Persuasive Writing For Your Website

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Persuasive Writing For Your Website

​Persuasive Writing

Having a clear, concise message for your viewers, and showing that in your writing style, is tricky for some affiliate marketers.

So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves, to educate you a little more on how best to write for your website/s.

As a website author, you need to choose your words carefully.

Try to give helpful and constructive messages in your writing style.

If you can solve an issue or a problem for your visitors, even better.

Remember, always read your work before posting.

Often, we’ve come across whole sentences that make no sense at all, just from reviewing first before posting.

working online

If you want your writing style to appear more definite, or stronger, you can accomplish this by not using vague words like, fairly, quite, rather, actually or somewhat.

If you are writing from a personal perspective, you would be using words like, I, me, we, us, him, her or they. This style will give a more direct and or concise approach.

If you want your writing style to appear more active and engaging, which is certainly something very critical to your affiliate marketing websites; You will need to express an action using a verb, rather than a noun.

Remember, a verb is a doing word. (An action), and a noun is a word used to identify people, places or things.

​Would you like to learn the skill of persuasive writing, so that you can connect with the buyers on your list so that they BUY??? The fact is this: you CAN learn to write persuasively, just like all the other styles of writing. I mean, you know you can help your prospects - but you just don't have the words to get them to buy.

With the topic and or niche that you are writing about, your content will need to provide a level of service, or a useful idea or findings, or in-depth knowledge of that niche.

Understanding what your niche is, and knowing what your goals are for your affiliate marketing business is going to come in handy here.

With a goal you can move forward and achieve the steps necessary in reaching that goal.

In contrast, if you don’t understand the topic or the niche that you are writing about, and you’ve developed an affiliate marketing website surrounding a niche that you aren’t too interested in or passionate about, you may find you give up quickly and feel less motivated.

So, don’t choose topics or niche markets that you aren’t interested in.

Always, choose your domain name and research your topic or niche thoroughly before committing to the purchase of a descriptive domain phrase.

If it is too late, and you have those uninteresting domains that need fresh new content, you need to find a ghostwriter or a freelancer, who is passionate, and can write for you.

We like to source from our local market, students looking for experience in writing.

Other content writers, or ghostwriters’ we’ve used here at Affiliate Mastery Institute over the years are:

The internet is literally littered with all kinds of journalists that offer services for a fee.


"We understand completely that when you are first starting out with your affiliate marketing business, your funds will be tight.

We get that!

Paying for something isn’t going to be a good fit for you, so you have no other choose but to continue reading this post, and start applying some techniques to get yourself motivated.

Understanding the basics about writing for yourself will become critical to you ‘taking control’."

Here are our top 10 tips to writing your own content:

1. Understand your niche and or topic and research it thoroughly:

Without the knowledge to discuss or talk about your niche or topic, your content will lack substance.

Without substance, your writing won't be dense enough, or intriguing enough for your visitors. These visitors we'll leave your page sooner rather than later.

2. Introduce your writing:

Every good article or post begins with an introduction, highlight what it is your article or post is going to discuss.

When you introduce the main idea of your article or post be sure to add intrigue, to keep your visitors interested in reading on.

3. Appealing headings in the body:

In completing your research, you will have written down at least a half a dozen, and certainly three main points.

These main points, are going to spark the curiosity of your readers to want to learn more.

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4. Link to outside sources, or include quotes:

Every good content writer, gives reference to those who have helped them, during the research stage, discover new and interesting methods.

When you discover these new and interesting methods online, it is always best practice, to reference the source. Include a link to their website, during the article or post or at the end.

In doing this, you are not taking credit for ideas that we're not initially yours to begin with. (If you don’t do this, you are plagiarizing, and destroying your own credibility).

Perhaps, it is a quote that you came across that inspires you, if this is the case, research where the quote came from initially, and give a shout-out, by referencing the person who wrote the quote, in your article or post.

