Widen Your Social Media Approach

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Widen Your Social Media Approach

All affiliate marketing businesses need to understand the fundamentals of having a social media marketing strategy.

Affiliate Mastery Institute will be rolling out this specialized topic before the New Year.

What we need to understand with being sociable, is how we engage when we actually use the platforms readily available to us all, to enhance and widen our social media footprint?

If you find yourself more drawn to the Facebook pages, then choose to setup your Facebook business account for your affiliate marketing websites.

Alternatively, if you prefer visual, pretty content or info-graphics, then Pinterest or Twitter might be your media of choice.

Plan carefully, and know what your overall goals are achievable with your efforts.

  • check
    ​​​​Do you want to see more traffic?
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    Do you want to see more sales?
  • check
    Do you want to inspire others?
  • check
    Do you want to reach more people?
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    Do you want brand awareness?

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Or, do you want a combination of all of these like Affiliate Mastery Institute does?

Kissmetrics has some great content on social media traffic that all affiliate marketers need to read more on.

We highly suggest applying this social sharing schedule to your campaigns.

Oh, and by the way, it is ok to share the same thing more than once.

To do this however, requires you to have better strategies, rather than simply doing the same post over and over...as you will end up banned from the social networks doing just that.

We like to use snippets from the content that we’ve used as irresistible and intriguing offers, similar to the above Kissmetrics formula, but with less frequency.

Lets' dive further into the different social media networks that Affiliate Mastery Institute likes to utilize, and give you some insightful tips.


What you should remember about LinkedIn

LinkedIn Do’s and Don’t’s can be found in their user agreement

LinkedIn also offer a helpful best practice page if you are stuck and need more suggestions on what to share on LinkedIn.

You can send posts in your LinkedIn community, with the idea that you are sharing something of value or advice or ideas on how to improve, either yourself, your business or your employees.

You could even talk about the latest gadget you recently bought or tried out for yourself, and how that has helped you.

To add engagement to your posts with LinkedIn, you need to think about directing or mentioning others in your posts, especially, if your content is in direct relation to them, or you've taken some piece of advice from their methods. 

Always have the following in every one of your posts with LinkedIn - rich media and or videos’ in additional to helpful text.

Additionally, LinkedIn has a professional community guideline, everyone should follow in relation to their success on LinkedIn, with appropriateness of the content that you are putting out there.

We believe this rings true for all social media networks:

Be Real

Be Professional

Be Nice

Respect Others’ Rights and Follow the Law

How often should you post with LinkedIn?

In our opinion, how often you post with LinkedIn, coincides with your digital marketing strategies and what your goals are.

Your level of post frequency may not determine how popular your reach is.

Affiliate Mastery Institute, believes that you should be posting daily to LinkedIn.

If you have 10 affiliate marketing websites, then we would suggest 10 posts per day. Each post must be specific and topic oriented to your niche market.

Coschedule.com has some really great content on the amount of posts you should be doing.

Their suggestion, is that with LinkedIn, you post once per day between 10am and 11am.

Again, if you own 10 websites that would be 10 posts for each.

Spread them out by 3 hours as a minimum, and our advice is not to go past your bedtime... Ie. starting at 8am; then 11am, 2pm, 5pm, 8pm.

Obviously these times will work for your 10 affiliate websites:

Website 1 - 8am Monday
Website 2 - 11am Monday
Website 3 - 2pm Monday
Website 4 - 5pm Monday
Website 5 - 8pm Monday
Website 6 - 8am Tuesday
Website 7 - 11 am Tuesday
Website 8 - 2pm Tuesday
Website 9 - 5pm Tuesday
Website 10 - 8pm Tuesday and so on and so forth...


What you should remember about Facebook

Facebook pages are the gold to any affiliate marketing website.

You can build up your Facebook audience by telling the public what your page is all about, regularly posting on that page, setting up the message settings so that even when you aren’t around, your visitors who comment get directed to the best location for them to interact with you and your team.

Affiliate Mastery Institute just loves how, with Facebook, you are able to choose the right audience for your content.

This give all of us the capabilities of choosing the right people, for the relevant messages, we are going to create for our niche markets, and all our affiliate marketing websites.

Engagement is perhaps the most important aspect of your Facebook page.

