Taking Action With Goals

taking action with goals

Taking Action With Goals

As the effective leader of your own affiliate marketing business you must have a vision that is clear and precise and know exactly what it is that needs to be done now and in the future.

“A vision is a clear view of what is to be done, now and in the future”

Your leadership skills and techniques will impact on your ability to turn your affiliate marketing business into a successful enterprise.

Setting goals is something that we talked about often.

Understanding what type of goals need to be set is entirely a different scenario.

Almost anybody can become an affiliate marketer, the barriers to entry are very low.

You find a product that would like to promote, you see if they offer an affiliate program, you join that program for free, and you start promoting that product.

We wish it really was that simple…

think plan and act

In reality, any passionate and dedicated affiliate marketer, hosts their own website/s, develops that website, is the content creator for that website, masters SEO for that website, aligns with products they are passionate about advertising for, regularly update their affiliate links, regularly update the content, has a social media marketing strategy, implements that strategy, and continuously monitors they hosted website/s for improvement.

You can see, that any affiliate marketing, has a clear purpose, and it is with these sets of goals that we make priorities, clearly establishing and clarifying certain areas for one person, or group of people to commit to, and get done.

Every task that needs to be completed, is working toward, and consistent with your end game.

An effective way to set goals is by implementing the SMART approach. This SMART approach is no secret to business analysts or business leaders.





Time limited

plan carefully

As the leader of your affiliate marketing business you need to keep your team motivated.

Be direct with what it is you're after from your team.

Understand yourself exactly the path they need to take in order to train them better.
Being able to cope with any unexpected developments from and within your affiliate marketing business is going to be critical.

We would imagine that you are beginning from the basics.

Establishing your affiliate marketing business from the ground up.

In doing so you may not have a team or support crew in place as yet.

We all have to start somewhere don't we?

You will be a participative leader, taking part and contributing in every aspect of your business.

Performing each task that is required yourself.

Taking an active role in decision making within your business.

Emphasis will be given to specific time frames, when you are the one participative leader in your business.

Time management is going to make you put your best foot forward.

You are going to want to focus on profit, return on investment, quality of affiliate products, your competition and your content and social footprint.

Your effective planning skills will see you either rise up or diminish in the competitive environment of affiliate marketing.

plan more

So with that in mind let’s put some effective planning to the test and start implementing these skills:

1. Define the niche market
2. Consider what the reader is wanting to see
3. Determine what ideas you want to include in your content
4. Collect the information or do some preliminary research
5. Sort and evaluate the information in order of importance
6. Organize the information in a user friendly way
7. Prepare the draft for your readers

Now, I’m going to discuss each one in a little more depth, so that you truly understand how to effectively plan.

Define the niche market

We’ve discussed this in Choosing Your Niche, understanding and being passionate about something that you are hoping to excel and sell products in, will keep you interested yourself, and engaged in what you are putting out there for the public to benefit from.

Really it is perhaps the more important element of getting started in affiliate marketing.


Affiliate Mastery Institute offers you an array of knowledge on researching your niche, and getting yourself started.

Knowing what you like and what you are happy to focus on is the first step to effectively planning in your business.

Consider what the reader is wanting to see

This really is a ‘no brainer’ right?

If you are putting a bunch of content out there that noone is going to read, and that noone is going to share or comment on, then you are not delivering the right type of content for your niche market.

You aren’t geo-targeting your content strategy properly, and more research and hard work needs to go into this area of expertise.

Create that point of difference.

You can read more the use of Visual Aides in Content here is you like, or you can go off and start from scratch and learn for yourself.

Are your readers/viewers going to be clients or supervisors, fellow workers, or department heads?

You need to understand that the content that you use, has to have the structure and language that is appropriate for the specific needs of your reader.

What is it that readers want more of with affiliate marketing? Comment below would be highly useful to us please!

Determine what ideas you want to include in your content

Once you have established the issues or topic to be addressed within your niche market.
You can start to put together an effective plan that explores these topics.

Formulate, test, check, prove assumptions, state propositions, do quizzes, interview an expert, use relevant content, engage your audience and identify any areas of concern that you can solve with your niche market.

Collect the information or do some preliminary research

Collect the information on the topic at hand by doing your own research either online or at home is easiest done when you have a focus point for an issue to resolve or discuss.

If you look at this particular post for an example, we really wanted to give our readers actionable steps to managing and planning effectively.

In order to do that we drew upon the following mediums:

our knowledge
text books
Google trends
online research

We collected the information that we discovered so that we could bring you I posted that is going to essentially resolve the issue of not being able to plan effectively.

implement that plan

Sort and evaluate the information in order of importance

It's within the collecting of the information that you can gather a bunch of information that perhaps isn't as relevant as what you thought it may have been to begin with.

This doesn't mean that you may not use the information that you did gather but you do want to use the information that is going to be specific to the overall task or post you are trying to put out there.

In essence what you are doing is reviewing the information that you have collected highlight keywords and ideas make sure that these ideas and keywords are useful and purposeful to your overall goal.

The highlighted sections or keywords will become domain findings of your post.
The content that you gather that isn't as relevant to the topic at hand, can be locked away in a file or, thrown out, or used elsewhere.

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Organize the information in a user friendly way

We’ve spoken before about Writing For your Website, but let me just explain that the organization of the information you gather or the materials that you use, need to be specific to the heading that you use for your post.

Your task, as the content writer, is to create a suitable structure or outline that is going to engage your audience.

Give a whole picture analysis for your topic.

Link out to reference points.

Evaluate your information for any gaps that I'm missing, and make sure you fill these gaps.

If you aren't satisfied with your initial outline, then you need to revisit i,t and look for new topics, or delete irrelevant content, and replace with new content.

Including subheadings within your post he's going to create a more user-friendly experience.

Prepare the draft for your readers

The order of the information that appears in your post really depends upon whether your content is good news or bad news or whether it's persuasive text.

We like most of our content posts to be either, problem solving, cause to effect, or have an indirect or direct order of information.

When we say an indirect order of information we mean a body of text that has the following:

an introduction
a body
a conclusion
and some recommendations

When we say a direct order of information we mean a body of text that has the following:

An introduction
A conclusion
Some recommendations
A body


A conclusion
Some recommendations
A body

never give up

Every time you decide on the outline of your posts, and prepare your draft, the sequence of the information needs to have the readers needs as your main focus.

If you haven't taken the time to research exactly what your readers need or require, then the post that you are writing will fall short of achieving what you desire it to achieve.

Always strive to create a positive piece of communication with your readers.

The tone of the relationship is created by the way people ‘feel’ about your writing style.

If you read over your final draft and have within yourself a sense of achievement or fulfillment from the information that you have read. Then, you may have writing a pretty compelling piece.

If you read over your final draft and have within yourself a sense of boredom or ‘meh’ as the millennials say nowadays, then perhaps you should start from the top.

Affiliate Mastery Institute, hopes this post has helped you gain some knowledge in relation to taking action with goal setting and effective planning.

Understanding where you are heading and setting up your effective plan is going to help steer your affiliate marketing business in the right direction.

Until next time,


Judi and her team
Affiliate Mastery Institute ©

BONUS: Gain More Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing Right Here!


Dwyer, Judith. 1999. Communication in Business Strategies and Skills, by Prentice Hall Australia Pty Ltd pp.39, 45, 136-141, 160-162

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