Networking With LinkedIn

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Networking With LinkedIn

Everyone that uses LinkedIn knows that it is unlike any other social network.

The LinkedIn community is one that is jam packed with professionals.

LinkedIn is a platform for you to grow your professional network.

You can connect to all kinds of different people on LinkedIn, each having either a 1st degree connection, a

2nd degree connection or a 3rd degree connection.

So, what does that mean?

1st degree connection: Generally these are people that you’ve worked with before, they you know directly.

2nd degree connection: We tend to refer to these as ‘friends of friends’. So, they may know someone that you

have a 1st degree connection with.

3rd degree connection: These people have a connection with your 2nd degree connections.

Affiliate Mastery Institute uses all social networks to build brand awareness.

Your brand on LinkedIn, or any social network really, is basically like your businesses reputation.

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LinkedIn helps us expand our network. We love to connect to people that have similar passions and

experience to us.

Like most social media platforms LinkedIn is free to join, and whilst it does have professional paid services

the free or basic membership is just fine for starters.

What we love about LinkedIn, is that you can build your network connections without restrictions.

Unlike Twitter where you have restrictions on the number of people you can follow.

When you first join LinkedIn you are navigated by their wizards to complete your entire profile.

Once you have completed this, you will find that you are ready to start growing your network of professional


network goals

We’re sure that you have a bunch of email addresses or names from your previous or current employees’. This 

is perhaps the best place to begin.

Alternatively look into the feature with LinkedIn where you can import contact from your email applications.

This may save you a bunch of time.

Type in the search for them and connect.

Invite people to connect to you by their email addresses, so that you are targeting the correct ‘Jane Doe’, as

their might be a large number of people across the globe with the same name.

Affiliate Marketing Institute advocates the use of setting your profile publicly. This gives you a much wider 

reach globally. 


You are able to search for people on LinkedIn with either a basic search or an advanced search.

You are sure to see the search box at the top of your LinkedIn screen, this is where you can do a basic search

for a keyword or a specific person’s name, or a company or for people with a specific job title.

This is our favorite searching way. You keep the default to ALL so LinkedIn will search their entire database for

like minded individuals for you.

Then, it's just a matter of inviting them to connect with you.

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Make sure that your entire profile is already complete before you start connecting to your

network of people though.

You always want be professional on LinkedIn, or any social network, for that matter.

When doing an advanced search you can select a keyword and then tick any other parameters that suit the

niche or target audiences’ you are trying to discover.

After doing your searching be sure to click on the connect button and add a personal note to each

professional you would like to connect with.

Introducing yourself, and letting them know you have something in common, and would love to connect with


After you have invited people to connect with, LinkedIn is a great platform to help others.

You can begin building up a meaningful network, by helping others in your field, this also helps you grow as

a professional and is rewarding.

Sharing and helping and building on these network relations through posts, either long or short, about your

niche is very important.

Upon setting up these posts, think about the useful information that will assist your network first.

LinkedIn post guidelines prevent you from ‘spammy’ the network with promotional information that doesn’t 

provide any value to your network. So, be super mindful about what you are presenting and posting.


Its is so simple to set up too, which is a great user friendly experience for all LinkedIn members.

Simply go to your network, and write and article, add an image and post. EASY!

We will always say, keep copies of all your articles. In either google docs, or word first. This way you can be

assured you haven’t lost your words and they aren’t just posted in one location.

You can refer to them again in the future and expand on them if you draft first using google docs or word.

When it comes to endorsements, you are best to do this with your 1st degree connections only.

There is really no point in endorsing someone you haven’t directly done any business with right?

Make sure you reach out to your 1st degree connections, who have worked with you, and know what your

abilities are, to get those recommendations that you desire.

critical linkedin

All recommendations will come to you first, so that you can review it and ‘approve’ it if you like.

Your recommendations should all be positive, and showcase the abilities and the aspects of the person you

have worked with, that have assisted in being a better professional.

Affiliate Mastery Institute extends the invitation to all subscribers to connect with Judi Jaques on LinkedIn

and if you have had the opportunity and feel comfortable doing so, she’d love to write you a positive

recommendation, especially if she’s had one on one sessions with you.

In return, your dealings with Judi can be recommended to her, especially about her coaching style and her

endless patience.

(Just a thought)

There’s another cool feature of LinkedIn that we’d love to discuss here too.

That’s the ‘messaging’ function. It appears for us in the bottom right of our screen.

