If they don't then how are you going to expect to make it sale if your products aren't any good, and you yourself wouldn't purchase them?

Align yourself with quality affiliate products on your affiliate marketing website/s.

When using Twitter, be sure to tweet about an experience, or information that is useful, and helpful to your prospective customers.

Most affiliate marketers are passionate about their business. They know exactly what their product lines are, and they may lie awake trying to think of new ways to create interest and engage customers to their website/s.

Using Twitter in your marketing strategy has endless possibilities.

However, we find that our students and subscribers aren't sure where to begin with Twitter.

This is where Affiliate Mastery Institute will offer some assistance.

With Twitter, you need to be as responsive as possible, and be available to reply in real time.

Logging into your Twitter account and leaving it open on your desktop or laptop throughout the day, is going to ensure you can update and check in and comment in real time.

As an affiliate marketer you would know that the onus is on you to drive your marketing and your customers to your website/s.

Using Twitter as a marketing tool you can accomplish this.

twitter should not puzzle

One massive key to using your Twitter business account, is to make sure that you are offering your prospective customers a service.

You can easily do this by promoting your product features by discussing how they are going to assist your prospective customers.

Your Twitter campaigns’ should be looking at things that you have to offer with your branded website/s.

You could look at creating your own Twitter account for each niche market that you are targeting, if you wish.

This let's each Twitter ID engage with its own target market in the appropriate manner.

Prospective customers don't want to be lectured on specific products, they want to be given valuable and relevant content.

Keeping your Twitter IDs separated under their own target markets will assist you inappropriately targeting the right niche, and the customers interested in that niche.

This is something new to Affiliate Mastery Institute, we've always advocated the use of one business Twitter account.

attribute others

As an affiliate marketer you may find that if you group all of your affiliate marketing websites under this one Twitter account, Twitter may respond by suspending your account due to the lack of a specific target audience, as your Tweets may appear ‘spammy’.

Try and constantly engage your audience to use the information that you shared to them on Twitter.

If you are creating info-graphics, your tweet can be a catch up on what that info-graphic is about.

Always Tweet with the prospective customers experience in mind.

Use Twitter to share your knowledge about your affiliate marketing website/s niche.

Never use Twitter for the hard sell. Prospective customers don't want to see that and find that menacing and spammy.

You want to build your affiliate marketing website/s brand with Twitter.

nailed it

So, share any knowledge that you have about your niche market and tap into your prospective customers interest in that fashion.

Remember, never go for the hard sell, self promotion will always come across as spammy with Twitter or any social platform.

"Twitter is best utilized when you share and communicate, valuable, brand knowledge and helpful hints."

Share your companies big success stories, or ‘wins’, on Twitter.

Prospective customers want to hear how you're going, deliver that via Twitter.

Talk about good things that have happened in your working week, things that might impress others or, empower others to have a positive result as well.

Remember that prospective customers will want to work with you if they know that you are a success in your field.

Did you know that Twitter will automatically turn your hashtag into a hyperlink?

Hyperlinks will identify a shared interest in your affiliate marketing niche.

If you are like us, as an affiliate marketer, who has many websites dedicated to ‘beauty’ for example. And you were to hashtag #beauty with Twitter, that will categorize your Tweet with other Tweets on Twitter with the beauty hashtag.

"Did you know that Twitter will automatically turn your hashtags into hyperlinks?"

Click to Tweet

Hashtags’ work in a similar fashion to search engine optimization keywords.

Ideally Affiliate Mastery Institute uses at least one hashtag on every tweet.

Pinterest for an example doesn't like the use of too many hashtags.

Understanding what social media networks are looking for, and how they operate is crucial to your social media marketing strategies.

When you use your hashtag in a Tweet be sure to make it a specific keyword to your overall or overarching message.

Think about using your hashtag if you are running a ‘quiz’ or a ‘survey’ or a ‘contest’ or ‘giveaway’.

These are all viable options for promoting your businesses’ website/s.


These types of hashtags are only going to promote motivation and engagement with your prospective customers.

You can search for hashtags that are trending at hashtags.org

Look at the more popular hashtags, and if they apply to your affiliate marketing niche website/s, try applying them to your Tweets for better traffic conversions.

Always use relevant hashtags with each Tweet and affiliate marketing website/s.

Always Tweet in your own words and be as organic as possible.

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If you simply share what you know about your affiliate marketing niche your prospective customers will respond.

Remember, you want to HELP prospective customers with something, you don’t want to SELL to them on Twitter.

The tone in which you market your brand is going to come across loud and clear on social media.

Be sure to double check everything before posting.

You don’t want the reputation as being a ‘fake’ marketer, or a ‘sham’ dealer.

