The end to Google+


The end to Google+

I suppose you have all heard about Google+ closing. I do not think it is quite the end though. This is an extract from the company,

You can but at the present moment all links are working still. Google+ states also, “However, Google+ will continue as a product for Enterprise users. It’s by far the most popular use of the social network. Therefore, the company has made the decision that Google+ is better suited as an internal social network for companies, rather than a consumer product. Google will announce new Enterprise-focused products for Google+ in the near future.”


So hold off at the moment is my advice.

Google says it discovered and patched the problem with its Google+ social network in March yet decided not to disclose it immediately.

ok so as an affiliate, what did Google+ offer anyway? For me, it was a gateway to ease into analytics and other Google products for my websites. Why do affiliates align their websites with social media platforms in the first place?

To engage with others, hopefully in the same niche, to increase the traffic or people coming to your websites, therefore, increasing exposure of your Affiliate products and services.

Why do you interact with Social Media platforms? I would love to hear from you. Drop me a line. info@affiliatemasteryinstitute.com

Google also says,

“Google says the consumer version of the Google+ will be shuttered by next August, though companies may still use a different version.

The company is also stressing its commitment to security — now offering “more fine-grained control” of what account data Google users share with third-party apps”.

Sound familiar? We have just done the rounds with Facebook and their whole API overhaul, this has had a knock on effect to many affiliates, myself included.

I will be watching and keeping an eye on what new company Networking overhaul comes out over the ensuing weeks. Until then? continue with your Affiliate goals and executing your plans to fulfill your affiliate goals.

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