5. Try to include a list for some bullet points in your article or post:

When you read an article or post that has a list, or bullet points, your eye is automatically drawn to those sections within the content.

When considering the use of bullet points, or a list, you need to have a lead in sentence.

Here is a great leading sentence example:

Make your bullet points easy to understand by:

  • Using proper bullet structure
  • Staying on topic
  • Offering solutions to the leading sentence given
  • Providing helpful information about the leading sentence
  • Formatting the bullet structure so that it is easy to understand you

See how in the example given above, you can influence and educate your readers.

Now that is helpful don't you think?


6. Space out your sentences, so that they take up the entire article or post page:

The use of spaces in your sentence structures, can make your article or post appear more easy to read to your visitors.

With the use of spacers, visitors are able to more freely, skim read your text.

Don't be offended, most of us are time poor, and when we stumble across a great article or post, we don't want to be tied up with that article or post for too long.

You can see in this particular post, that we’ve put double line spacing after every sentence.

This is to give you the reader, a better user experience.

We put ourselves in your shoes upon proof reading, and found that we could better skim the page, if we had smaller sentences that were spaced apart more often.

Try doing this in your own content writing.

Don’t bunch things up into one large block of content.

I mean let's’ look at another example here, and you can comment below, which one you thinks looks better...

Bunched up content

This short paragraph, seeks to show an example of what content looks like when we don't use spaces in our sentence structure. We can make numerous points and not have them properly defined by a pause in the sentence. Then a paragraph forms, that seems to go on and on. Whilst the paragraph may have proper grammar, it just looks to be a block of writing that doesn't really get to the point quick. This type of sentence or paragraph structure here, is not the best user experience for any visitor on any website. By now you may be reading this and feeling like you get the point and you don't want me going on any further. The paragraph is becoming painful to read isn’t it?

Non-bunched up content

Now that you have seen a bunched up content paragraph, I'm going to show you, a paragraph that is easier to follow.

This paragraph is highlighting the importance of the use of spaces in your sentences.

After each sentence try to include double spacing.
This will give your reader's easier content to follow, and skim through.
You want to be helpful, and you want the user to have a pleasant experience, don’t you?

From the two examples above, we know that the non-bunched up content paragraph is going to be best practice for you moving forward with your article and post paragraph structures.

Understandably, if you are just starting out as an affiliate marketer, you may not be aware of how to structure your writing for your websites.

It is because of this that we have decided to write this post, as we often come across students and or subscribers, who opt to have one on one training sessions, that have content bunched up on their pages or posts.

7. Use high quality pictures, and get creative with them:

Just having a post or article with a bunch of words and or text spread across the page, in a nice fashion simply isn’t enough.

Earlier we wrote a piece about Visuals in Content, that we know you will benefit from reading if you haven’t done so already.

It is no secret at all the people can skim read with their eyes, and infographics or pictures are a great source of helping you portray quickly what you are trying to say.

As a good lot of content marketing is about capturing the audience's’ attention, and keeping them intrigued, engaged and receptive, you need to make sure you include awesome photos/pictures.

Affiliate Mastery Institute, teaches you how to source these and how to edit them easily for your content writing.

8. Try to add some humor if you can:

Not every affiliate marketing topic is going to be easy to add a bit of humor too.

We understand that….but, without you throwing in a cartoon, or a funny picture every now and then, with some edited text, making light of the situation, your content may run the risk of being boring…

No one, wants to leave your article feeling bored, or uninspired.

So, aim to make an effort, and throw in something light hearted, and fun.

9. Always proof-read, and spell check before publishing:

Even the most novice of content writers, know that without proof reading, their content should never go live.

If you are in the habit of thinking that your writing is fine, and you don’t need to read over it STOP.

There’s always some little thing that you could add, or change or update before you press that publish button.

Think - Would I stay on this page?

If the answer to that question in “No”, then you haven’t put your best foot forward, and you haven’t engaged your writers as much as you should be.

