Why Hosting Is Important

why hosting is important

Why Hosting Is Important

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As an affiliate marketer, you aren’t going to simply have one affiliate website.

Most affiliate marketers tend to have 10 or more affiliate websites, so they have a diverse range of products or niche markets that keep them busy every day.

For this reason, you need to make sure that as a business owner, your affiliate sites are controllable through a host provider. You want to be able to access these affiliate marketing websites as often as you like, having complete control over them yourself, at any given time.

What that means is, that, you are the one that controls them, not your host or another organization/person or web builder. Sure, you could outsource this if you wish, but you need to know what to outsource and what you teach your team before you outsource a project, don't you?

You’re the business owner, here right? Not the other organization/person or web builder.

A common error within affiliate marketing, is that the affiliate marketer isn’t the one with the control over their own affiliate website.

Without that control, you cannot do the following crucial steps:

Control the appearance

Control what type of plugins you need

Control the content posts

Gain access to the back end of the site whenever you want

Access your Control Panel (cPanel) whenever you want

Access your File Manager whenever you want

A good host provider will offer you unlimited domains with unmetered storage.

You can find them. Affiliate Mastery Institute advocate the use of GoDaddy, we cannot fault their after service support, and find they are the best fit for us.

BONUS: Gain More Knowledge About Affiliate Marketing Right Here!

You need to be very careful though, about the up-sell. As most hosting providers will try to sell you other features. Which might sound like they are going to assist you, but they are only going to block your progression or interrupt your progression.

These types of things need to be avoided when you are purchasing hosting:

Web builders

Privacy (there’s no such thing, as telemarketers’ somehow still end up with your phone number to call, even when you ask for privacy) Try it and see if you like…


Emails (good to get for your main business domain once)

Limited websites

1-click installs (remember you want the control here, you want to develop the site yourself)

With these tips in mind, perhaps you can do your own research on host providers, and what you'd prefer. If you are going to become an affiliate marketer, you definitely want to have unlimited access, and unlimited storage, plus you cannot overlook having your own dedicated server with a host provider if you are like Judi, and have over 300+ affiliate marketing websites across 30 different niche markets.

Oh, by the way...You don't need to go to this extreme with your own affiliate marketing business. We have many customers that are making a few hundred, or even a couple of thousand a week with their own affiliate marketing websites, and they own less than 100 sites, across 2 or 3 niche markets.

Time management, and your desire to continue marketing and driving the traffic to your affiliate marketing websites will become the key to a successful affiliate marketing business, but having the access to your cPanel and the back end of your websites it fundamental in achieving the strategies you desire to boost your affiliate marketing business.

What other things in relation to hosting to you think you require as an affiliate marketer? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Until next time,


Judi and her team

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