Setting Your Focus Items

setting your focus items

Setting Your Focus Items

Tony Robbins Rapid Planning Method is by far the most goal oriented strategy Affiliate Mastery Institute has been implementing for sometime now.

As an affiliate marketer, your time is extremely precious. Which, we're sure is true for most professionals today.

Being goal oriented is critical.

We too are big believers in 'chunking' out your goals, and setting clear time frames' with each goal, in order to achieve them.

With every single affiliate marketing website that you develop, there are numerous projects in which you can 'chunk' or concentrate your time on.

Some of these projects are: (in no particular order)

  • Writing original content
  • Building a landing page
  • Posting to a specific date
  • Installing affiliate company widgets
  • Setting up social media marketing strategies
  • Developing the shell of your affiliate website
  • Gathering and hunting for free pictures
  • Gathering and hunting for free articles
  • Completing your SEO
  • Integrating with your CRM
  • Aligning yourself with a least a half a dozen affiliate companies
  • Completing your content marketing strategies
  • Doing your competitive analysis
  • Updating and maintaining your websites

and the list can go on and on and on...

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Time management is critical for any affiliate marketer, or online business professional.

For you to remain focused and on track you need to enjoy what you do on a day to day basis.

Start by prioritizing the importance of your tasks, after making a list of what needs to be done.

Perhaps set up an Excel spreadsheet and list all of the tasks in columns, with some conditional formatting, so that when the task is complete the column changes to a green colour.

This method of keeping on track gives you a visual of exactly how you are tracking.

When the conditional formatting is set to have the blanks show a red colour,  your mind will know when seeing red that you need to stop, and complete that task.

List each column in order of importance.

When seeing green cells all over your Excel spreadsheet, you will receive quiet satisfaction within yourself.

In order for you to have a clear path to undertake,  you really do need to understand the entire process.

What is the goal or focus of your efforts?

Is your time being spent achieving those goals?

What is it that you want with your affiliate marketing business?

Do you want to have half a dozen affiliate marketing websites in that it won niche for target market?

Do you want to create more than half a dozen, across multiple niche markets?

Time management is specific to your focus point or your desired outcome.

We all have 168 hours a week to work with.  Professionals suggest that we have at least 8 hours of sleep every night.  That leaves us with 112 hours to be productive.

Sure you can deduct time for travel to and from your workplace, and lunches and meal times,  but in essence you would still have at least 90 hours,  to be productive.

When mentioning the word productive we're not just talking about your business aspirations.

To be productive with in your life you need to remain focused,  and in order to be focused you need to maintain healthy lifestyle choices.

So, taking at least half an hour a day to walk around the block, go for a spin on your bike, swim in the summer months, play with the dog in the backyard, or any other physical activity, is only going to increase your focus during business time.

We are not experts at physiology, but we do know that when we have exercised, our minds are clearer, and easily more able to deal with the task at hand.

Did you notice that we said TASK, and we didn't use the plural?

This was done on purpose... what is that old saying about a job being half done…?

“A job half done is as good as none!”

This quote will resonate with any affiliate marketer.

It is imperative for the affiliate marketer to complete each task in it's entirety before moving onto the next.

An affiliate marketer can get easily confused with, ‘where they were up to’, the next day if they haven't completed the task, they would doing in full first.

I suppose this would ring true for many professionals.

You certainly do not want to become overwhelmed with the extent of the project that needs to be completed.

Focusing on one task at a time is always your best option!

One massive take home that you need to remember, is that you shouldn't be hard on yourself when you're focused goals and task list changes.

What we mean by this is that each day is going to be different to the next.

One morning you may wake up to find all of your links broken on your affiliate website... then depending on how many sites you have, this could turn into a mammoth project, taking long hours to resolve.

Obviously anything that is going to restrict continual revenue into your business account is going to be a priority.
Understanding and learning where to focus your performance is going to be critical to keeping your task list and activities on track.

You do need to have some element of multitasking, but we don't want you having all your fingers in a different pie, at any one time.

Here are our top 10 tips for better time management:

  • Have a clear picture of what you need to achieve - There's nothing worse than starting a process without understanding what it is you need to achieve by completing it. Be sure you understand the entire process first.
  • Prioritize your list of tasks, in order of importance - this could be tricky for those who think that every task is just as important as the next. You may be right in some circumstances, but it is essential to understand how the process works, and how it needs to be constructed, in order to understand what must come first.
  • Jump in and start completing this list, don't overthink it - once your list has been constructed you can overthink things by going over and re numbering your tasks, over and over again. STOP THAT HABIT. It is wasting your precious time. Just get into it, and start making things happen...
  • Set up clear deadlines for each task - by this we mean a realistic time-frame for the tasks that you need to complete. Shelling out an affiliate marketing website, takes my virtual assistants’ less than half an hour. That entails installing the domain into the c panel, Adding a title, slug and description to categories and tags; installing all our affiliate marketing plugins’ and configuring them.
  • Remember to move around every hour, for a couple of minutes - We understand more than most that you could sit for hours, often at a time, developing and maintaining your online businesses. We are sure that there are studies, suggesting that sitting for long periods of time is no good for your health. Everyone has seen the introduction to the standing or sitting desk...right?
  • Only check your emails twice a day - A big emphasis here is on customer service. You could be spending hours, troubleshooting other people's issues, when you've most likely already answered them within your own training. Be sure to not get bogged down by queries that take up hours and hours of your productive time. Regularly increase your frequently asked questions, or troubleshooting issues for your customers, to give them more avenues to explore before coming to you personally.
  • Set up a spreadsheet to track your progress - This is free and easy to use and you don't have to spend a fortune setting it up.
  • Jot down any road blocks that are stopping you from progressing and ask for assistance or search for the answer to overcome it quickly - a lot of people get stumped with this specific, as soon as they reach a roadblock, they throw their hands in the air and give up. Fast becoming a critic. Saying things like, “this is hopeless!” “This is never going to work!” and “I'm doing everything right…!” Clearly you are not, and need to take moment to reflect on what you’ve completed and how. Sometimes, walking away for a couple of minutes, and coming back with a clearer mind will assist.
  • Be realistic in your task list, don't expect too much of yourself - It is unrealistic to think that you will be able to develop and monetize 303 marketing websites in less than 6 months. don't do this to yourself. the task is far greater than the hours you need in order to accomplish it. We focus on complete development over 4 hours per affiliate marketing website.
  • Roll over your task list with any items that we're not completed the previous day - Here is where you finish the day and pat yourself on the back for achieving the tasks’ that you have. Do not focus on the things that you have not achieved here. The best part about number 10 is, you can add the tasks that weren’t completed to the tasks the following day and start again.

Understand also that life does get in the road and often there are distractions that may stop you from achieving what you've set out to do.

this is a part of everyday life.

these things happen…

they are out of your control…

taking a deep breath and moving forward and remaining focus is critical for your affiliate marketing business.

stand up and shake off any negative thoughts, walk around for a bit and make yourself a cup of tea went interruptions happen.

then when you return you will return with a clear head and be focused to move forward.

Letting emotion get in the road of roadblocks is only going to block you from being progressive and proactive.

In essence, the time schedule you set for yourself has to appeal to you, so that you are highly motivated and goal oriented.

We hope that you have taken some helpful hints on how to best structure your workload.

Empowering our network to be better affiliate marketers is our own here.

Some of our favorite stand up - sit down desk ideas!

Helping You Master Affiliate Marketing

Until next time, please share if you like what we've got here and you think it may assist someone in your business!


Judi and her team,

Affiliate Mastery Institute ©

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