Go back, make the necessary changes.

Then publish.

You will thank yourself for this extra ten minutes of proof-reading, when people start to share and like your content, and refer or link back to it in their own posts or articles.

ready to leave

10. Overcome any aversion to writing for yourself and your affiliate marketing websites:

We understand that writing can be a difficult process, and sometimes quite daunting if you aren't used to doing it often.

As affiliate-marketers, you're going to want to understand how to overcome these aversions.
Let’s overcome writer's block:

I write transparently, so people can see what I am really thinking, that I really care.

I know how to put words on paper (or email 🙂 ) that resonate with people. You see, I don't have to use NLP or psychological
manipulative techniques like buy now, buy right now, don't close this page because it will disappear like a stunt rabbit -
Instead - when I write, it is clear when people read my words - that what I am telling them is the TRUTH and that if they TAKE ACTION
they will get their desired results. And when that happens - people take action because they WANT to work with me, not because
they have been hoodwinked with seductive online copy. Make sense?

Don't be critical of your ideas - During the research phase, you are simply writing down as many ideas, words, or engaging concepts, that you can think of for your topic or niche. This is the early stages, and structuring your writing properly comes later on, so don’t over think things here.

I can RELATE to my audience. You see, I have been there - done that when it comes to internet marketing. I started from scratch 4 years ago - and had to learn the hard way what converted and what didn't. And when
I first started writing letters - they were horrible. So I started looking at taking copywriting courses. And I really didn't like what I saw.
Because I HATED the idea that you had to write certain things in a certain order to FORCE people to buy. I just didn't like it.

Try not to procrastinate - We all know that with procrastination you lose your opportunity to engage. As an affiliate marketer this should never happen! Dive in and have a go, you may surprise yourself.

Work on one idea at a time - Create an article or post that focuses on one concept. Don't overload your article with a bunch of new ideas, you will only confuse your audience and the purpose of the article will be lost.

Have a writing plan - develop the overall outcome you desire for your content writing, write the intro, do the research, see if it's popular or not, the main ideas for the article or post will become your headlines, expand on them in your own words (you can do this, as you’ve chosen niche markets that you are passionate about and interested in right?), consider your conclusion and start from the top.

Set yourself achievable tasks - When writing a new article or post, consider you will need an introduction, engaging content, paragraph ideas, a conclusion and a reference section. Set yourself a time limit for each one, and tackle them one by one, so that you don’t become overwhelmed with your content writing.

Work in a quiet and uncluttered spot - Honestly, there’s nothing worse then trying to concentrate on your content writing, when you have a cluttered desk, or you are surrounded by other distractions. Remove them, and set your ergonomic space up, so that you are free to be creative without distractions.

Start small and build things up - Most of us have an idea of what type of engaging content we’d like to write, but when we do our market research and discover how great everyone else has ‘pitched’ that type of content, you tend to feel deflated, that you will never be able to ‘better’ that. STOP THAT THINKING! Snap out of that negative mind frame. You are an online marketer, with more to offer, and you need to start off small, and build your content up after working through a content plan. Often, it might be best to start with the easiest parts of the content article first, then head into the more in depth findings.

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Feeling overwhelmed by the scale of the task each content writing piece has, isn’t going to increase your work efforts.

In fact, this feeling will drag your efforts down, and writer's’ block will set in, with nothing being achieved.

In conclusion as you become more involved in transforming your affiliate marketing websites, with fresh new and exciting content, your efforts will be rewarded, when you have a plan, write down your ideas, get started, and do one task at a time.

Writing for your website, should be fun, and interesting to you.

You need to always put yourself in the shoes of the reader, and ask yourself, if you thought this article or post was helpful.

When you can honestly answer YES, then your piece is ready to publish.

Until that time, continue to create and perfect your content writing with our useful tips above.

Until next time,

Judi and her team
Affiliate Mastery Institute ©

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