Re-purpose Your Content

Re-purpose Your Content

Hi all,

I first heard about re-purposing your content that is on your website, I did not take it very seriously, thinking that it is too much work and for what gain?
I have more recently been learning the value of this powerful stratedgy. Please I urge you not to dismiss this as once you action it withing 30 days your website traffic starts to double, triple and even more.

generating more $withAMI

The very first thing I have learned, is that by digging out the archives of your website, update to what is current on that topic and first up convert this blogpost to a slide share using emotion pictures with killer captions to bring your old content to new life.

There are many ways to do this, some of them are, using your current content as a slide view, which is choosing images and put appropiate captures on the images to get your point across. The next is turning yourcontent into an infographic, a podcast, a video, post it to you tube and vimeo.

Have I got your attention?

grab my attention

Once you have done this for one page of content then continue to do this for all the other content on your website. By doing this your overall web traffic will increase as will your customer base. Deliver great content but enjoy the journey along the way. don’t stress over getting traffic, continue on this path and your web traffic will increase month in and month out.



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