Persuasive Text for Affiliate Marketers

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Persuasive Text for Affiliate Marketers

...or for anyone really!

For anybody new to marketing online creating concepts that provides listeners with engaging materials can be tricky.

Persuasive text is one way of capturing your audience's attention.

Every human person has a close connection with their own emotions, logic and ethics.

Humans have the ability to form a judgement on what they are reading and how they are understanding what they are reading.

We all think and form our own judgments, on opinions that we read and we can process our own logical explanation after reading any content.

It is with these judgements that human beings assess and develop their own opinions.

When thinking about persuasive text, we need to think that the words we are reading have a purpose to influence the person.

Persuasive text also has the ability to evoke an action.

Using emotions, logic and ethics we can dive straight into some examples and explanations, so that you can get a better idea about what we mean.

Perhaps, you may need to start thinking of persuasive text as content that is disruptive?

As words on the page that have the readers wanting to perform an action matters to them right?

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Evoking emotion:

When you consider being emotional in your writing, you should focus on giving the visitor a pleasant experience. Unless, you want to be more curious minded with your readers.

Happiness, concern, curious and confident approaches will leave your readers feeling compelled to find out more.


McDonalds and every single ‘Happy Meal’ advert evokes a happiness response from any child, who then bugs their parents for McDonalds…

Samsungs’ latest Ostrich Advertisment - refusing to listen to what cannot be done, where the ostrich flies. This perhaps is our most favorite advertisement currently! Check it our below...You'll get a laugh!

Skittles - Taste the Rainbow advertisements, knowing we can't literally taste a rainbow or taste colours Skittles has turned our emotion into thinking that we actually can.

M&M commercials, Make you feel sorry for the M&M that doesn’t want to be eaten.


Evoking logic:

Logic will ensure reason, facts, knowledge and be believable to your readers.


Any quit smoking ad, that tells you if you continue to smoke you're going to die.

Exercise for health advertisements, promoting you to eat healthy and move more.

Lite n' easy food that tastes delicious and helps you lose weight .

Did the flu shot or you'll get the flu when flu season hits.

ethics 2

Evoking ethics:

Taking the ethical approach, is powerful if done correctly. Being ethical, unethical, controversial and reactive in your writing will instill quit emotion responses from your readers. You don't want to mislead anyone, and be slanderous in any way, shape or form.

Two major food chains comparing their products is this ethical or slanderous?

Misleading advertising that causes the viewer to have a misguided belief in a product or service.

Mobile technology claiming they offer more than they actually give, to get people interested in buying their products.

Controversial advertising that evokes an ethical reaction to a situation beyond a persons’ control. This could also be known as emotional exploitation.

When using persuasive texts you really do want to present a reason and examples for the thought or action that you want to provoke others.

To do this effectively the persuasive text needs to be very clear and supply a bunch of reasons and examples that would backup the opinion of the text.

At the end of the day your persuasive text wants to convince the reader that what you're saying and the argument or thought that you've put forward is true.

In order to persuade your readers you really do need to put yourself in their shoes of your visitors.

You want to tell them a story and show them that you understand what you're talking about.

Be appealing and forthright, helps to grab your audience's attention.

Most persuasive text aims to empower their audience, amplifying a situation that works’ in their benefit.

Try not to be too complex with your content, people want you to keep it simple they don't want processes and in-depth psychology to certain matters that really don't need it.

When possible, try to use language that provokes a “Yes” answer, with your visitors.

Here’s a couple of examples that do this:

“Do you think this post is helpful?”

“Will you apply persuasive text in your business?”

“Do you see the benefit of persuasive text?”

“ Do you want your posts to attract more people?”

Our founder duties loves Napoleon Hill, and one of the main takeaways she gets from listening to Napoleon Hills’, Think and Grow Rich, CD daily is, this one sentence;

The starting point of all achievement is desire”

When we consider this one sentence from Napoleon Hill we need to think of the word DESIRE…

When you desire something, you really, really want it and you're wishing for this, it's almost a yearning, where one craves a specific outcome.

With DESIRE in mind, your persuasive text should EVOKE a desirable outcome for your visitors.

You can always achieve this if you have complete honesty and transparency in your words.

You're writing will tell your visitors a story and that story will evoke a desirable outcome effectively through persuasive text.

Until next time,


Judi and her team

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