This helps you grow your audience participation and like statistics, and boost posts, along with setting up messaging for your pages.

Seeing how many people are notifying you, and interacting with your page, is vital to your content marketing strategies with Facebook.

The Reach, Page Views, and the Actions on Page are going to be important and critical for you to monitor with Facebook.

Reach being the number of people your Facebook page reached.

If you haven’t reached anyone, then you aren’t setting up your targeted audience properly before posting something.

Facebook Creative Tips are awesome, they offer some real intended approaches to what you are trying to achieve.

Everyone’s social media marketing strategies are going to be uniquely different from business to business...

Whether you want to raise awareness of your brand, drive traffic or sell products, or perhaps all 3 of these goals, there is something your business to focus on.

Understanding, how each can be created in Facebook is super helpful.

Affiliate Mastery Institute strongly suggests that you try to grow your lists and audiences’ organically.

This gives you a clearer indication of how your efforts are being rewarded.

We have tried doing the paid/boost feature in Facebook, and whilst it worked great for the month, that we paid, after our campaign was over...so too were our page viewers and stats. 

These people didn’t stay, and we weren’t going to set up ongoing payments to Facebook for ad campaigns that may or may not generate conversions.

There's a lot of trial and error with boosting pages, and if you aren't uniquely skilled at capturing your audience and maintaining a high continuous following, then you may find, that your efforts will go unrewarded.

How often should you post on Facebook?

Remembering that each page you have set up on Facebook is a branded page, the rules for posting would apply to each page.

If again, you have 10 affiliate marketing websites, one would assume you have 10 branded Facebook pages.

Each one of these pages would need to post daily at least once. More than three times may look spammy.

This is inline with more relevant data posted by revive.social.

Again, using your own judgment and depending on the type of content marketing you are delivering to your audience will make a large difference to how often you should post.

The use of multiple social media streams comes with different social media rules.

You need to thoroughly read all guidelines, rules and best practice methods across all the social media networks that you intend to utilize for you marketing efforts.

With that in mind, if you collect the information you are reading and take notes, on what is considered ‘spamming’ and avoid these types of content posts, then your social media strategies are off to a good start.

If you don’t engage with others and comment on their posts and your own, or are not following and give personal updates about your niche market, then you are running the risk of being blocked, or having your Facebook page unpublished.

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What you should remember about Twitter

If your posts are unrelated to the topic, trend or niche, that you are intending to promote then again, you are running the risk of becoming a spammer and this should be avoided at all costs.

Annoyingly, Twitter has a guideline that specifies the use of misleading links, and then gives an example of an affiliate link. Where possible you need to avoid using affiliate links with Twitter for this reason. 

Twitter finds affiliate links to be misleading. That's their rule, you need to abide by it.

Linking instead to a content-rich page or article or post on your website is OK. Sharing, your own experiences, and aiding others.

Adding intrigue, asking a question, doing a poll, sharing a quote are all fine with Twitter.

The use of high resolution images on Twitter will help you market your affiliate websites. Find ways to be creative in your marketing efforts. 

Twitter consistently review their rules, you are best to keep informed on this too, and make sure you read them at least monthly.

"Twitter finds affiliate links to be misleading. That's their rule, you need to abide by it."

Click to Tweet

How often should you tweet?

If you have multiple twitter cards you should aim to tweet at least a half dozen times a day from them.

Not everyone has the ability to create Twitter Cards though, as this is in the creatives section, which won't open as soon as you have a Twitter account (unless the parameters have recently changed).

Give your audience a balance of useful, helpful, insightful, knowledgeable, humorous, and original tweets in your 140 characters.

Be sure to include high resolution pictures or videos in these tweets, or start your own poll within Twitter for your cards to find out more what your audience want for your niche market.

Again with 10 affiliate marketing websites, that would mean a total of 60 tweets per day. Remember though, and this is very important.

You should never tweet if your content isn’t specific to your niche market. You never want to appear "spammy" on social media.

All the major digital marketing gurus online have posted about the use of regularity of posts across social media networks.

You can get lost among all that information and data for hours.

Understanding your own business and what your goals and achievements are, is the most critical thing for your social media marketing campaign efforts.

Not every social media marketing strategy is going to work for everyone, and for every business.