Imagine that your affiliate marketing website/s is your shop front, and you want prospective customers to come in and enjoy what you are offering, not abandon your pages.

You need to consistently add new content onto your business Twitter account.

So, be sure to keep your prospective customers informed, even on the most mundane of activities that are occurring in your business.

Prospective customers actually do want you to succeed, and they do want to know what you are up to.

Even if it is just hanging in the office with the marketing team, having green tea and choc chip cookies for morning tea…

When creating your Twitter account be sure to fill out your bio, and include a banner and profile image.

Helping Will Inspire You

Prospective followers respond better when you have a profile picture and a relevant banner, that explains your business or your profile.

Having a visual brand is very important for any social media network, visual branding should reflect or emphasize your company's existence and designed theme, on your website/s.

Whatever you Tweet out there to the world, you have to understand that if you have set up your Twitter account for a business, that these Tweets will reflect a certain style, and in essence build your brand awareness or be a massive ‘flop’.

Remember, that Twitter is a community social network and you are Tweeting your content to real people online.

Prospective customers all have something to say and something to learn, perhaps you will be able to supply them with that knowledge and that service?

Whatever you do, don’t be tempted to post the same thing multiple time within your Twitter account.

The public doesn’t want to see you posting the same link every hour.

They want you to send through new and engaging material that is going to give them incentive to ‘take action’ and visit your website/s.

helping you

Try to be as interesting as you can with your online posts, whether they are with Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or any social network.

Share interesting material with your community that is both readable, informative and appropriate to your niche.

Don’t confuse any social media platform with search engine optimization.

Your social media marketing strategies are going to be unique for each social platform you decide to use for your affiliate marketing websites.

Being entertaining is a massive winner for most social media platforms.

How are you going to entertain your prospective customers?

Are you going to engage your audience with something original and thoughtful?

Are you going to come up with your own inspirational quote?

Are you going to show interest in what others are doing online on that social network? (If you answered NO here you are failing already!)

With Twitter specifically you have 140 characters to ‘get your message across’. So, you have to be ‘to the point’.

Short and sweet messaging can be tricky when you are at a loss for words right?

short and to the point

Across all social platforms you are basically ‘judged’ on how well you are writing, with your posts, and Tweets.

Making them appear nice, with proper grammar and English. This is always a good concept to adopt.

Sparking that interest, to have your prospective customers click through is going to be a little tricky.

Clever marketing strategies will come into play here.

Use photos that are enticing your prospects to inquire or learn more.

Perhaps set up images using Canva.com it's free and a great medium to utilize, for all social platform media creations.

If you are just posting an image that you haven’t edited, we strongly suggest that you ‘edit’ that image, and give insights into your business or your affiliate marketing website/s, thus promoting the brand itself.

What about the old fashioned, unpretentious approach of informing others of findings, or information that has been helpful to you in your business?

I know we’d like to read and or hear more about this from successful online marketers.

Writing about your accomplishments and informing others on this is fine.

Remember, everyone wants you to succeed, and they will bare witness to this if you Tweet about your accomplishments in business.

You could simply ‘request’ or ‘ask’ for a specific action to be taken on Twitter, or any social network. 

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However, when you to ‘request’ or ‘ask’ for that action, be transparent and not pushy.

Oh, and by the way, thanks in advance for the re-tweet, as we think that it will give all Twitter users some free knowledge, don't you?

Affiliate Mastery Institute, prides itself on giving, giving information, and relevant content to train both the public and our subscribers to be the very best affiliate marketer they can be.

Tweeting this type of free information, that is useful and helpful and relevant, to the online industry, is gold for your online business.

So, make sure you include it in your social media marketing strategy.

Keep your Tweets’ ‘short and sweet, and to the point.

This gives an air of knowledge, and gets the message across to your prospective customers FAST.

Also, your prospective customers love to read good quality statistics. If you have any share them.

If you don’t, and you know someone within your niche market that does, Tweet about them by attributing the source of the statistic and commenting on its relevancy to your niche market.

Being active with your social networks, is key to keeping on top of your social media marketing strategies.

Adding your own comments, sharing content, and Re-tweeting information that is pertinent to your niche market is all easy to do, and whilst it may be time consuming, if can be done in a hour a day, if you have proper time management.

Even the most novice Twitter user can nail their Twitter strategies after reading the post.

Apply our knowledge and let us know how it went.

We’d love for you to comment and tell us if you do something that we haven’t considered here.

We’re all in this together online, and being as ‘real’ as possible with your social media strategies is going to put your business brand in a better place.

Until next time,


Judi and her team
Affiliate Mastery Institute ©

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