People in our network can send us real time sms messages, and we can respond in real time too.

Making yourself responsive in your LinkedIn community is an awesome way to stay connected.

Like all social networks LinkedIn is mobile friendly too, and this should be the case for all your affiliate

marketing website/s too.

linkedin best

You can download the LinkedIn app easily enough to you mobile devices, and take the network with you in

your pocket wherever your working day may be.

When looking for the main LinkedIn app, you just need to search LinkedIn mobile app.

LinkedIn is a professional network, and whilst it gives you options for searching for employees, jobs, and

companies, from Affiliate Mastery Institutes’ perspective, we use the social media platform to grow our

network, and reach out to other affiliates all over the world.

Together we can all learn from each other.

This is a valuable way to stay on track and up to date with your online business's needs.

Leverage the use of your network to grow your knowledge and give each other professional

development in the niche you belong too.

Following successful companies in your niche too, is gold for your personal development.

Its’ these common interests that help draw people and groups together.

Groups on LinkedIn help you connect and become more visible in a common topic or profession or industry.

Groups are by invitation only, but once you become a member of a group that shares a common interest, you

are able to join in conversations and contribute to the knowledge center of that group.

Only join a group if it is relevant to your profession today, or you want to learn something from them.

As affiliate marketers, you are interested in sales, marketing and advertising. You can search for groups of

this nature to gain a better perspective of what is needed or what is being discussed or what areas are

lacking etc. So, you may be able to improve or offer your own advice or assistance.

Finding the groups is easy too, when you click the drop-down under ‘work’, then the discover on the top of

your screen.

plan carefully

LinkedIn is intelligent in that, the group discovery function will pull from your own background and point you

to the different groups under your own experience.

When you decide to post an article with LinkedIn, be sure to keep if completely free from outside links and

product links if you are an affiliate marketer.

LinkedIn only wants to see relevant content, that is both useful and valuable to a giving topic.

Whatever you do, don’t start posting articles about the following:

  1. How great you are
  2. The latest giveaway you have
  3. The latest product you are offering

Articles and posts on LinkedIn need to add value and give your network ideas, and knowledge on your niche

or profession.

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Think about posts and articles that:

  • Offer advice
  • Generate discussions
  • Relay information about a topic
  • Educate about a topic
  • Share an experience you’ve had
  • Give a memorable team moment

These are some helpful ways to promote your brand awareness with LinkedIn.

Maximising the benefits from LinkedIn can be achieved, by marketing your businesses best ideas or features

that you offer.

Being consistent on LinkedIn will help you grow your brand awareness.

Making sure your professional headline is top notch is going to aide in your network growth.

People see this headline, when they are not looking at your full profile. So, make it represent what you do

and how you to it.

You can navigate to this easily enough, by going to your profile, and clicking on the edit pencil, it will be the

first thing you can edit.

With LinkedIn, to be super effective, you need to take a more communicative approach to your marketing


being social

By this we mean, that you have to create a point of difference, and stand out in the crowd.

Regularly sharing an update by way of an article, image or post is going to help build that consistency.

Make sure you are participating by commenting, or reaching out to others in your niche regularly.

Set a time budget on your LinkedIn accounts, so that you can manage this social network on a regular basis.

As with all social networks, marketing is free with LinkedIn. Time is the factor that needs some thought with

this network, as with all networks.

When you post on your affiliate marketing website/s they should connect automatically through an API to

your LinkedIn account.

This will ensure that your posts or blogs from your website/s are sent through to your LinkedIn profile for

your network to discover too.

When doing this be sure to include a relevant post or blog link, so that your network can connect to the blog

post and read it in its entirety if they wish too.

Be sure to list all your affiliate website/s on your profile, to create a consistent image to potential customers

from LinkedIn, making you and your business look a lot more professional in nature.

There’s another function with LinkedIn that we think is worth mentioning.

We are investigating for ourselves currently the use of a company page, at the present time this is a free

service that LinkedIn offers business owners.

This company page, according to LinkedIn, helps others learn more about your business, brand, products and

services, and job opportunities.

Apparently it's super easy to set up too, so perhaps that is something you should be looking at as well.

LinkedIn advertising is another option for business, but you have to either Pay-Per-Click (PPC), where you get

billed for every click on the ad link, or Cost-Per-Impression (CPM), where you are billed for every 1,000


We’d love to hear how you are utilizing LinkedIn for your business and professional development.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below.

Until next time,
Judi and her team
Affiliate Mastery Institute ©

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