When you acknowledge that, and cater the rules and guidelines to your own business strategies, you will be miles ahead of those who are simply “winging it” or, trying to apply someone else's’ methodologies to your own capabilities.

As a general rule, it is always best to start with one post and do that one post well, keeping to all guidelines and rules.

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What you should remember about Google+

If you already have a gmail account you will have access to Google+

Simply clicking on the 9 dots at the top right of your gmail account, after logging in and getting started.

Alternatively, you can type into a browser plus.google and create your account that way.

Engagement with other circles, communities and google+ pages is key to Google+.

As with all other social media marketing networks, you need to remain relevant within your topic or niche market.

You also, should make sure that the content on your posts are helpful, insightful, informative, knowledgeable.

For the affiliate marketer, your Google+ pages will be all branded pages.

As you have products, you wish to review or websites that you want to drive your traffic towards.

How often should you post to Google+?

In keeping with the 10 websites theme here, we are suggesting that for each of your affiliate marketing websites you post at least once per day, and no more than 3 times per day for the one website.

There really isn’t a lot of information specific to the posting of content on Google+ online, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to dive into one of our own Google+ accounts, and review it.

After the creation of your Google+ page, or your branded page, you need to search for like minded communities, that share a similar interest to you, and join them.

At Affiliate Mastery Institute, we’ve done this for all our affiliate marketing websites.

When we post to Google+ pages our posts are set to go publicly, to anyone interested in our topic or niche market.

For those that have found us, and have +1’d our page, they will see all new posts that we do.

We tend to post up to half a dozen posts a day to different niche markets. (We have 30 of them).
Ideally, with more manpower we’d be doing this at least once a day to all websites.

Our social media marketing strategies for Google+ is to share relevant content to our target audiences on the niche market that we are posting about.

We always try to send content that is both informational, humorous, helpful, insightful, on trend, promotional or opens up a discussion.

Remember, engagement is the biggest obstacle with all social media marketing networks.

Nail that and you will nail your content and social media marketing strategies for your niche markets and your affiliate marketing websites.

plan your smm

What should you remember about Pinterest

Again, you want to brand each one of your affiliate marketing websites separately.

Be sure to check out the Pinterest rules for business or the brand guidelines.

It even gives you a list of acceptable language phrases to use and not to use, which is super helpful!

You are using Pinterest to drive the awareness, increase traffic and deliver an action or boost your online sales as an affiliate marketer.

Setting up your business accounts across all your social media networks is going to be vital for your affiliate marketing business.

These networks are going to inspire people to seek you out, so make them interesting, and engaging.

As with all other social media networks, Pinterest is big on content that is both interesting, looks great and has some sort of action associated with it.

Watch all the compelling "how to" video’s that Pinterest has to offer, take down some notes, and learn to apply this knowledge to your own branded boards.

Just like other social networks, Pinterest encourages you to find like minded niche specific pins for your branded boards.

Share them to your board for others to see too, by saving them to your branded boards.

With a Pinterest business account, you have the capacity to measure your success across your boards.

All other social networks offer this too, but they name it a little differently.

See your results, measure them, improve on them, and grow your affiliate businesses' success.

How often should I pin/post to Pinterest?

Pinterest, like all other social platforms is interactive.

By our estimate, you need to be saving pins at least a dozen times per day to your branded boards.

Posting to your board at least once or even twice per day with original or imaginative content.

So, out of the dozen pins we want you to do, we suggest that 2 of them are from yourself, or your website, and are fresh, imaginative, and informative for your niche.

The other 10 pins can be a save to other Pinterest boards.

Returning to our initial 10 websites, that’s 120 pins per day.

What you should remember .(full stop)

Be diligent when posting the same content across multiple branded pages/boards, as you can have your account suspended when you do this too often.

In fact, avoid it altogether.

The cross-posting features can be dangerous to your affiliate marketing business.

So you see now, how having a social media marketing road-map can help steer your affiliate marketing business to drive more traffic and conversions?

We hope so, and in case you haven’t...here’s our road-map, all planned out for you to follow!

Social Media

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We’d love to hear your helpful insights with social media below.

If we’ve given you some useful tips, we’d love it if you could share our content too.

Until next time,


Judi and her team
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